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Chapter 16


In Blue River Citys Hotel, a procession of high-end luxury cars docked at the entrance. A queue of people in extravagant, designer custom made dresses and suit made their way inside the building. Among them were no lack of recognizable faces from politicians, celebrities, business moguls, and of course, nobles. And the highest of the highest in nobilities, the Royals, the King and Queen and the Prince and Princesses of the country of Burberry.


There were also nobilities from other countries, though much was faces of celebrities far and wide.


Finely attired attendants shuffled between the guests bearing beverages, alcoholic drinks, delicacies among the other wide selection of snacks.


Vast open gardens with flowers blooming and perfectly trimmed trees made a private yet comfortable atmosphere while the lights were strategically designed, making the venue cozy and romantic.


People go and about, taking the advantage to network with influential personages. The men mingled and established their connections, and the women chatted with their fellow females.

But for the two girls sitting at the front row, they were awfully quiet. Jen, the daughter of the prime minister and Sisley, the girlfriend of Daniel Richardson, Prince of Everland. Thus, they were seated at the front row, signifying their rank among the guests.


Sisley and Jen were in an awkward position since they were the only women who didnt mingle with the others.


It was not like Jen at all to stay quiet at the table. She was used to mingling and interact with all the women around whether she knew them or not since she was the daughter of the prime minister. It was her duty to accompany her father and make friends with other women in higher society.


But as of the moment, she was too depressed. In a state of disbelief ever since Asher called her ugly. She refused to believe that the man she loves called her ugly and worse, he didnt even put her in his eyes. She couldnt believe her allure and status didnt move him even a tiny bit. Her mind was blank at the moment while her body was numb, unable to react like a proper human being.


While Sisley didnt know what to do, her best friend was so distressed that she wouldnt even talk to her while her boyfriend left her there to socialize with other men. She couldnt exactly leave Jen all alone and go with Daniel. Thus, she contented to look around, pretending that she was doing something to escape the weird looks the others were throwing at them.


Her misty eyes then wandered to her boyfriend. Sadness and fear flashed across her pretty face as she gazed at Daniel, who was wearing a custom made, fitted suit, looking all handsome and dignified.


Lately, Daniel wasnt affectionate to her as he used to be. She even felt that he was secretly avoiding her for some reason. Their usual dates and going home together were cut short all too fast that she was left at a loss on what was wrong that brought about his sudden change.






When Sisleys eyes grazed the newcomers who caught, if not all, then most of the guests attention, her melancholic expression turned gloomier.


Evangeline Heart!


With her stunning, awe gaping silvery ashen blue dress, emphasizing her every curve while the mermaid skirt swayed tantalizingly together with her every movement. The dress was finish with an elaborate embroidery done with ashen blue thread almost the same color as her long wavy hair, which was ornamented by a simple headdress with various precious stones in all shades of blue.

She was glowing under the lights. And with her sharp elegant features, she was so surreal like she was not human at all but an enchanted creature in the desolate land of snow.


Her features were like ice, while her personality was like fire. She was the Goddess of fire and ice who made everyone fear the cold, yet craved the burn.


Face contorting in a frown, Sisleys anger boiled. She was aware that Evangeline and Daniel had secretly met at a café not long ago. Someone saw them, though she hadnt asked Daniel about it.


And Daniels sudden changes happened after that secret meeting with Evangeline, which made her mind burst with so much hate for the woman. She couldnt help but make her conjectures as to why Evangeline was meeting with her boyfriend. And worse, it was night time! And it was only the two of them! And her boyfriend hadnt told her anything at all! Her mind was overthinking about what they were doing together inside the cafe.


Is she trying to get back with Daniel?


Unimaginable fear and jealousy possessed her heart, for she knew that she couldnt compete with Evangeline if ever. She was terrified that Daniel would leave her and get back together with the woman!


Due to fear and frustration, as well as the helplessness of her situation, a silent tear ran from her cheek, which she wiped off in an instant.


She was in love with Daniel for years. There was no way in hell that she would give him up without a fight!


On the other side, while Evangeline was showered with gazes and gossips, her full attention, however, was scanning the crowds. Her eyes were frantically searching and searching . . . until her gaze met the man who was dominating her entire mind.


Eric was wearing a fine suit, which differentiated him from the guests, signifying he was a staff of the event. He was busy going around with a tray of drinks in hand. And when their eyes met, he momentarily halted his steps. But he quickly averted his gaze and scurried away from her view.


Biting her lips, Evangelines lilac eyes narrowed. Her feet doubled in speed in an attempt to catch him.



She was stopped when a sudden splash brought her mind back to where she currently was while releasing the pressure from her hand, which was holding Ashers arm. Composing herself, she peeked behind her.


All the guests woke up from the trance, and their eyes turned towards the sound.


At the cobbled pathway where the guests entered and walked like models on a runway, there were ponds at each side of the path. Illuminating the whole catwalk were sculptures of swans, flying fishes, and light orbs like bubbles floating on water. But now, there was an out of place shadow in the artificial pond, which made the onlookers gossiped in controlled whispers and curious stares.


Evangeline smirked when she saw who was in the water. It was that girl, Satele Risova, downing the staffs uniform, soaked from knee to toe. At the side, some women were snickering while their faces held fake concerns.


It was a no brainer that those women had something to do with Satele ending up in the pond.


Raising her brow, Evangeline resumed walking, not one bit interested in the drama. But she halted once more when the man beside her had stopped moving. She gazed at Asher, who was still looking back, but the shadows made his face indiscernible.






What happened?


Seems like the waitress fell in the water.”


Such a careless thing. I cant believe that they hired a clumsy fool.”


Satele lowered her head, but she realized that her hair was tightly raised in a high ponytail, thus unable to hide whatever face she had left.


She avoided her eyes from the crowds, didnt want to see their judgmental looks and those hypocritical display of concern. She bit her lips and glared at those women who pushed her when she was just minding her own business of greeting the guests –– those women who were at the same school as her.

What a useless thing. Cant even do a simple job and greet the guests. Where did the management find this girl?

When she heard the snickers and comments directed at her, Sateles eyes stung while her body shivered. She refused to show any weakness. But try as she might, her limbs were numb from embarrassment and humiliation that it refused to move. She was afraid that if she did, she would fall into the water, face first.

She was beginning to feel helpless at her current predicament. She wanted to run, yet she couldnt feel her limbs while the surging blood from anger, embarrassment, helplessness made her dizzy. And the nasty comments, hypocritical concerned looks only made her stomach churned, and bile rose to her throat.

She wanted to run and be out of sight. Wanted to hide, away from the sickening buzzing noises and those malicious gazes laced in false concern –– but she couldnt. She couldnt even breathe normally. Her lips quivered, trying to hold her sob. She couldnt speak. She couldnt open her mouth. Afraid if she did, she would really burst out crying.

Someone . . .


. . . someone . . .


. . . anyone . . .


Save me!

Her unbending eyes turned clouded and dull, searching for someone she knew who would help –– anyone to pull her out of the water.

Yet only the cold and ruthless gazes reciprocated hers, waiting for her to show weakness to ridicule.

Biting her tongue, she tried to hold the tears threatening to leave her eyes, but no such luck as a single tear managed to escape –– followed by another and another.



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