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Chapter 19


Satele was busy going back and forth, carrying dishes in hands that she didnt have time to think of her surroundings. After she deposited the plates in the kitchen and went back to the main room to clean the clutters, she bumped against a hard object when she hurried from the hallway.




Recoiling a few steps, she rubbed her nose and stifled a low cry, Im sorry.”


She didnt have time to check who she bumped into as she stabilized herself and walked towards the main room in a hurry, only to be yanked back. Her wrist almost ripped from her arm when the force used to pull her arm was exaggeratedly intense!

What are you doing here?! Are you following me around?!


Satele hadnt recovered from the sudden pull, which made her dizzy, but the hissing and anger from a familiar voice pushed her back to reality.


Looking over, her dark violet eyes met with brown ones. Those familiar eyes which made her mesmerized into staring –– always.


What?! Do you need money again?!


That angry voice woke Satele from her trance, and she registered the handsome man before her. Towering above, looking down at her with a dark face. Hate burned in his heart, reflecting in his eyes. His facial expression was one of absolute disdain. Like to him, she was nothing more than a dirty mud stuck on his over-shined shoes.


To described his facial expression was like describing a blank canvas, ruined by unsightly splattered ink. But this was the way he was looking at her now –– like she was nothing but an accident he wanted to forget.


Satele couldnt take another second at watching the man she loves showing that kind of face to her.  She avoided his gaze, stammering while she defended herself.


Y-youre wrong . . . I-Im here because of a job.”


Aldrick sneered. A job? You? You dont have the qualifications to graze this party even if it is just posing as a waitress.”


Sateles eyes stung. Biting her lips, she held her sob while the devastating feeling of helplessness and hurt flooded her heart, making her unable to breathe normally.


It was true that the staffs qualifications to serve this party were high. If not for Erics recommendation, she wouldnt be able to take a step inside the lobby.


Satele wanted to take her hand back with her meager strength. Even after everything that happened, she was still weak every time Aldrick touched her.


She forced herself to glare at him, yet her eyes remained soft whenever she gazed at him.


I dont care if you believe me or not. Let me go. I have a job to finish.” She tried hard to make her voice sounded fierce and disgusted, yet she couldnt. In front of this man, she couldnt bring herself to hate him even if she pretended to.

Aldrick, who only now realized that he was holding Sateles wrist, withdrew his hand away like she had a contagious disease. Feeling disgusted, he quickly took a step back.


Looking at her with that same disgusted face always reminded Satele of what happened between them. Feeling like rock salts were constantly rubbing against her eyes, every organ of her body felt like they were carved out by knives. Everywhere hurts!


Feeling a stung on her nose, her throat tightened. She opened her mouth, letting in small breathes while tiny droplets of clear water welled in her eyelids. Fighting with everything she had to keep them from falling.




Both Aldrick and Satele turned towards that voice. The formers pupils that were harsh and full of hate turned softer and full of affections while the latters narrowed. A hateful gaze gradually replaced the softness in her eyes.


Angel shifted her doe-like eyes between Aldrick and Satele while a smile was playing on her lips.


Aldrick, there you are. My uncle wanted to talk to you.”


Aldricks irritated face beamed in a handsome smile, which made Sateles breathe stuck in her throat while the tears she so desperately held dripped from her cheeks.


Once upon a time, that smile was only reserved for her and hers alone.


But now . . .

Wiping the tears, she pretended nothing was wrong. Fortunately, Aldrick went to Angels side and didnt see her tears.


Angel and Aldrick smiled at each other before they faced Satele, who was now holding a vacant face.


If youll excuse me,” Satele said, tone dead as her heart. She turned around, wanting to get away from the suffocating scene, which made her sick in hatred and helplessness.


Excuse me.”


But it seemed like Heaven was against her today when that annoying voice stopped her. With an unreadable expression, she stared blankly at the approaching Angel, whose face was holding a harmless smile, but eyes glinting in provocation.


Youre one of the staff, right? Sorry, but can you accompany us? We need someone to wait for us while the men have their chat.”


Angels tone was light and very friendly, and there was nothing wrong with what she asked. But only Satele knew that mocking smile and taunting eyes she was showing at her.


Her lips smacked forcefully in a thin line. She knew what Angel was trying to do. And when her eyes unconsciously shifted to Aldrick, her hate turned to sorrow and pain.


In the past, no matter what it was, Aldrick always took care of her. He didnt allow her to do the tiniest bit of work when he was around. But now . . . he just stood there while his eyes watched her coldly –– not a trace of that loving smile and tender eyes he used to shower her.


At the memory of the past, Satele whimpered ever so silently. Couldnt bear the pain and powerlessness anymore, she bit her lips forcefully until she tasted the metallic liquid from her chapped mouth. The pain helped her numb the emotions wreaking havoc inside her.


She lowered her head and didnt utter a word. Afraid a sob would escape her lips, followed by a burst of tears once she opened her mouth. She could only swallow her resentment down her throat and faced the two.


She took a step towards them, and that was when a warm and somewhat callus hand held her wrist from behind.

Asher wet his hands and brushed it against his hair before he fixed his suit. When he was sure everything was perfect, and not a hair was out of place, he went out of the toilet in high spirits.


His hands inside his pockets, he strolled down the hallway towards the main room only to be stopped on his tracks when he noticed three people barging the path. Something seemed to be going on based from the tense air around those bunch.


His brows furrowed before he shrugged his shoulders and took another path back towards the main room. But when he heard that familiar annoying voice, he halted once more.


Youre one of the staff tonight, right? Sorry, but can you accompany us? We need someone to wait for us while the men have their chat.”


Asher narrowed his eyes as he walked towards that direction. Now that he had a somewhat clear view, he noticed that the girl wearing a waitress dress was very . . . familiar.


That girl again!


Rolling his eyes upwards, he couldnt help but feel helpless and a little irritated that every time he saw that woman, she was always in trouble.


He didnt want to stick his nose in other peoples business. It was not his style.


But every time, that face, that face which was so alluring and helpless while her eyes were unyielding and fierce when he fucked her senseless that night, kept appearing in his mind. And before he knew it, his body already reacted   –– much to his annoyance.


Like what was happening now.


Once more, he found himself beside her, holding her wrist, talking shit.


There you are. Ive been looking all over for you. Come here, woman!


Asher pulled Satele and ignored the others.

Stunned at the appearance of Asher yet again, Sateles mind went blank, and she couldnt react when he pulled her.


Though Asher appeared like he used too much force, in truth, Satele didnt feel any force at all. His touch was light like he was afraid the tiniest pressure would snap her bones into two. But she didnt move from her spot. She just stared blankly at Asher, which made him knit his brows.


What? Move woman! Asher barked but stopped when Angels voice resounded.


Mr. Cole, its an honor that you come to my birthday party.” Angel smiled, didnt mind one bit that Asher didnt even put her in his eyes.


Continuing to ignore the annoying woman, Asher used a bit of force to pull Sateles hand, which made the latter finally responded. When Satele registered what was going on, instead of taking the opportunity to get away from Angel, she instead turned her head towards Aldrick –– praying that he wouldnt misunderstand as to why Asher was pulling her hand.


Her eyes, which were helpless and a bit hopeful, completely turned dull when Aldrick just stared at her with his usual contemptuous look.


If it were in the past, any slight graze from a man on her skin, Aldrick would burst in a jealous fit, which she often loves to tease him because of it.


But now . . .


While Satele became a lifeless doll, Angel continued and beamed.


Mr. Cole, I heard you are currently courting my cousin? Angels smile grew wider when Asher eyes finally locked at her, and her heart leaped, and she momentarily blacked out.


It was no rumor that the Cole brothers were good looking. Especially those dark onyx eyes, which were always angry and intimidating, yet it only added to his manly appeal. Making every woman want to conquer him to see those angry eyes softened and smile.


Composing herself, Angel continued, I know that Evangeline may be a handful, but she is alone right now. I worry about her.” She beamed and added, Im glad there is someone like you who is taking care of her.”


She then avoided her eyes, unsure if she should continue. But her words still escaped her lips in a whisper as if she was talking to herself. Though . . . Evangeline already like someone else . . .”

Asher didnt respond. He looked at Angel intently, which made the latters scalp tingled while the smile on her face faltered when Asher smirked.


Evangeline isnt a princess like you that she needed someone to take care of her. Shes a Queen. She got her shit under control.”


Asher then dragged the still unmoving Satele by the hand and walked away. Before they could take another step, however, an angry voice called out.




Aldrick, who was quietly watching at the side, was fuming with anger when the woman he likes was insulted in front of his eyes. His heavy footsteps echoed towards Ashers direction and stopped beside Angel. Snorting, his face was dark and menacing as he spoke.


Who do you think you are? A woman is talking to you properly, and yet you are rude to her? The Cole raised their young so well. Such a prestigious family didnt teach their young master some manners?


Since Aldrick was five years older than Asher, he didnt use any respect while he inserted his supremacy.


At Aldricks sudden outburst, Satele was again reminded of those times when Aldrick defended her to the extreme    –– even shielding her from his family.


But this time, it was not her anymore. It was for another woman.


Sateles chest hurt, feeling like her heart was squeezed until no blood remained.


Asher felt that Satele froze while her hand, which he held, turned cold. He made a quick glance at her and noticed that she was very pale and seemed to be having difficulty breathing.


A burst of worry he didnt know existed for another woman besides Evangeline and his mother, occupied his heart. He even forgot in an instant his rising anger upon what the bastard said to him as Satele was now occupying his full attention.


Whats wrong? Asher asked, which made Aldricks already darkening face contorted more from being ignored.

Satele couldnt handle seeing Aldrick even for another second. Any more of this and she would really burst out crying.


She shook her head and looked at Asher beside her.


Any shred of anger thoroughly vanished from Ashers heart at the sight of Sateles pale face, red cheeks, and those alluring violet pair of misty eyes that were pleading at him.


Heat shot through his body at the tempting sight, feeling that annoying horny cock stirred in excitement. He quickly, yet excruciatingly pushed his lust at bay while masking his voice with irritation. Didnt want to acknowledge what the woman was secretly doing to him.


Lets go!


Asher barked and pulled Satele along. This time, Satele moved together with his pace, not daring to turn around even if Aldricks angry voice resounded.


Hey! Im talking to you––!


Angel stopped Aldrick from chasing the two. Her sweet and mellow voice pacified his anger and resentment almost in an instant.


Its fine, Aldrick. Maybe Mr. Cole is a little tired and in a bad mood.”


Aldrick sneered. Even so, thats no way to treat a lady. Maybe that great cousin of yours said some nasty things about you to him?


Throughout the years he was courting Angel, Aldrick knew about the rumors regarding Evangeline Heart. Though Angel always defended the despicable woman, it was engraved in his mind that Evangeline was a vile person.


He was helpless as to why Angel even defended her. No matter how much he tried to persuade her not to concern herself with Evangeline, but his Angel was a beautiful and kind lady to the core!


Angels smile was awkward as she said, Evangeline lost her mother, and then uncle married my aunt. It must have been hard on her. I can sympathize with why she turned out that way.”


Aldrick frowned and made a side comment, Still, its not an excuse to justify what shes been doing. Angel, youve been through a lot at a young age even more so than her, and yet you turned out like this. I believe its the persons problem, not the circumstances.”


Angel didnt speak. She only plastered an understanding smile, hiding the pleased glint within the depth of her eyes.

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