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Chapter 7


After almost an hour of traveling, the cab finally stopped outside of EvaLand. A theme park solely concentrated on pets and is very popular with the masses.


Lamenting over the fair of the cab, Satele hadnt register where she was. But now that she was standing just outside the place reality sunk in.


Forget it! Ill ask the president to reimburse me for all the expenses tomorrow.

Her excitement overtook other emotions she was feeling. Couldnt wait to find all the juicy news which was waiting for her inside.


She didnt know why those thugs brought the dog here. Nevertheless, her mind was already formulating the best insider for tomorrows news.


It was always said that all businesses have dirt. Beyond that harmless, friendly exterior that the place portrayed, who knows, maybe they were secretly experimenting on animals? Or they were killing them for the meat and pelt to sell in the market?


Meanwhile, the two boys went inside the building, and Satele was hot on their tracks. She acted all-natural like she was there to tour around with her phone in hand while secretly taking pictures of the two and the place.


A man wearing a suit and tie with glasses, looking sharp, greeted the two boys before they were led towards a private, restricted area along a well-hidden corridor.


Satele glanced left and right, and when the coast was clear, she acted naturally, following the people towards the private corridor. Before she could make a single step, however, a man blocked her way, clad in a black suit, pants and white tie with dark eyeglasses and an earpiece sticking on his ear.


Miss, this is a restricted area. Please turn back,” the man said, all emotionless, voice robotic.


Blinking, Satele fluttered her eyelids, looking all innocent. Im with those two.”


The man paused, checking the earpiece on his ear. After a while, he glanced at her while Satele couldnt fathom the mans face hidden beneath his eyeglasses. She was secretly sweating now, but she refused to give up. She believed ahead lie the many secrets that she would be the first to uncover.


Who knows, maybe if she did manage to find the dirt of this place, her future would be secured. Many media and magazines would ask for her left and right.

Her fantasies and thoughts were interrupted when the mans monotonous voice crept in her ear.




Without warning, the man grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her away from the hidden corridor.


Let me go! Satele hissed, glaring at the man while she struggled to break away from his iron-like grip.


Whats going on?


Satele stopped struggling when her sight caught the approaching people. And when her violet eyes met that of onyx, dark ones, her body shuddered.


Asher, too, was momentarily stunned at the sight of Satele. He then signaled the guard. Let her go.”


Sateles arm was released, yet she wished the guard didnt let go since all her strength left her. It was a good thing that her legs were numb, paralyzed, rooted on the spot while her arms held each other in an attempt to stop the trembling of her body.


Memories of the past came rushing in waves that knock the air from her lungs as she was having difficulty in calming herself.


You? How? Why are you here? Why are you here . . .


Asher Cole!


Biting her lower lip, Satele clutched her arms tightly, hoping the pain would make her nerves respond to her while her gaze remained elusive. Not daring to look at Asher, who was a constant nightmare to her.


You know her?


Without a thought, Sateles eyes moved towards that pleasant, soothing voice coming from a tall man. Taller than Asher with an incredibly handsome face. Her body quivered at the sight of the mans silvery piercing eyes which contained . . . absolutely nothing.


She sensed that this man was very dangerous.


Asher scoffed and replied without a care, Just a girl I fucked in the past.”


. . .


. . .

Just a girl I fucked in the past.


. . . a girl I fucked in the past . . .


. . . fucked in the past . . .


The words kept boring inside Sateles head. No matter how much she blocked it, it still penetrated her mind, shaking her heart and body in anger and embarrassment. She didnt even know that she was already drawing blood from biting her lower lip, hoping to numb her rampaging emotions as she murdered Asher with her glares.


Sir, this girl was found snooping around.” The guard perfectly timed himself to break the awkward, tense silence.


Tilting his head, Asher crossed his arms, smirking in arrogance while challenging Sateles angry gaze. He could somehow guess what Satele was doing here. Give her VIP access.”


The guard was surprised, but he expertly masked it with indifference while Alvaro remained silent at the side, quietly studying Asher and Satele. Then the corner of his lips rose in silent understanding.


But Sir––!


It was the tall woman dress in a formal shirt and skirt who protested.


Raising his hand, Asher stopped the woman from protesting further. Theres nothing to worry about. Shes no threat. Shes just a wannabe journalist in her schools newspaper club.” Smirking, his voice turned taunting. Isnt that right, Satele Risova?


“. . .”


Satele didnt respond. She tightly closed her eyes and took a large intake of air to calm herself while gradually releasing her clamped lips.


After seconds of calming her nerves, she shot Asher a glare one last time before she shifted her head snobbishly to the side, mumbling incoherent curses towards the arrogant man.


Well, what are you waiting for? Give her a VIP pass. Now!  Asher snapped towards the guard who scurried off to get a VIP pass.


R-right away.”

Without waiting for the guard to return, Asher led the way towards the inner parts of the corridor. Lets go.”


He took four steps before turning around and shouted at the unmoving Satele. Well? Are you coming or not?


Satele didnt answer, though her body moved as her legs took tiny steps behind Asher, who already resumed walking. While the tall, gorgeous lady didnt mind the intruder anymore and expertly reported the state of EvaLand beside Asher.


On the other hand, Álvaro was enjoying the show. His lips didnt stop smiling while watching the meek woman beside him.


Miss Satele Risova, right? Hello, Im Álvaro Cole. Ashers older brother.”


Glancing at the pleasant voice, Satele found a remarkably handsome man smiling at her, almost blinding her eyes. And yet, she only felt that his kind gestures and gentle façade were nothing more than a sham. Luring everyone in before devouring them whole.


Frowning, Satele mused to herself. Brothers?


They were nothing alike. Though both were eye candy, they were entirely different except maybe the color of their hair, which was almost identical.


But . . . even though she hated––no, loathe Asher Cole, she preferred the mans eyes. Though brute and overbearing he may be, he was honest and real. Compared to this man, Álvaro Cole, his eyes were profoundly mesmerizing, yet she only felt danger when looking at them. Like the more she stared, the more she would find herself falling deeply in the dark abyss with nowhere to return. Trap. Untraceable.


Álvaro wasnt offended the least when Satele ignored him. Instead, his smile grew even broader. It seems my brother has taken quite a liking to you.” He even knows what school and club you are in. Even remembers your name. *chuckle . . .


Halting briefly, Satele was shock at the knowledge that Asher might like her. But her shocked turned to annoyance and anger at Alvaros next words.


You must be really good in bed.”

“. . .”


“. . .”


This pair of brothers are the same! Hooligans to the core!


She snapped her head forward after she shot a glare at Alvaros direction, taking long strides to escape him.


Dont misunderstand. It only happened once, and never will in the future.”


Chuckling along the way, Alvaro took his own leisurely pace. Mind tell me what happened between you two? Dont get offended but . . .” He lazily sized Satele up and down. Youre not my brothers type. To sleep with you, something must have happened, right?


Satele faltered on her tracks, swaying. Fortunately, she recovered. She then walked like nothing happened as she spat out the words, “Mind your own business.”

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