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Chapter 3


Moments later, Evangeline stood when she saw it was time for Erics night work to end. Daniel was accompanying her throughout the night, even until two in the morning.  It was a good thing that it was a Friday, and they didnt have class during weekends.


Daniel peered at Evangeline before he glanced towards the construction site, watching the workers walking out of the place.


He stood when Evangeline bolted downstairs and out of the café. Stunned for a moment, his lips quirked in a helpless smile.


She must like him a lot.


It was a no brainer.


Evangeline had fallen for Eric — hard.


Else, why would she wait for him until two in the morning?


Only, Evangeline hadnt realized how far she crossed that path of no return.

Evangeline bolted out of the café, and when she arrived on the sidewalk, she fixed herself. Compared to the woman who ran a marathon, the woman now was composed and refined as she flipped her hair. Raising her head high, she crossed her arms, standing beside where Erics bike was park.


Actually, this was the second time she waited for him this late until early in the morning. And since it was a weekend tomorrow, she knew Eric wouldnt be available for chatting because of his work. Unlike before that he could cut his job short to spend some time with her. Now, this was the only time that she could talk to him alone.


Though the primary reason was, she came to the point that she had to talk to him about his sudden change, which was bugging her to no end.


Hmp! Insolent servant of mine, its high time I show you what it means to be arrogant in front of this lady.


Without thinking it, she reached for her bag when she thought of Eric appearing at any moment. She wanted to grab her compact powder to check and retouch herself, yet, her purse was nowhere to be felt.


Idiot, you left your bag upstairs. Are you excited to see him even though you saw each other a while ago at school?


A pleasant voice came from behind, which made Evangeline turned towards it.


Daniel came out from the café with a wry smile on his lips, carrying her designers bag in one hand while his other hand rested inside his pocket.


Grabbing her bag, Evangeline turned to the other side, hiding her reddening cheeks. Tweaking her voice, she pretended to sound arrogant. None of your business.”


Pulling out her compact powder, she retouched herself.

Heh . . .” Daniel puffed a laughed.


Evangelines eyelids twitched. Finished retouching herself, she put everything back inside her purse before facing the grinning man beside her.


What?she snapped.


Daniel turned to the other side and huffed a nothing in response. Rubbing his nose, he then muttered, Never expect you can fall this ha—agh!


He didnt finish his words when out of the blue, Evangeline kicked him on his leg using that deadly pointy stiletto of hers.


I think the young Prince doesnt want his tongue anymore. Do you want me to cut it for you?


Evangeline continued kicking Daniels leg while he tried to avoid her in a frenzy. Im joking! Geez, why are you so touchy today?


I dare you to say that again!


Evangeline was indeed easily angered these days due to Erics coldness towards her, and Daniel wasnt helping in her predicament the least.


Raising her bag, she smacked it on Daniels face.


However, a familiar deep soothing voice from behind stopped her hand midway.


What are you two doing?


Evangelines hand, which was holding the rigid steel leather bag, stopped mid-air, and she gradually pulled it back. She coughed and, like nothing was wrong, turned to face Eric with a proper posture, one of a high-class lady, smiling in full confidence.


Eric, a coincidence meeting you here.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


At the side, Daniel, who was rubbing his endured leg, gaped at Evangeline with condescending eyes. What do you mean a coincidence? You waited more than four hours for him!


. . .


. . .

After seconds that no one wanted to break the silence, Eric sighed in exasperation. It was like he was dealing with two naughty children.


Evangeline, its already late. You should go home.” He knew she was lying about her coincidental meeting with him and didnt hide it from his tone of voice.


Evangeline didnt pay Erics tone of voice one bit and replied, I didnt bring my car.” She then peeked at Erics bike, hinting that he should bring her home.


Erics face didnt contort one bit, remaining neutral throughout the conversation. Have Mr. Richardson bring you home.” Though his face was devoid of any emotions, his tone, however, betrayed his stoic face.


It was a first that he called Daniel by his last name with light irritation and edge in his tone, appearing detached and formal like they werent classmates at all. He didnt know why Evangeline was together with the man, but he was not going to ask why, even if it stirred his annoyance.


But apparently, Evangeline and Daniel didnt notice the fluctuations in Erics tone.


Daniel stopped rubbing his leg, glancing at Evangeline, as he said, “You didnt bring your car? Then why dont you ride with—BUGH! *cough . . . Eric . . . ride with Eric . . . I also didnt bring my car . . . *wheeze . . .


Daniel changed his words midway when Evangeline ruthlessly elbowed him on the ribs! On the fucking ribs, which almost sapped all the air in his lungs from the bone-breaking blow. While she pretended she didnt do anything wrong, her eyes stayed glued on Eric.


This girl is the devil! She could have elbowed me on the stomach! Why chose the bone?! Are you trying to kill me?!


While Daniel continued writhing from agony and pain, Eric was frowning, saying, Then, Ill call for a cab.”


Didnt let the two reply, Eric hailed a cab in a hurry. He ignored it when his sight caught Evangelines hurt expression. Something flickered in his eyes, and he shut them tight for a moment. When he opened them, those emotions were gone, and they were back in their dull and lifeless state. Just in time, a taxi halted near to where they were standing. Opening the passenger door, he gestured for the two to get in.

Evangeline didnt, even for a second, strayed her eyes on Erics face, saying, Daniel, you go ahead. I have something to talk to Eric.” Her calm façade couldnt contain her anger, and her tone of voice turned sharp spiked with irritation. She had about enough of the way Eric was acting!


Daniel, who was apparently a spectator and gotten in between the fights of the two, was the one who was receiving the blunt. Starring at Evangeline with a dumbfounded expression, he could only mutter an, eh?


He then regained control when she smiled at him, which made his fine hairs stood on edge. R-right away.”


Hopping into the cab, he shut his eyes, cursing in silence. Why do I have to ride a taxi?! I have a car, alright?! A freakn Lamborghini Veneo Roadster! Dont you know how much that cost, huh? I have plenty of cars! I dont need a cab!


. . .


. . .


Even when the cab was already meters away, disappearing from sight, Evangeline and Eric remained silent.


Looking at Eric, Evangeline inserted her dominance while Eric didnt back out from her gaze.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eventually, it was Eric who gave up when he saw Evangeline wouldnt budge from her stance.


Sighing, he walked towards his bike, stuffed all his things in the front basket, and reached for another helmet and gave it to her.


Here . . . put this on. Ill take you home.”


The corner of Evangelines lips hooked in an undetected smile while she accepted the helmet. I want to talk to you. You dont mind if we talk in my house, right?


Eric didnt reply. Instead, he removed his jacket and gave it to her before hopping on his bike.


Beaming, Evangeline put on the jacket before she planted her butt on the passenger seat.


Even though Eric was talking and acting cold towards her, the concern and care was still there and didnt lessen one bit.

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