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Chapter 4


Welcome back!


The moment Evangeline entered her unit together with Eric, two contradicting, yet pleasant voice greeted them.


Evangelines lips and the corner of her eyes twitched upon seeing the unwanted visitors.


Eric, on the other hand, was stunned when he saw the two men sitting on the sofa, entirely at home. He didnt even notice the wiggling puff of fur who was so excited to see him.

Both men were amazingly built, both physical and height. One was a young man, a few years older than him, with a muscular build and overwhelming dominance. While the other, much older, was more on the leaner and calmer side though Eric guessed beneath that exterior lay hidden dangers — lethal and deadly.


Whats more, he could feel the palpable tension and pressure brought by the two mens deathly gazes amidst their fake smiling faces.


What are you guys doing here? Evangeline asked, unperturbed by the appearance of her unwanted visitors.


We are checking up on you since youre still not at home,” the slenderer man was the one who answered. His sharp eyes peered at the wall clock, smiling kindly with an edge in his voice. Arent you going to introduce us to your guest?


He was full of smiles, but all Eric felt was chilliness, which pierced even the bones. Keeping his shivering to a minimum from all the coldness directed at him, he averted his gaze.


Crossing her arms, Evangeline tilted her hips. Eric, this is my cousin, Alvaro. And I presume you already know Asher. Everyone, this is Eric.”


And may I know what this young gentleman is doing inside your unit in the earliest hour of the morning? Alvaros tone was gentle and soothing like that of an older brother, yet underneath it concealed threat and malice directed towards Eric for Evangeline just revealed their familys secret to a stranger.


Facing her cousins interrogation, Evangeline sighed, accompanied by an eye-roll. We are going to discuss something related to school.”


Without another word, she walked to her room, dragging Eric by the arm, who remained silent throughout.



But before they could take another step towards her room, Asher slammed his palms against the table and shot to his feet, causing the people to look his way.




There was so much Asher wanted to say to Evangeline and screamed at Eric. But all the words refuse to emerge, remembering what Evangeline told him days ago.


Raising her brow, Evangeline smiled in a challenging smirk. What is it? Her voice was pleasant but cold and hostile.


Ashers irritation and frustration back away before he managed an awkward, forced smile. N-nothing.”


Inwardly shaking his head, Alvaro remained sitting, crossing his legs and sipping his tea in all grace.


If there is nothing, well go ahead. Make yourselves at home.” Didnt wait for the two mens response, Evangeline opened her room and pulled Eric inside before slamming the door shut.


Eva . . .”


Asher whispered like a deflated balloon. His hand raising, trying to stop Evangeline to no avail.


. . .


. . .


It was minutes that Asher remained like that, standing stupidly like a soulless person, raising his arm while his eyes lifeless, staring at the tightly closed door.


What are you doing? Sit,” Alvaro said and added, Tell me about that guy.” He brought his teacup down, as he did so, his warm brotherly aura gradually faded, replaced by sharp freezing sensation full of wickedness, suffocating all around him.


Snapping out from his daze, Ashers body followed the command of his older brother. Though he was more built physically compared to Alvaro, he knew, beneath that harmless lean figure hid strength and power.


Not minding Ashers reaction, Alvaro tilted his head, propping it on one hand while his other rested on top of his crossing knee. You have ten minutes. Tell me everything you know about that man.”

“. . .”


“. . .”


It was already a whole fifteen minutes, yet Evangeline and Eric remained at a standstill. No one wanted to talk. Evangeline was continually pressuring Eric with her eyes while the latter pretended to marvel at Evangelines airy and spacious room.


Windows were large, spanning from floor to ceiling, letting in maximum light yet designed so well the room stayed warm even in winter. Everything was in calm refreshing shades of white with an accent of pastels with simple furniture in a classy, minimalistic design.


Everything was not an accident inside her room. From the hues of the flowers to the materials of the cozy rugs, everything screamed her name with no sentimentality for the old.

Erics eyes kept darting towards one particular spot. It was on top of a table, protected by a thick glass box.


A broken teapot?


At first glance, he knew it was shattered and was just paste together. He didnt know why Evangeline protected it with a glass, like it was the most valuable thing inside her room, yet she didnt even bother to ask a professional to fix the pot. The various visible crack lines all over the stoneware was an eyesore and definitely out of place inside her well-maintained room.


He didnt know anything about teas nor pottery. But he could tell that the teapot was expensive from its unusual shape and ancient-looking unglazed material.



Remaining static as ever, Erics eyes locked on Evangeline.


Evangeline was tilting her head against her arm while her other hand rested on top of her crossing knees, emanating arrogance and superiority. While Eric was sitting with iron straight back, legs apart, fingers interlocking on top of his limbs –– stipulating indifference.


Evangeline continued when Eric didnt say anything, Arent you going to explain yourself why youre avoiding me these past few days?


Eric didnt answer.


Is it because of what I said that night?


“. . .”


Is it because you feel that I depended on you or that you feel there are feelings started to blossom? Thats why you got scared and wanted to put distance between us?


“. . .”


Evangelines temper was gradually bursting when Eric remained calm and indifference still.


Dont overthink too much about it. The atmosphere and mood brought that event.” Looking at him seriously in the eyes, Evangeline leaned closer. I assure you, there were no feelings at all.”


Her voice was soothing yet cold at the same time. Her face held arrogance and haughtiness, yet her eyes were glazy, shinning, and shivering, trying to contain the emotions hidden within.


Eric couldnt keep looking at those eyes and averted his gaze.


You seem to be the one who is overthinking things,” he said after a short silence, keeping his voice low and even.


Looking at her with a stoic face, his voice was cold and taunting, yet his knuckles were turning white brought by the pressure from his interlocking fingers.


I already told you, Im busy with work. Nothing more.”


“. . .”


“. . .”

Biting her lip, Evangeline pinched the back of her palm to hold herself.


You . . . why are you lying?! You are clearly avoiding me!




The whirlwind tension and pressure from the two were disrupted by the opening of the door and the coming in of Asher, tray in hand.


Are you hungry? Ive brought you some snacks! Asher was smiling from ear to ear, but amidst his attractive friendly exterior hid impure motives as he walked towards his target. HMP! As if Ill allow you two to be alone! Under my dead body! I may not lay a hand on you, punk. But its not my fault if I accidentally slip this boiling teapot all over your face. Heh! See if you still have the guts to bring your hideous appearance out in the op—h-hoi!


Before Asher could finish his thoughts, Eric stood and walked towards the door. He paused when he reached for the handle, yet he didnt turn for the reason he didnt want Evangeline to see the conflicting emotions on his face that he could no longer hide. He also didnt want to see the hurt in her eyes for a second more.


Its getting late, and Im overstepping my stay. I have to go. You dont have to see me out.” Without another word, Eric left.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Left hanging, Asher was irritated that his plans were thwarted without even entering the initial stage. Forget it! I have plenty of time to deal with him.


His personality then shifted 180°. Smiling kindly towards Evangeline, voice cooing and much, much softer. Eva, are you hungry? Ive prepared your favorite tea for you . . .”


His enthusiastic voice gradually dimmed when he noticed that his beautiful cousin was staring blankly at the door. Her eyes were misty while her lips quivered from being pressed in one line. Like she was fighting the tears brimming in her eyes.


Asher was dumbstruck at this sudden expression of Evangeline, and his mind blanked out. For the life of him, he didnt know what to do! Evangeline had always been arrogant and proud and strong. She rarely—no! In fact, this was the first time that he saw her in such a vulnerable state.


His face turned solemn while his fingers holding the tray turned white by the amount of force he was inserting against that piece of plate.


Evangeline . . . You like him that much?

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