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Chapter 2


Daniel continued after he noticed that Evangeline finally finished with whatever it was that was making her crazy.


Cant believe you fell for a guy like that.” His tone didnt have any malice. Instead, it even had a tinge of envy in it. Glancing towards the window, he saw the construction site across the street. His eyes werent searching for anything. He just continued to stare absentmindedly at no particular spot.


Evangeline lowered her head and twirled her teacup. Im lucky. It just happened that I found Eric sooner.” She didnt deny that she likes him. It was obvious, after all.


Mmm . . .”

Gazing at Daniel, Evangeline found the guy appearing lifeless. Gone was the confident and dignified man. In front of her was just an ordinary guy –– a typical boy who was facing regular problems.


Something tugged her heartstrings, and she couldnt help but blurt out, “Dont worry. Youll find someone like that soon.”


Daniel chuckled as he retracted his eyes from the window and faced her.


Like that? You mean a woman who would suit my character?


He wasnt ignorant, after all. He watched Evangeline and Eric interact with each other and finally knew why she chose him from all the powerful, wealthy men in the world.


It was simple . . . Because Eric suited her personality the most.


Though most believe people changed when they were in love, those were superficial changes. After months or years, they reverted to their original character, and conflict began to rise.


However, from the start, Evangeline never hid her personality, only her emotions. From the beginning, she already acted her usual arrogant, prideful self towards Eric. And Eric, for the life of Daniel, didnt know how he could stand Evangelines personality. Whats more, he seemed to be completely okay with it!


If ever, Eric was the perfect counter against Evangeline.


He could even make Evangeline Heart wait for him!


For that, Eric would forever have his respect.


He was bitter, true, mostly because the nobody had the skill which he didnt in grabbing someone like Evangeline Heart. But he acknowledged him nevertheless.


Evangeline coughed, pulling Daniel out of his thoughts.


Correct. Though you act the perfect gentleman and a role model for the male species, you, Daniel, have your distinct character.”


Smiling, Daniel asked, Like what?


Tilting her head proudly, Evangeline answered in confidence, “Like youre actually very prideful and wouldnt want anyone to treat you less than what you deserved. Youre a gentleman, but you actually prefer it if the other side was the one who served you instead of you serving her.”


She then sipped her tea and beamed at him.

Daniel shook his head with a calm smile on his face. He didnt retort to what Evangeline said since it was mostly right.


While Evangeline wasnt finished and added, In a way, your personality and mine are similar. The reason why we often clash with each other. And of course, you and Sisley arent compatible too.”


Knitting his brows from curiosity, Daniel urged, How come?


Though Sisley appeared kind and lovable and the perfect wife to be, but underneath it, she wanted to be pampered and be served like a Princess. You can pamper her with buying her clothes and stuff and the likes, but the serving part . . . ,” Evangeline shook her head a little while clicking her tongue, You and I both know thats not going to happen.


In a way, her personality and mine are similar. Both of us wanted our man to serve us for life. The receiver rather than the giver. The leader, rather than the follower. The master, rather than the servant,” she chortled.


Once more, Daniel didnt refute. He already knew that too. He treated Sisley kindly, better even than most. He bought her dresses, showered her with pieces of jewelry and attention.


But actually serving her tea and food, or cooking for her, or wiping off her sweat, or doing her chores, or do things which hurt his pride and image — those he couldnt do.


In a way, he had another ounce of respect towards Eric.


But he was not Eric. He was he. He was a Prince. A title with so many rules and responsibilities attached.  A title he couldnt sully nor destroy.


Again the urge to rebel resurface.


Sighing once more, Daniel could only muster a hum in response, Mmm . . .”


Evangeline rolled her eyes, for Daniel was acting depressed.


Cheer up, Daniel. Who knows, your fiancée might be the person most suited for you.”


Daniel scoffed, I doubt it.”


With no outlet of his anger and irritation since he couldnt do anything about his family . . . then he would act rebellious towards this fiancée of his.

Evangeline didnt say anything more, and the two of them sipped their tea in silence.


Daniel roamed his eyes, and to his surprise, with his impeccable taste brought by his royal upbringing, he still found the interior . . . quite relaxing and comfortable, at the same time, classy and modern.


The tea here . . . is quite good,” he murmured, discovering that he alone finished a teapot.


Subtly smiling, Evangeline said, Coming from you, I guess me buying a share of this place is not a wrong choice.” Though mostly the reason was so she could have unlimited access to all drinks and food for free. Not because of the return of investment.


Daniel was surprised yet again. He knew Evangelines taste was . . . unique.


Rather, it was exquisite and one of a kind. He even secretly dubbed her as a woman who possessed godly palate for her picky taste.


It was quite rare for her to like something, and what was more invested in it!


This café must be something for you to buy a share.”


Sipping her tea, Evangeline indulged Daniels queries.


Mmm . . . Not just the tea. All the drinks and food here are exceptional and one of a kind. The tastes are all subtle yet addicting.”


Rubbing his chin, Daniel asked, How did you find this place? This is the first time that I actually encountered the name.”


This café is quite new. It only debuted a year ago.”


O . . . ? Maybe I should buy a chain for Everland. I expect, with a picky woman such as yourself with impeccable taste to praise it, it will only be a matter of time before this shop will become popular. Gotta buy it while its still in its market price.”


For one year that he was together with Evangeline, he knew she was gifted with godly insights for what was beautiful and would soon to be popular. He found that whatever catches her fancy would be famous within the following weeks.


He even made a point to buy a share of brands and company she pointed out, racking him millions in return.

That was why he was skeptical of the rumors surrounding her that she sold herself for money. With her godly insight alone, it was enough to land her millions without even working. He admitted that he was reckless of offering her money without asking her first. But it was out of impulse born from worry for her.


The moment she said she bought a share of Snow café, all his worries dissolved into nothingness. The cold icicle stuck in his heart melted, knowing she had money probably more so than what he imagined. Though the market price of a newly opened café wasnt much, it was enough for any ordinary person to live his life without working for years.


In the past, he didnt overthink where her money came from, dismissing it as her fathers obligatory money given to her each month. But now that he could think from another perspective and judging from her personality, there was no way that she would receive anything from that man, especially since how she was so indifferent towards her so-called father.


He could only conclude that she somehow had a share in FROZEN, which was entirely plausible.


Then something clicked in his mind.


Looking at her, he asked. By the way, whats your relationship with Asher Cole? Is it true that hes courting you?


This was inside his mind ever since he saw them last inter-school sports fest, but since he had something going on, he momentarily forgot about this question. He was aware of how many men were eyeing her. But he sure didnt expect that Asher Cole was one of them.


Come to think of it. Every time they were on a date, he sometimes caught Ashers silhouette. But he dismissed it as nothing but an imagination.


In truth, he didnt care about the answer anymore. Now, he was just plain curious.


Observing him, Evangeline saw Daniel seemed to have — changed.


Not changed like a whole makeover to his personality changed, but changed from the way he was treating her. In the past, he treated her so cautiously. Always threading in a fine line. In turn, she treated him the same. Always on guard. Not divulging any emotion nor information.


But now . . .


He was treating her casually, and whichever was which. Like they were the best of friends. No longer afraid of offending her.

Thus, she decided to tell him the truth. She had, even not wholly, somewhat a bit of trust towards him, and she knew within the one year that they were together, Daniel remained a perfect gentleman. Never gossiping behind others back. Never revealing secrets that were not his.


Asher Cole is my cousin.”


“. . .”


It took a moment for Daniel to process what Evangeline had said.


But in the end, he replied with a single, Oh . . .”


Daniel knew he threaded in a personal secret. Thus he no longer wanted to ask for more.


Of course, Evangeline too didnt say anything and beamed in secret at the guy for respecting her personal affairs.


Then something clicked inside Daniels brain once more. It was the incident days ago with Jen and Evangeline because of Asher Cole.


He quickly dismissed the thought. No need to ask what happened on that day since he already took Evangelines side on the matter.


After all, between a girl who he barely knew against the woman he was together for a year, it was clear where his allegiance lies.

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