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Chapter 23


After what felt like an eternity in that surreal cave, Eric eventually escorted Evangeline back to her unit. It was already at the early hour of the morning, and the night sky gradually brightened.


Thank you, Eric. That was the best birthday ever since I can remember.” Evangeline beamed, stopping in front of her door. But Eric remained silent as ever.


“. . .”


“. . .”

Evangeline sensed that something was odd with the silence. The light, romantic atmosphere moments ago entirely vanished, replaced by something heavy. Like someone died or something. Throughout the journey home, Eric did not say a single word, which made her apprehensive.


She stared over and found him already staring at her with a complicated gaze while his face returned to its usual stoic look.


What is it? she asked.


Eric remained pensive, his eyes turning dull and lifeless.


Angel Lin . . . about what she said . . .”


At the mention of Angels name, Evangelines soft pupils turned fierce, and her mellow countenance froze, emitting freezing fog.


She smirked. The questions that got stuck in her mind like a piece of sharp bone plunging her throat was plucked, and she asked with a more than threatening tone.


What did she mean by being her personal assistant this weekend?


She was now back to her arrogant and haughty self. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, her eyebrow rose in a condescending manner, waiting impatiently for Erics explanation.


On the contrary to his emotionless face, Erics head was in a tangled mess of emotions that he couldnt smooth out. He had conflicting feelings throughout the journey, silently contemplating whether to tell Evangeline or not. But then again, she would eventually found out about it. It was best if the news came from his very mouth.


Rather, he was in an extremely lousy mood. He didnt plan of saying anything because it was her special day. He honestly didnt want to ruin it. But thanks to Angel Lin bursting out those words, he had no choice but to say it now before Evangeline could have more time to investigate.


He sighed in silence as he stared at her, who was scrutinizing him up and down. Steeling himself, he said with a hardened tone.


I wont accompany you anymore before and after school as well as lunch break. Ill be very busy with a new job. And I wont be able to cut some of my time during weekends, unlike before, for I applied as an assistant at Sparkle Entertainment. My contract requires me to be present at all times whenever the company needs me. However, rest assured, Ill still do all your school-related stuff for you.”


“. . .”


“. . .”

Evangelines fierce eyes gradually turned weak. Her countenance, which was ready to do battle, withdraw progressively in defeat.


So you mean to say . . . you applied to be Angel Lins assistant?


From all the words Eric said, this was the only truth that registered in her mind. She couldnt believe his words, and her brain went blank, didnt know what feelings to let out.


Eric defended himself. No. I only passed my resume there since the pay is good. I didnt know Id be under her.”


He didnt have any bad blood with Angel Lin, but since Evangeline detested the woman, he didnt dare antagonize her more.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Remaining quiet, the shadows blocking some angle on Evangelines face didnt give a hint on what was going on with her. Her arms crossing in front of her chest gripped each other, holding whatever was trying to burst out from her.


After a long brutal silence, her voice resonated in a low whisper.


How much . . . ?


Erics brows twitched, yet he remained tight lip.


How much is your day there?! Ill double, triple it! Even Quadruple! Name your price! Evangelines voice was screeching. Though low, they were grating.


Remaining still like a statue, Eric didnt respond.


Feeling helpless that Eric didnt even react at her outburst, Evangelines fury was replaced by signs of loss. She saw that he didnt have the slightest intention of backing out from this job no matter how much she would try to persuade him.


She was at a loss on what to do nor say since she felt like––no . . . from the start, she never understood him. She never understood why he was working so hard for money and yet when she gave him an alternative, which would make him live in luxury –– he refused!


Evangelines once proud and arrogant face turned helpless, and her voice went weak. Why are you doing this, Eric? I . . . I dont understand. Please tell me the truth . . . Why are you doing this?


There must be a reason why he always refused her offer.

But as usual, Eric didnt say anything. He just stood there, unmoving and unfeeling, which made her blood boil, and she barked a low, commanding hiss, Dont. Take. That. Job. Eric.”


The more she thought that bitch was together with him instead of her made her inwardly scream in frustration that she didnt know what to do with her rampaging emotions. She was afraid, for the first time, that Eric would be stolen from her by that conniving ugly witch dress in angels garbs.


What more does she want to take away from me?!


Looking at him, her lilac orbs burned with threats. If begging doesnt work, she will resort to coercion.


Im warning you, Eric. You are either on my side, by my side, or in my fucking way. Choose wisely.”


She then turned and opened the door and shut it tight with a loud bang!


. . .


. . .


It was already minutes that Evangeline went inside her unit, slamming the door on his face, yet Eric still hadnt the slightest intention of leaving.


In the end, he let out a helpless sigh. That went horribly wrong than I expected.


He brushed his hands against his face, feeling defeated. It would have been a lot easier if she figured it out herself.


They were strictly forbidden to tell nor show any hints that they came from the Frizkiel family, and the chip planted in his head prevented him from saying anything. But if she discovered it on her own, then . . .


However, the idea of her knowing about his origins scared him the most. Once she knew, he was so sure they would never be the same again.

Tipping his head back, he sighed once more.


If he were to choose, he would go to Evangeline and work for her even for free. However, their quota could only be filled with money from working under their familys company or any subsidiary of the Frizkiels many businesses. As long as the Frizkiel had a share of the company he works, his salary would be counted.


He sighed again, more massive than the last. Helplessly placing his hands inside his pocket, he turned around, ready to leave.


Only, he was stopped from taking a single step when he saw that man leaning against a wall, looking at him, amusement in his ashen blue eyes.


Im glad you still remember to take Evangeline home.” Álvaro chuckled.


Remaining unresponsive, Eric resumed walking forward, not a hint of feeling on his face as he walked passed Alvaro, who continued to talk to him.


I know you know that Evangeline is an arrogant and prideful woman. Its only a matter of time that she will have enough and leave you.”


Eric stopped, and the calm on his face dispersed.


Álvaro straightened his stance, walking towards Evangelines unit. And before he swiped the card he was holding, he grinned and added.


Choose wisely, Eric. Evangeline will never wait for you.”


Alvaro then swiped his card, and went inside his cousins room, leaving Eric alone in the corridor, who was feeling disturbed at the increasing anxiety inside his heart.


It was like, Alvaro could see right through him and his every action, which made him afraid of the easy-going guy under the pretense of his gentleman façade.


When his resolve wavered, Eric shook his head.


Finish everything . . . and you can do whatever you want after.

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