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Chapter 5


Two days before


Blue River Citys Medical Hospital


Under the warm rays of sunshine shining through the window of a clean well organized private room of the hospital laid a skinny woman. Her face was sunken and pale. Fine lines decorated her eyes sprinkled with hues of purple. Skin appearing dry while her lips were peeling. Nonetheless, she still acted full of life.

Satele, you dont have to visit me here every day. Im fine. This is nothing but a minor check-up. You dont have to worry about me. In a few days, Ill be discharged from here.”


Pausing from peeling apples, Satele beamed at her mother. Mom, its fine. The hospital is near my school anyway.”


Starring at her daughter, Selenes eyes moistened while she fumbled her fingers. Im sorry, Satele. Its because Im like this that you and Seth are suffering. You even borrowed money from your friends for my operation. Its because I have a weak heart that your father left us—




Satele stopped her mother from talking. She didnt want to remember about her father nor anything that would remind her of that man.


Sighing heavily, she dispersed the gloom swirling beneath her heart while she forced a smile as she held her mothers hand.


Thats not true. And besides, you no longer have a weak heart, remember? The operation is successful. Its just . . . The doctor advised that you dont work until he says so. So wait until then, alright? Im sure youll be in top shape condition and can take care of us by then.”


Satele brushed her mothers hair after she handed over the peeled apples for her to eat. In the meantime, allow us, your children, to take care of you . . .”


Shoulders shaking, Selenes lips formed a grateful smile, yet desolate tears ran from her downcast eyes and dripped steadily into her hospital gown.

After Satele visited her mother and talked with her doctor, making sure there was nothing wrong, she went home.


On the way, many thoughts ran through her mind –– like always.


Seth needed a laptop for his presentations and projects. Though he said he didnt need one, but he cant always borrow his friends laptop or go to computer shops until in the middle of the night to do his projects. And the groceries are running out. I also have to pay this months bills and resupply my mothers medications. Not to mention her monthly check-up and the costly stay in that private hospital.




Satele could only sigh at her current predicament. She was already doing night jobs after class to supplement what little remained of her savings while her brother focused on his studies. During weekends, it was her little brother, Seth, who was doing part-time jobs while she was busy doing house chores and catch up to her lessons.


The only consolation she had was knowing that they have their own house now and didnt have to waste money paying rent and didnt have to endure being stuffed inside a small box apartment. Though seventy percent of her so-called borrowed money went to the house, and she was lying about the fact that the house didnt belong to them, she didnt regret it one bit.


I guess I have to look for a part-time job during weekends as well.


In truth, she still had enough money for them to live freely for a couple of years, but those were reserved for her mothers hospital bills and medicines and emergency purposes only. All other reasons besides that, she took it from the money from her jobs.


She continued walking down the path of that familiar route, didnt want to take the bus going back home for the reason she was also saving that money. From the hospital to their house, it would take approximately an hour to walk, but she didnt mind. If possible, she wouldnt even eat three times a day so she could save food expenses.

*sigh . . .


Another heavy sigh escaped her lips. But then, she skidded to a paused while her legs retraced her steps and stopped in front of an advertisement board at the side of the cobbled pathway.


Staring on that specific spot without blinking, her lips gradually curved in a smile. Her hands snatched that piece of paper. Afraid that if she waited a moment longer, someone would steal it away.


Her jolly mood was short-lived, however, as from the corner of her eye, she saw some thugs ganging up on a poor abandoned dog on the sidewalk. She was not particularly fond of animals. If ever, she was allergic to furry pets if she stayed ten minutes by their side.


Unblinking, her eyes followed every action of those two boys while her hand, holding her phone, snapped pictures after pictures of the scene.


She belonged to the newspaper club since it was always her dream to become a journalist. At first, it was merely because she wanted to write good stories about the man she loves, supporting him from the side. But now, she sincerely liked the prospect of becoming one.


Those two boys ganging up on a defenseless dog would be a massive scoop for tomorrows news even more so that those boys wore Fate Academys uniform.


It was known throughout Burberry that Unmei and Fate were rival schools, and any dirt she uncovered of the enemys school would award her a nice pat on the back.


Not only would she unmask their heinous crimes, she would also contribute animal awareness in the process — hitting two birds with one stone.


What should we do? one of the boys said. He was tall and lanky with piercings on every possible part on his head. He has spiky golden hair, which gradually changed color to pink towards the end.


Its very weak. It wont be able to attack us. Lets take it and . . . ,” the other boy answered. He was short and fat with razor semi-bald hair.


Both the mens exposed skin was covered in tattoos while their ears, nose, and side of their lips were decorated with piercings.


Typical thugs in the alley and bullies at school, no doubt about it.


These type of men doesnt deserve any sympathy. Satele mused to herself as she followed the two when they took the dog with them.


She was surprised when they hailed a cab and got in without a second thought. Her mind then formulated absurd thoughts as to why.


Oh no! Are they going to take that dog in their hideout and roast it to be snacks during their drinking sessions?


Or are they going to this *** and **** and then theyre going to *** and finally ***!


Various cruel and grotesque thoughts flew inside her head, feeling excited about the unknown prospect. The more her story appear cruel, inhumane, and sadistic, the more impact it would have towards the masses.


Without a second thought, she hailed a cab and followed the two.

Inside a fancy, expensive, one of a kind Lykan Hypersport seated two men of extreme quality with different demeanors. One with muscular physique leaning near the cars window. His head propped against the back of his palm, legs apart, looking like the King of mercenaries. While the other was tall and lean, sitting straight, legs crossing, fingers interlocking on top of his knees, looking like an amiable Prince in a prosperous Kingdom.


And . . . what are you doing here? Asher asked, not really interested in the answer.


The other man smiled, yet his eyes were sharp while the around him turned icy and deadly amidst the gentle façade he was portraying.


Is that how you speak to your older brother?


Ashers lips pursed in one line, beads of sweat formed on his face while his eyes kept avoiding the demon cloaked in angels halo.


Chuckling, Alvaro said, Im here to see Evangeline, of course. It so happens that we ran into each other at the airport. Such a coincidence, dont you think? We really are loving brothers that even the heavens wanted us to be together on this journey towards our family.”


Álvaro smiled with slit eyelids and flashing teeth causing the air around him to sparkle in his radiance.


Asher only felt chills while goosebumps erupted from his skin from the tip of his toes to the top of his hair.


Loving brother, my ass! You just wanted something from me!


Asher just came back from Apricot country and after he reported to his family, he took the first flight back to Burberry. He was such in a good mood in returning to Burberry to finally be together with his beloved Evangeline, planning to surprise her. However, it was all destroyed when he saw his two-face older brother waiting for him inside Burberry international airport.


Alvaros face turned from dashing as a knight into a devil full of maliciousness in one second. Extending his arm, he demanded with words that didnt accept refusal, Show me what youve found.”

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