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Chapter 1


Five days later


My parents called last night.”


Maintaining her practice perfect smile, Evangeline watched the handsome man sitting opposite her with a raised brow.


So you called me in the middle of the night to report that? she said, amused with an I dont care look plastered on her face.


Daniel sighed, brushing his hand through his hair before he continued.


They . . . They found me . . . a fiancée . . .”

The spoon in Evangelines hand, which was stirring her tea, paused briefly, though her eyes held no emotions while her face didnt give anything away.


Congratulations! She beamed somewhat sarcastically, continuing to stir her tea, ending the conversation before it even began.


They were currently in Snow Café, where she was waiting for Eric to finish his night shift when Daniel called, asking for her to meet him.


Looking at the uncaring woman sitting opposite him, Daniel didnt know how to proceed.


Frankly, when his parents called, he thought it was to remind him to go home for winter break. However, he was surprised—no! Shock to know that they called to tell him they had found him a fiancée. Just like that. Out of the blue!


From start to finish, after dropping that news, his soul seemed to have left him. He didnt even know what happened next nor how he ended the call and found himself lying on his bed. He appeared to be thinking, yet his mind was blank.


Eventually, his shock turned to disbelief. Then to unwillingness and finally to anger.


All his life, he always did what his family asked of him. He had been an obedient child. He did his best in his studies to make his parents proud. He was active in the various organizations to foster his leadership and social skills since it was his parents desires. He managed and even expounded their influence and investments since that was what his parents expected of him.


Everything to pleased and met their expectations, he had done it without questions. Without reservations.


However, at this very moment, he reached his bottom-line.


Of course, he expected he would have an arranged marriage. But it should not happen until he reached the age of thirty. Or, if not, at least he hoped he had the right to choose who his bride to be among the list of candidates.


But no, his parents already took the liberty of choice from him without even asking for his opinion. Without his approval!


Am I just a puppet for them to control?

Due to his anger, clouds of dark smog covered his brain, and the overwhelming desire to rebel overflowed in his mind.


His parents apparently hastened the process of this fiancée selection when they got hold that he was dating a woman of common birth. Else, why the perfect timing? They never even mentioned the list of candidates to him before.


And now, he already has a fiancée?


A fiancée that was supposed to be seriously discussed not until he was thirty years old.


The royal family was alright with him dating women in the past as long as all those women could rival his status. After all, they werent unreasonable to restrain him, a healthy young man, from dating for thirty years. Thus, his parents didnt mind when he hooked up with influential ladies of important birth. However, when he had gotten together with Sisley, he bet his parents went alarmed as to why he dated a commoners daughter.


After another long moment, he was at a loss on what to do that he unknowingly called Evangeline.


Frankly, he had many female friends. But he thought Evangeline was the most suited to talk about his current predicament since the woman had a good grasp of things. And mostly because she was not affected by his charms unlike most, if not all, of his female friends who were secretly giving him the feeling that they were waiting for him to break up with Sisley so they could take her position.


Males were no good either. He could practically see the situation would only intensify. His male friends were hot-headed and impulsive. He knew that they would just give him half-hearted advice and urge for a drinking session instead.


And that was how this situation came to be.


Leaning against the backrest of the sofa, Daniel massaged his forehead. You know Im going out with Sisley, right?


Chuckling, Evangeline propped her chin against her palm, elbow resting on the table. And?


Controlling his temper, Daniel answered in a soft yet forceful voice, And . . . I . . . I dont know what to do . . . ,” he said, followed by a helpless sigh.


Watching Daniel closing his eyes, appearing deep in trouble like he had lost his fortune or something, Evangeline took slight pity and said, I dont know what the problem is, Daniel. Im sure you already know the answer yourself.”

If I know, I wouldnt have called you for advice.”


Surely you jest. From the start, you already expected this outcome.” Evangeline smirked and added, Its only a matter of time.”


Daniel scoffed. The problem is . . . I dont know how to break up with her without hurting her. I still . . . I still have feelings for her.”


Evangeline rolled her eyes in disdain. You have feelings, yes. But do you see her in your future, ruling your country with her by your side?


“. . .”


When Daniel didnt answer, Evangeline continued, Why am I even speaking to you? A man who already knows he would end up with a fiancée, yet still hooked with a girl to have fun knowing full well that girl would end up brokenhearted. While you, on the other hand, would live happily ever after with your wealthy, beautiful fiancée.”


Daniel sighed in defeat as his face contorted in shame. Well, it sounded horrible if you put it that way.”


Evangeline smiled a smile that sent everyone running for the hills. Oh~ believe me, its a lot worse.”


I . . . I didnt mean it . . . It just . . . happened . . .” Daniel sighed once more.


Evangeline giggled in disdain. So tell me . . . did you courted me knowing full well that youll break up with me sooner or later?


Daniel couldnt react for a moment as he watched Evangelines haughty face before he broke out — laughing.


Oh come on, Evangeline. Both you and I know that what we have will never turn into something serious like marriage.”


Rolling her eyes, Evangeline replied, Fair enough.”


Daniel huffed a weak sigh. His face was turning solemn once more. But Sisley is different . . . ,” he said, voice serious as his expression. I never thought what she feels for me is so deep that Im beginning to feel scared, to tell you the truth.”


He was a human being, first and foremost, and crave that connection. The warmth of the opposite sex. The need of being needed. But he knew it was unfair towards the woman at the end of the day. Thus, he only dated women with high self-esteem and self-worth. And most importantly, knew when to call it quits. Evangeline was like that. His other exes were like that.

On the other hand, Sisley . . . she was very different. He didnt know when his emotions got the best of him. Usually, this type of girls, the type which gave their all to love without hesitation, he avoided them at all cost.


Was it because he suffered some kind of emotional turbulence during his one-year relationship with Evangeline that he unknowingly craved so much for warmth from the opposite sex to thaw his frigid heart from the past icy treatments to the extent of disregarding his reasons?


Come to think of it, Evangeline was also at fault here.


Pursing his lips, Daniel glanced at the nonchalant woman who was sipping her tea, utterly devoid of any worries whatsoever.


He closed his eyes and sighed. This is probably my karma.


Opening his eyelids, Daniel leaned forward towards Evangeline. His face, remorseful.


Look . . . I mess up . . . big time. And Im asking for advice on what to do. I know Im probably the last man you wanted to speak to . . . But youre the only person I could think of to ask for counsel.”


Evangeline peered at the helpless man and decided not to make it difficult for him.


Even if she didnt like Sisley, she had to take her side on this since it was clearly Daniels fault. He knew what would happen, but he still went for it. What an idiot.


Still, Daniel was better than most since he was aware that what he was doing was wrong and was willing to take full responsibility from the consequences of his actions. Compared to those men who pretended that they didnt know they were fooling around, completely dismissing everything to the comfort of all kinds of excuses and justifying their wrongdoings like it was the most natural thing to do.


And besides, Daniel was repenting and wanted to set things right. Thus she couldnt exactly be hard on him.


I dont know what advice you wanted to hear, but there is no going at it than saying it straight to her face. The earlier it is, the better, dont you think? The longer you wait, the deeper the pain. On her part, of course, since you are the jerk who didnt think of the consequences before you asked her out.”


“. . .”

Daniel sighed again. He didnt know how many times he did that. He was unable to retort to all of Evangelines insults towards him. He knew she was right. This was all his fault and precisely because it was his fault that he was reluctant to hurt the other party.


It was okay if he received all the blunt alone. But in the end, Sisley was the one who would be hurt the most.


True, he likes her, but the depth of his feelings compared to hers were like heaven and earth. He could feel her like for him wasnt normal anymore. It was like her world revolved solely around him, and that was what scares him –– the reason he was holding himself back from breaking up with her.


But Evangeline was right. The longer it continues, the more hurt both of them would be. There was no going around it. He could only break up with her —fast!


Daniel sighed again, more massive than the last as he poured himself another tea, yet he didnt drink it. Instead, he played with his teacup, changing the subject since his head could no longer take the heaviness of his thoughts.


How are you and Eric, by the way? You guys going out now? Why is it that I feel the air around you two has gotten cold? Especially Eric. Did you do something to offend him?


Evangeline sipped her tea before answering, None of your business.” Her tone was harsher than she let it out to be.


Ever since that night, when they shared a memory. When she let out some of her feelings to him, Eric had been . . . cold.


She practically restrained herself not to erupt in a fit of anger when he canceled their plans to have a da— to buy ingredients every morning so he could make her breakfast and lunch.


Adding insult to her bleeding pride, he treated her coldly with obvious indifference. Even though he no longer worked in the cafeteria, he disappeared every time during lunch. Sometimes she thought he was avoiding her.


Furthermore, he no longer allowed her to ride his bicy— no longer accompany her to her house after school, nor spend time with her during his free time, nor chat with her if it was not related to school stuff. Using the same excuse over and over again — I have work.’


It was like he was a completely different person altogether, pushing her to the edge of her wits more than she liked to acknowledge.


She didnt know why he changed.

It is because he noticed that I depended on him too much?


Evangeline shook her head.


NO! No!


Depend? Me? On him?


She inwardly sneered.


I just explained myself since he is my servant. Having a servant doubt his master is unacceptable.


She nodded her head.


Thats right. Its my responsibility to correct him about some issues regarding me.


I didnt do anything wrong. Rather, he is the one who turned rude and arrogant.


She bit her thumbnail as she was having internal struggles.


I guess I have to punish him for his attitude. I have become lenient with him lately that he forgot who his master is.


Shaking his head, Daniel watched the lengthy play of Evangelines ever-changing expressions.


Comforting to know that Im not the only one who is having trouble.

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