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Chapter 14


And? Eric asked, completely unperturbed.


Their identities were kept secrets, and they were strictly forbidden to tell the world about their origins, true. But if someone found out about it on their own . . . then they would not deny it.


Alvaro gotten everything right. Except he didnt build Snow café for Evangeline. It was all a misunderstanding. He didnt like tea much, but the woman he likes loves it. He made a random email once to his second brother, asking about teas to get to know what the woman he likes loves to drink.


However, his eccentric second brother was so ecstatic and was moved to tears, thinking he developed a love for teas and built a cafe for him to enjoy in Burberry, much to his annoyance. It was not free, though, since any form of help from his family was forbidden. Nonetheless, he didnt have to buy one since his eccentric brother kept sending him all kinds of teas and coffees ever since. Pretending it was all for research, needing his opinion about the taste.


Are you going to tell Evangeline? Erics clear eyes turned cold while his voice didnt hide his warning tone. As much as possible, he didnt want Evangeline to know. He was afraid her attitude towards him would change.

Finally revealing a rare smile of pure delight, Alvaros eyes twinkled in amusement. He apparently developed this weird hobby of taking pleasure from the misery of others.


Take a guess.”


“. . .”


Instead of pleading and begging Alvaro to zip his mouth shut, Erics face remained composed while saying slowly, You know, I heard theres a story in BlackPine, a land of nothing but forest and vast desolate fertile soil. There was this family who landed on this land long before religion could even be established. They took upon themselves to develop the land until it was a country of unparalleled nesting grounds for agriculture. And as the years progress, this foreign family became the core of the entire country. Though appearing harmless, with a humble façade of developing the lands and producing foods throughout the world, in secret, the origin of these family were, in truth, pirates in the seven seas.”


Pausing, Erics slender fingers slowly took his cup before taking a sip as if time was on his side.


Unknown to the public, the money used in developing BlackPine was, in fact, mostly came from these familys underground dealings of weapons and technologies.”


Eric casually placed his cup and gazed at Alvaro, whose face was turning sinister, a threatening smile tugging the corner of his lips. But Eric wasnt the least bit frightened.


Álvaros fingers, which were laced together, stiffened as he leaned closer.  His voice slow and low, promising undeniable danger. Are you threatening me?


Erics stoic face remained unmoved while he faintly shook his head. I believe Mr. Álvaro Cole knows the line that he shouldnt cross.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Moments passed, and the two men sat there, facing each other in silence. After which, Alvaros shoulders trembled while his hands landed on his face, laughter echoing in his mouth.




Thats right, Eric! Thats how you should be like! This is exactly how the man Evangeline likes should act!


Álvaros maniacal laughter echoed in the corners of the emptied second-floor room while Eric didnt budge from his state. And after laughing some more, Álvaro gradually regained his calm. He fixed his collar and posture, sleek and elegant.


Anyway, Eric. Thats not the important thing that I was going to say.”


“. . .”


Eric tightened his lips, controlling himself not to frown at the man. Álvaro was going on, and on only to say at the end that finding out his identity, a secret most guarded, was not the most important thing he was going to say?


Now I know where Evangeline got her weird personality.

The morning sun was raining down hard on earth, yet the wind was blowing a chilly air signifying for the fast-approaching winter.


Alvaro directly drove towards the airport to pick up Maxine after his conversation with Eric. He was apparently in a better mood, and it was all because he finally got hold the information his family was searching for ages.


Only a handful of people knew about the existence of Frizkiel, and these people, of course, wanted to create a favorable connection with them. The problem was, all Frizkiel identities were altered and heavily guarded.


The Cole was searching for this information. Any leads to this elusive family. He was pleasantly surprised that Eric was a member of this clan.


As expected of my cousin, she could tell quality when she sees one.


He would not tell anyone about what he discovered, mostly because he didnt want to make an enemy out of the Frizkiel. And also, he didnt want to implicate his family. The moment he told anyone of this secret, especially to Evangeline, he believed that would be the moment the Cole would fall apart.


The Frizkiel were old families like them. But he knew how much power and influence they have. Maybe even more so than them.


He was eccentric and took pleasure from thrilling situations. Danger had always been like an aphrodisiac to him. The more extreme, the better. However, he was not about to plunge his family into chaos because he spouted a secret that was not his.


Though subtle hints are okay. *chuckle


After parking his car, he got out with his sunglasses and coat, humming along the way inside the airport. His hands inside his pocket, he leisurely strode towards the waiting area, oblivious to all the hungry stares directed at him.




Seconds later, a melodious voice rang out, which made the sticky gazes on Álvaro shifted towards a woman.


The woman was not a striking beauty. Nevertheless, the onlookers couldnt help but feel at peace and jittery gazing at her innocent face and smiling eyes. She was not that beautiful, yet she could make anyone think that the world was a much kinder place to live in from just gazing at her.


Sorry, did you wait long? Álvaro asked, smiling.


He removed his sunglasses, and Maxine found herself at a loss at the sight of the mans striking ashen blue eyes. It always never failed to make her, a young lady raised in the highest etiquette, utterly lost herself.

Shaking her head, Maxine answered with all smiles as warmth radiated from her. Her doe-like eyes, which were always smiling turned much softer and droopy. She was very enamored at this moment.


No. . . the plane just landed a little early.”


Alvaro smoothly took Maxines luggage while his other hand remained inside his pocket. I see. Did you have breakfast yet?


Once again, the little lady shook her head, appearing shy and a bit tongue-tied by the surging of happiness to be with the person she loves the most.


Lets get you checked in first, and we can eat breakfast together.”


Álvaro led the way while Maxine was disappointed. Her feet were refusing to budge.


Glancing at his side, Alvaro noticed that no one was following him. He gazed at Maxine, who was still rooted in her post. She was unmoving while her face held a forlorn look, fingers interlacing in front of her chest as if begging for something.


Inwardly sighing, he removed his hand from his pocket and extended it towards her.


Lets go.”


Maxines disappointed face turned bright, illuminating her entire countenance. She momentarily forgot her manners and joyfully hopped towards Alvaro, full of smiles.



The horizon was turning orange, and the glowing light slowly dimmed as the sky turned dark, ready to end the day.


Eric hadnt recovered from the conversation he had earlier with Alvaro, though he appeared alright from the outside. He was thankful that his body had a mind of its own, doing its usual business like a robot while his brain was overheating from all the thinking he was doing.


As he was preparing his last day of work at the convenience store, the store phone rang.


Hello, Jollys convenience store, how may I help you? he answered rather absentmindedly.


And as he listened to the person on the other line, his mind momentarily stopped thinking about the conversation he had with Alvaro.


After a while, he ended the call –– his brows in one line.


Satele, who was at Erics side, noticed the changes on the mans face and asked, What is it?


Erics troubled face lit up upon hearing Sateles voice. Facing her, he inquired, Do you have any experience being a waitress?


Satele was stunned at the sudden question while her head responded in a nod without thinking.

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