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Chapter 42


Did you ever like me?


This was the question weighing his heart for months. This was the question that made him anxious, feeling less of a man. This was the question for her appearing every time in his mind even though he was together with Sisley. This was the question that made him blame her for everything. Justifying his actions for betraying her. Comparing her every chances he got. Pointing at her character every time they were together. Ridiculing every little actions she took.


He was bitter.


He was angry.


He was sad.


He was . . . hurt.

Hurt since he truly liked her. Had given his attention and affection to her only to feel that his affection wasnt mutual.


Evangelines icy countenance wavered and the coldness in her gaze cracked. Her eyes stung and moistened . . . or was it the effects of the light?


Her lips curved in a smile. This time, the smile didnt contain anything, it was purely . . . a smile.  A sad smile –– from the bottom of her heart.


I never would have said yes if there were no feelings involved.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Aghh . . . So thats how it was . . .


Daniels eyes dropped. His eyelids grew heavy as he smiled sadly at himself. I . . .


. . . screwed up . . .


Raising his head, he stared at Evangeline, face serious. His expression, unwavering and remorseful.


Evangeline . . . Im sorry.” With this, let us end our chapter together.


Evangeline didnt utter a word. Beneath her gaze held complicated emotions as she watched the man she once liked finally ending things between them. Her feelings were in a complete mess.


However . . . she was relieved.


Was it because she no longer had any resentment towards him or was it because she was relieved because he didnt hate her despite everything else?


She herself didnt know the answer.


. . .


. . .

After the heavy silence, Daniel grabbed something inside his pocket and handed it to Evangeline.


The light atmosphere brought by their reconciliation turned tense in an instant when Evangeline laid eyes on the thick brown envelope.


Her gaze reverted to its usual coldness, even more freezing than before as she asked in a soft voice laced in frozen ice dripped in scorn, What is this?


Daniel regretted his rash actions upon sensing the change in Evangelines mood. But it was too late to back out now. I heard youre in a tight spot . . . Let me help you.”


His tone was soft and pleasing, yet Evangeline didnt hear any of that. She scoffed without any intention of taking the envelope.


Looks like you believe the rumors.”


Knitting his browse, Daniel sighed. Still, he didnt lose his patience. Though they broke up officially and now settled everything, he wanted to help her as a friend.


But he did regret his impulsive actions. He admitted that he was too thoughtless at handing the envelope just like that. He should have asked about it first before he acted.


Brushing his hand through his hair, he retracted his gaze from hers. For a time, he didnt know how to explain himself.


Its not because I believe it . . . Its just that . . . Im worried about you.”


Evangeline dryly laughed with no humor.


You speak that you dont believe the rumors, but the moment you brought out that envelope, isnt it proof enough that you already took a side?

Contrary to expectations, Daniel didnt get angry. Instead, he stared at Evangeline, face and voice solemn.

If you tell me that all of those are rumors, I will believe you one hundred percent . . . but you didnt. From the start, you didnt trust me enough to tell me anything. From the start, you didnt give your all in our relationship for reasons I dont know. How do you expect someone to understand if you dont explain? How do you expect someone to trust you if you dont talk? If you dont say anything, how do you expect me to understand? I cant read minds.”

Im offering you my help not because I believe the rumors, Im offering it because Im worried about you.” Daniel leaned closer to Evangeline, thinking of grabbing her hand. But he quickly eradicated the idea.

Even though weve broken up, it didnt mean that Ill be heartless and turn to the other side knowing that youre in trouble. At least . . . from the one year that we have been together I . . .” For a moment, Daniel didnt know what he should say as he just stared at her.

“. . .”

“. . .”

When there was still no reaction from her, Daniel sighed. He leaned on his chair, looking at the racing droplets of water on the foggy window. His expression melancholic and a bit sad.

“. . . I thought of you as a friend . . . ,” he murmured when silence engulfed them.

Evangelines eyelashes quivered. Without saying anything, she stood and walked towards the exit while Daniel said nothing more. He didnt even glance at her. He was fixated on the droplets of rain, but his mind was drifting.

Eric stood to his feet, and bowed. He expressed his gratitude for the meal and ran to Evangelines side.



(Play Video)

Raining sounds and thunder greeted Evangeline and Eric the moment they went out from the restaurant.


Wait here. Ill go and get the raincoats.” Without waiting for Evangelines reply, Eric stormed the parking lot amidst the rain while Evangeline remained rooted on her spot.


She appeared calm and composed. However, her mind wondered to that point in time where the summer breeze blew past the open window of a half-empty classroom. Her eyes glint in forlorn as she remembered those blue eyes, like the sky was staring at her. His dimple smile that made her lips curved in a delightful smirk. His pleasing, friendly tone as he introduced himself as his ears blushed a faint red that made her lips trembled in a teasing grin.


You were the first man who was nice to me without judgment. Without prejudice. You are . . . kind.


Because you told me you like me, I assumed youd understand even without me speaking my feelings.


Was I wrong?


Or is it your feelings wasnt deep to begin with?


She raised her head up to the dark grey clouds, and smiled bitterly at herself.


Am I not the same?


She then looked at the man who was hurrying to her with raincoats in hand.


Are you . . . are you also the same?


Did you misunderstand me too? Or is it . . . you simply didnt care?


Whats wrong?


No . . .


Come on, lets go while the rain isnt heavy yet.”


Only you . . .


She held his raincoat, halting him as she stared straight into his bewildered silver eyes.


Whats wrong?


Only you . . . I dont want you to misunderstand.

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