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Chapter 44



“. . .”

“. . .”

The torrential rains pitter patter kept the atmosphere gloomy, as well as, serene and relaxing. An ideal atmosphere to snuggle in bed and sleep.

However, for those who were stuck in traffic in the middle of the road, it was rather chaotic. But not as chaotic as the mind of the two people who were quiet since they left the restaurant.


Fidgeting her fingers on her lap, Sisleys eyes ping ponged from side to side. Sometimes, it glimpsed at Daniel. Other times, it stared over the window.


Daniel remained silent, focusing on the road, but his mind was elsewhere.


Sisley coughed to break the uncomfortable silence between them.


Its quite chilly, huh?


Mmm . . .” Daniel increased the heater with a blank look on his face, eyes remained glued forward.


Its almost winter soon . . .”


Mmm. . .”


I heard winter in Frizkiel is a sight to behold.” Sisley clapped her hands, underneath her joyful voice hid expectations and excitement.


Mmmm . . .”


Sisleys brows twitched in frustration. Maintaining her happy expression, she turned to her boyfriend. She kept telling herself that Daniel must be tired that was why he didnt catch the hidden meaning behind her words.


She tried once more. All the more determined to dispersed the aftertaste of that scene where Daniel and Evangeline talked to each other alone. She wanted to divert her –– or rather, both their attention away from Evangeline Heart.


What will you be doing during winter break? Its a long two-month vacation after all. Jen and Max proposed that we go to Frizkiel and try their hot spring. I heard its a popular attraction during winter season,” she said. Finally saying the thing that she wanted to say.


She wanted for her and Daniel to spend their first Christmas together out of the country. Though it was going to be expensive, her family was not that poor that she couldnt afford traveling abroad for a week.


Daniels eyes that were stuck on the road slid to the pretty girl beside him. The expectation and excitement in Sisleys eyes was like a bomb that shook his entire system, momentarily rendering him at a lost on what to do nor say.


His face dimmed, and he quickly averted his gaze.


Sorry . . . ,” he said, voice barely audible. The whole winter break . . . Ill be going back to my home country . . .”

Daniel didnt hide the disappointment and guilt in his tone as he stirred the wheel.


Oh . . .” Sisleys happy expression fell into gloomy disappointments. She wanted to smile and talk about cheerful things, yet she couldnt bring herself to do so. She wanted to ask if she could come . . . but held herself eventually.


Daniel didnt bring up that topic. If he wanted for her to come, he would have said it from the start –– but he didnt.


Biting her lips, Sisley suppressed the negative emotions inside her that started to resurface.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Daniel softly released a constrained breath before he faced his girlfriend with a dimple smile on his face. Why dont we celebrate Christmas here before I go home? We can invite Jen and Max.”


Sisleys mood jumped from gloom to joy except it plummeted after Daniel said to invite their friends. She loves Jen, but she wanted to spend their first Christmas together. Only the two of them.


Doesnt he feel the same way?


I . . .” Her eyes stung and she swiftly lowered her head. I wanted it to be . . . just the two of us . . . ,” she whispered, voice barely audible. But the silence inside the car made it resonated in all corners.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Daniel grinned and nodded. Alright. Pick a date and place you like.” He then focused his eyes on the road.


Sisley sighed in relief.


Still, there was something lingering inside her. Something she was afraid to discover and explore. She could feel it. From the top of her hair down to the tip of her toes.


Something is different.


Until the two of them arrived at Sisleys home, neither one spoke. Even the rain was giving them privacy as it quieted down before completely disappearing.


Sisley remained seated even after the car stopped in front of the gate of her house. After a moment of peace, she unbuckled her belt and gave Daniel a dimple smile.


Thank you for bringing me home.”

Daniel looked at his girlfriend with a kind smile on his face, yet deep inside, he was in conflict with something.


Mm . . . See you tomorrow.”


Nodding, Sisleys eyes shifted left and right while she lowered her head a little. Her cheeks painted in hues of rosy pink.


Daniel knew what she wanted. He laughed a little and brought his lips on her forehead in a light goodbye kiss.


Disappointment. That was the only thing Sisley felt, but she perfected the mask of happiness. She beamed and got out of the car.


After waving each other goodbye, Daniel drove in the direction of his house overlooking the seas and cliffs at Royal Hill, a private domain exclusive only for people who were born in nobility.


His family also owned a classic Rococo inspired palace near his modern home, but he was not comfortable living together with his family ever since he got into college.


The Richardson palace here was an exact replica of their castle back in his home in Everland, only a bit smaller in size. The palace was erected long past centuries ago since it was customary for every son of the royal bloodline to study in the country of Burberry due to its prestigious and unorthodox ways of teaching.


Besides that, it was also a form of experience to broaden ones horizon in living in a foreign country. And to get out of the limelight from the pesky nobles attention and the many troubles in court.


But he, Daniel knew by the time that he finished his major, he would return to his country and stay there for good.


And that fact troubled him to no end.


Aside from that, the main reason why he was so quiet was because he discovered something alarming. His feelings for Sisley somehow –– died down!


He still likes her, but the intensity wasnt as much as before. Ever since he reconciled and gotten answers from Evangeline, his feelings have somehow found peace. But along with it, his emotions and the fire that burned for Sisley was doused with cold water.

But the alarming thing was, it was his rationale of his current feelings. Though he didnt want to acknowledge it, it appeared that he hooked with Sisley for her to fill the gap that Evangeline didnt.


Oh . . . Shit.


And what was more, the one thing that kept bugging him the most, but decided to ignore it since day one was –– he was a Prince!


A true blooded royalty with very strict customs and traditions and responsibilities.


It was fine if it was any other country or Kingdoms, but Everland? Statuses were important as life. Tip the other and the power balance would fall and crumble.


Even how much he didnt want to. Even how much he wanted to choose for himself. Even how much he like Sisley. Nobles must marry nobles. This was a rule in his country that was never to be broken no matter what.


Much less him, third in line for the throne!


He could only have one wife and must be a Princess or a daughter of the Ducal household and nothing less.


No mistresses, no concubines, no flings. Only one wife. Only one Queen.


This was not some drama or novels where a gorgeous, arrogant, overbearing filthy rich Prince fell in love with a commoner and lived happily ever after.


This was reality!


If he chose Sisley, for sure, without a doubt, his family would disown him. It was not like; he was the only one who was a male in the family. He still have cousins vying for the throne. He just so happened to be the oldest male next to his father and uncle.


And for him, born in the lap of luxury, taught of his role and responsibilities since young. The power and wealth, he could give up. Though it would be hard –– he was willing to give it up. It was not like, he was useless without his familys backing and support.


He already invested most of his money in real estates, stocks, companies, and businesses, raking him billions of dollars each year without even doing anything. He didnt need his royal title to earn an enormous sum of money.


But what about his goal? His purpose?

He always wanted to be a King. Not because of some messily egoistic claim for power and riches, but because he loves his country. Been dreaming of a new era for his Kingdom. A country that would flourish and continue to flourish no matter the tribulations to come under his rule.


This was already engraved in his bones. Set his future in stone. A title which already became a part of him, making him whole.




This was something he could never give up.


His love for his country and its people remained number one in his heart. Unquestioned. Uncontested. Undefeated.


Daniel massaged his crumpled brows that were knitting in one line. He still likes Sisley, but he couldnt see his future with her by his side. He likes her, but sooner or later, he had to face reality and break up with her. The only problem was; he didnt want to hurt her.


He didnt even know how to explain himself and ask for forgiveness even he have thousands of mouths, because all things said and done, it was entirely his fault for letting his emotions ruined his rationality.


What have I done?

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