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Chapter 20


Alvaro was discussing business with some men when he noticed that Evangeline was surrounded by women led by Angel Lin. And to his amazement, he even found Maxine in the group.


He was about to excuse himself and go to Evangeline when at the corner of his eyes, he caught Eric at the side, not far from where Evangeline and the others.


His thin lips, which were smiling all the time, was raising more than usual while he continued to talk with the group of old men, occasionally glancing at Evangelines direction from time to time.


If Eric couldnt handle the situation, he would personally step in.


But apparently, Eric had it all under controlled when he saw he led Evangeline out from the main area where the party was being held. And since the party was almost over and all that remained were the aftermath which was networking for the men and gossiping for the women while cleaning for the staff, no one noticed a thing when Eric and Evangeline disappeared. Except for him, that is.

After some time, he excused himself from the conversation when he saw Maxine was walking towards him. He didnt want to have a business conversation with a woman around. It would only complicate things. But more importantly, he didnt want to introduce her as his fiancée like what she was secretly spreading all-around –– much to his annoyance.


Though he admitted her move irritated him, in the end, that was where they were headed anyway. He comforted himself in thinking that way since it somewhat calmed his nerves.


Walking to her, he smiled. Sorry for making you wait. I should probably take you home now. Its getting late.”


Maxine was still in a daze. Evangeline was occupying her mind and the corroding feeling of extreme jealousy at overthinking of what she said. Based on the way she was intimately speaking Alvaros name, they already knew each other from before. And this was making her crazy!


She kept reminding herself that it was only natural that Evangeline and Alvaro knew each other. Asher is Álvaros brother after all, and Asher is courting her.


Nevertheless, Evangelines intimate way of calling Alvaros name made her mind overthink of situations that she and Álvaro might be in a secret relationship that she shuddered in fury at the thought.


Whats wrong?


At the sound of Álvaros voice, Maxine was stunned. Her burning eyes softened when she gazed at him, who was now standing in front of her.


N-nothing . . . Im just . . . tired.” Maxine smiled, yet her smile didnt reach her eyes.


Álvaro knew something was wrong with her, yet he chose to ignore it. Smiling kindly, he walked ahead. Lets go home then. You should rest. You have an early flight tomorrow, right?


Maxine, who was about to follow Alvaro, stopped. Y-You . . . you wont be going back with me?


Álvaro answered in a nonchalant tone as he walked ahead, No, I have something more to do here.”


The night sky showed no stars tonight while chilly breeze continued to blew nonstop. But Maxine couldnt feel the cold. Her whole body was burning!


In the past, she wasnt suspicious one bit even if Alvaro was going here and there. Even if he was out of her sight for months. But now, now that he showed interest towards a woman, she couldnt help but be skeptical as all indecent thoughts surge inside her head which made her blood boil in hatred and jealousy towards that woman –– towards Evangeline Heart!

It was eleven at midnight, and the road was incredibly smooth to travel. Though the same couldnt be said about the two people who were currently riding an expensive white Rolls Royce.


Sisley was glancing at Daniel from time to time. It was not like them to be this quiet. In the past, they always have an unlimited topic to talk about. But lately, no matter how much she racked her brains for so many things to discuss, Daniel would kill it with a one-liner sentence.


D-Daniel . . . ,” Sisley started.


Mmm? Daniel responded with an absentminded hum. His eyes glued on the road.


Sisleys rather pale cheeks showed a light tint of red while her fingertips tapped against the other, appearing shy.


A-about Christmas . . . we havent discussed where to celebrate yet. Since youll be at Everland the whole two months holiday, we only have this week to prepare and choose where to go.”


Daniel briefly looked at Sisley. A flash of something like guilt and shame appeared on his handsome face before he quickly zeroed his eyes on the road once more.


His voice was a little weak and low and a bit . . . sorry. Sisley . . . I . . .”


When Sisley sensed that Daniel was about to say something which would leave her heartbroken, she interceded, Uhmm . . . i-if youre busy . . . then its fine. We can do it after you returned.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Daniel already steeled himself to break things off with her. But the one thing that he couldnt bring himself to do was to break up with her so sudden which would surely leave her in pain. It was why he resolved that he would gradually avoid and be cold towards her whenever necessary. In that way, she would be prepared and that, in the best possible outcome he hoped, she would hate him and be the one to break up with him.

However, from her constrained whimpers and slight shaking of her shoulders, holding her sob so she wouldnt bother him, made his resolve crumbled bit by bit. After all, he still likes her. And the guilt he was feeling was drowning his determination, and he accidentally blurted out.


Something came up, and Ill be returning to my country ahead of schedule. But I promise, after my return, well plan our late Christmas together.”


Sisleys reddened face from suppressed crying lit up. Though she was still disappointed, she felt a little better at Daniels promise.


Wiping her tears, she nodded. Mm . . .”


Daniel smiled, yet his eyes held complicated emotions he couldnt say –– for now.


Forcing his gaze on the road, the tense silence continued between them until they reached Sisleys home.


. . .


. . .


Daniel was still berating himself for the blunder he said that he didnt notice Sisley hadnt left his car and was looking at him a bit different.


After a moment more, he finally turned towards her when he felt that something was odd. And the moment he laid eyes on her face, his pupils constricted while his body burned in agitation.


This was a first that she was making that kind of face. But it was certainly not the first that he received that kind of look from women.


Those eyes were glazy while her face was flushing red. Those lustrous lips were moist and redder than usual, and a little swollen while a puff of hot air was steaming from her parted mouth.


What a sultry look that could entice any man to lose control!


Daniel was now panicking and a little aroused. He was not innocent at what Sisley was hinting at him.


Gulping, he forced himself to look away and coughed to remove the lump in his throat. You should go inside and rest. Its already late.”

Pretending nothing was wrong, he avoided any eye contact. He was afraid that if he stared into her eyes, his self-control would break due to the almost two years of abstinent brought mostly because of his relationship with Evangeline, which remained wholesome in the past that they had been together.


Though he wanted to have sex with Sisley so badly, it was purely out of lust and nothing else. He was afraid he would––no, he would surely regret it if he did lose control.


At the thought, he somewhat regained his calm.


Though not the same could be said about Sisley. Her lips quivered, restraining her cry when she felt not only rejection but also shame and disappointment. It felt like she was stripped naked and forced to parade down the street for everyone to see.


She was so ashamed of herself that she didnt know what face to make. Her skin tingled in an uncomfortable way like tiny ants were biting her flesh. She just wanted to hide from view!


She squealed a dry sob and choked out the words in a hurry, I-Ill see you tomorrow.”


After she slammed the car door shut, she bolted inside her house without looking back.


Sisley closed the door and leaned against it as she gradually slid down. All strength left her while she couldnt feel her limbs. She didnt know what happened and she burst out crying.

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