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Chapter 18








Awes and praises danced in the open air as Angel Lin walked at the cobbled, now carpeted pathway. She was in a strap hourglass shaped dress with a volume skirt decorated with elaborate embroidery of real golden thread. With her slender figure, coupled with her soft and delicate features, the dress suited her indeed quite well. Every male wanted her for themselves while the women felt envious, especially at seeing the man beside her, who was her escort for tonight.


Aldrick Loire


An S class celebrity known throughout the globe. With his impeccable slick dark brown hair combed to perfection, custom-tailored fitted suit complementing his broad shoulders, subtle muscles hidden beneath his tapered waist, and those long slender legs, made the ladies unconsciously gulped while some fanned themselves.


So hot!

Angels gaze never wavered. Though her eyes were soft and smiling, the feeling she gave off was one of confidence and elegance, garnering the reverence of many who watched.


Aldrick stole another glance at the woman he likes, the woman he was currently courting. He was feeling so proud and arrogant for, among the many suitors she has, he was the one given the highest honor of being her escort for her twentieth birthday. A privilege that made his heart warm and hopeful, turning his eyes soft and full of affections.


And when his gaze moved forward, he caught someone, which made his pupils constricted. His heart that was beating nonstop halted.


At the far end, among the line of waitresses, he spotted one person he didnt want to see –– ever.


Satele Risova!


He could still taste the bitterness at the tip of his tongue with the thought of her name and the pain that came with the memories which stirred at the sight of her.


The jolly mood and the warmth he was giving off turned to ice while his handsome face darkened.


Noticing something was wrong with Aldrick, Angel took a peek at the man beside her and found him occupied. Following his line of sight, she saw a familiar face.


When their eyes met, she smiled, a smile one of triumph and supremacy while Satele lowered her head –– swinging her head away. Couldnt take another second look at the scene.


When Eric asked her if she would like to be a waitress at an event, she readily accepted when he mentioned the pay. Later, she regretted it when she knew it was Angels Lins birthday she was waitressing.


Satele bit her lip to stop the sob which was suffocating her throat. Her body shuddered from suppressed bitterness and hate and the helplessness of her situation. She couldnt do anything. Even if she felt overwhelming love towards the man, the man she loves since high school, promising to be together till their hairs turned white –– she had to let him go.


This is all I can do to protect you.


Even if she suffered every day because of it, she was willing to take it all as long as he achieved his dreams. Even if he hated her, despise her from every fiber of his being, even if he currently loves someone else, as long as he was happy, she was very willing to take all the sufferings for him.


When tears dripped from her cheeks, she lightly shook her head to remove it and held herself to stop the shaking of her shoulders.


She couldnt cry now. She wouldnt! Not in front of Aldrick.


And especially not in front of that woman!

The party lasted until midnight while each and everyone had their own thoughts running all evening.


After the banquet and cotillion and a few rounds of dancing, Daniel decided to go home since he was not that acquainted with the birthday celebrant. And with that, Sisley too followed.


While Jen stayed behind not because her father was staying until later, but because she was not adamant about going home until she talked with Asher. Throughout the night, she didnt even know what was happening around her. All her focus was on Asher –– thinking of ways on how to make him notice her without appearing desperate for his attention. She had to be discrete since her father was around.


Until finally, she saw her opportunity when Asher left for the toilet, leaving Evangeline behind. She rose from her seat and dashed towards the restroom.


Meanwhile, Álvaro and Maxine also decided to return home.


Unconsciously, Álvaro rose from his seat and walked towards Evangeline so they could go back together, but a tug on his suit stopped him. Turning, he saw Maxine with her misty eyes and alluring face, looking at him full of affections mix with worry, reminding him that he was together with her.


Coughing, he smiled. Mind if I talk to Mr. Nell first? I have something to discuss with him.”


Maxine forced a smile, her face a little upset. Throughout the night, she could count the minutes Alvaro was at her side. Mostly, he was out there, talking and chatting with his fellow businessmen. And now, he still wanted to talk more?


Was she that dull and unappealing that he chose to talk with older men rather than her?


Nonetheless, she nodded. Keeping her grievances to herself.


Alvaro went towards a group of men and pretended to busy himself talking. But in truth, he was secretly checking Evangeline, making sure that she was alright. There was no way in hell that he would leave first before his darling princess Evangeline did.

Once more, Maxine was left on the front row, sitting awkwardly. Feeling bored, she decided to chat with Angel, who was surrounded by every highest noble women, not far away from where she was.


Meanwhile, Evangeline was feeling bored. Her eyes were droopy. But she refused to lose her prey. Her gaze followed a specific persons every movement, from start to finish.


She made every opportunity to get close to him throughout the night, yet the man remained elusive as ever. It was like he had an eye at the back of his head, and he could see her approaching as he hurriedly put distance between them once more.


Evangeline, you made it.”


Evangeline sighed, thinking the night couldnt get any worse.


At the corner of her eyes, she saw Angel approaching with her entourage. She rose to her feet and greeted the approaching women with her famous fake smile. Scanning the crowds, she momentarily stopped upon an unfamiliar face amongst the women.


Angel must have noticed her stare because she introduced the stranger. This is Maxine Celestine. Shes Alvaro Coles fiancée. Im sure you heard about the Cole since you know Asher, right? Angels voice remained even, however, concealed within was something else.


And of course, those who knew her caught on as one of the ladies chimed in.


How did you manage to snag someone like Asher Cole? I heard he is a notorious player. You be careful. He had a reputation of courting women he wants to sleep with.” Then the lady smiled rather suggestively.


Maxine sensed that the atmosphere was somewhat . . . off. She didnt know much about Evangeline Heart. But the moment Alvaro took an interest in her, she secretly searched about her on her phone and learned that she was the discarded daughter of Robert Krisnov, which made her Angel Lins step-cousin.


Maxine pursed her lips. She was not the kind of person who would watch while the others gang up against one woman. She was breed to be a proper lady. She always remained silent whenever the topic would bring disadvantage to her. She was always the humble and polite, perfect, and flawless. No fault visible in her whatsoever. Always let people rest their minds whenever they were around her. An elegant lady favored by her household who would never make a misstep.

However, at this moment, all of those disappeared from her mind, and she completely took joy at seeing Evangeline being shunned by others.


As someone who knows Asher since young. He can be a bit unruly and unrestrained. And he likes women who . . .  bring him joy. He must like you for him to stay by your side all this time.” Maxines smile was a tad bit forced. Her voice and tone were insulting. Evident she was not skilled in concealing her true intentions.


The women all peered at each other while they secretly threw knowing looks.


Evangeline frowned as she glanced at Maxine, who she thought was meek as a lamb. Too bad, she chose the wrong side.


She huffed a dry laughed, and said, You dont have to worry about Asher and me, Ms. Celestine. I suggest you worry about yourself since I never heard Alvaro mentioned a fiancée to me before.”


Evangelines tone was nonchalant at first, then changing into one of passion at the mention of Alvaros name while her smile was very misleading.


At once, Maxines face was dyed red. Her breathing turned labored. A surging feeling of intense urge to slap Evangeline overcame her mind as she took a step forward.


But Angel blocked her way and thrown a nod at her to calm herself.


Angel then smiled. Evangeline, Im glad you could make it! You dont know how much this means to me!


Angel reached out and held Evangelines hand, but the latter withdrew and crossed her arms as she sneered.


If thats what youre here, telling me this fake display of affection, Id rather talk to a dog. At least theyre honest.”


The women glanced at each others frowning faces while Maxine was tongue-tied. Never would she guess that Evangeline would retaliate so openly in front of everyone. She thought that she would at least make cordial conversations amongst the many high nobles present. I mean, who on earth wanted their reputation in ruins? A womans status is like their life.`

As usual, Angel didnt show any signs of getting mad. She just beamed and said excitedly, Did you see what uncle gave me? It was a whole property in the city center of Blue River! Isnt your father the greatest?


Angel flaunted. She wanted to see Evangelines jealous face but was again disappointed when Evangeline showed no such emotion whatsoever except her usual taunting lips, which made her irked.


The women around them continued and praised, clearly knew what Angel wanted to do.


Thats right. Angel received many gifts. Why dont you give some to Evangeline?


I saw back then that Aldrick gave you not one but two brand new cars! A Ferrari and a Benz Maybach! Hes soo into you! So envious!


Its not just Aldrick. Angel has many suitors! The gifts from one of her suitors alone already cause me to be jealous to death. It was a piece of relic jewelry in ancient times wore by an empress! I heard it cost millions of dollars!


Blushing, Angels little voice turned mellow and soft. Stop it, you guys.” She then beamed at Evangeline. If you want, you can choose among the many gifts. I dont need that much.”


Smirking, Evangelines stoic face didnt budge one bit. No need. After all, Ill feel bad if I take those things from you. I mean, it is the first time that you have so many riches in your hands.”


The smile on Angels lips froze, and her face darkened. She never likes it if someone brought her upbringing.


Excuse me.”


All the hostile air dispersed when someone barged in. All eyes scrutinized the interloper, and when they saw it was a mere waiter with a nerdy countenance, they no longer paid any attention to him.


While all women took disinterest at the waiter, Evangelines cold eyes sparkled with warmth, and a rare smile blossomed on her lips.




She accidentally let out due to surprise and happiness all at once when Eric finally took the initiative to approach her.

Of course, Angel didnt miss the sparks in Evangelines eyes as well as the rare smile on her lips. Walking towards Eric, she beamed at him. Eric, do you need something?


Angel smiled her sweetest, enough to make any man fall in a trance by her beauty, but Eric just gave her a single nod as an acknowledgment before he directed his eyes on Evangeline.


Miss Heart, Asher Cole told me to escort you first outside of the lobby while he finishes his business,” he said, all respectful, not a hint on his poker face that he knew Evangeline.


Of course, Evangeline didnt believe those words one bit since she knew Ashers personality. She shot Eric her most dazzling smile which made all the women present, except Angel, baffled as to why she treated a waiter so . . . intimately.


But before the women could voice out their thoughts, Evangeline already walked towards the nerdy man.


Lead the way, Eric.”


Not replying, Eric bowed at the women and turned around to lead the way only to be stopped when he heard his name from a sweet tone enough to make everyone suffer diabetes from sugar overdose.




Both Eric and Evangeline faced Angel, who was all smiles while the women at the back have bewildered faces. Not only Evangeline, but even Angel also showed interest in a mere waiter? Towards a man who was so nerdy and weak-looking that not even a glance was worthy of him.


Flashing her photo-perfect smile, Angel said, Let me be the first to welcome you as my personal assistant. I cant wait to be working with you this weekend.”


. . .


. . .


Erics calm eyes gradually dimmed while Evangelines sweet smile froze. Her questioning eyes snapped at him.


Stiffly nodding, Eric resumed walking while Evangeline tightly pursed her lips. Her mind was a mess!


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