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Chapter 41


Blue Lake restaurant, a luxurious bistro resting above a human-made lake that made for a picturesque view with its pleasant and peaceful ambiance.  The place and food alone already did justice for its outrageous expensive prices of its menu.


But amidst the colorful banquet of mouthwatering dishes, no one was in the mood to eat. Sisley nibbled her lower lip again and again. Her hands on her lap clenched and unclenched, grasping her dress so tightly that colors left her fingers. Her eyes were boring a hole at the innocent dishes that were laid before her.


Her mood already plummeted when Daniel offered Evangeline a ride. And now, slapping on her face that this was a restaurant that Daniel and Evangeline frequented and these were all Evangelines favorite dishes.

How did she know?


Daniel asked her what she liked and Evangeline replied, The usual.”


Those simple words were enough to basked Sisley in layers and layers of thick jealousy and resentment that she didnt even notice that Daniel ordered her favorite food too.


Nevertheless, this was food, a commodity that should never be wasted, and an expensive one at that.


Thus, everyone still finished their meal in silence, engulfed in each of their own thoughts.


Occasionally, Erics attention flickered to the food that Evangeline picked and served it to her casually afterwards which made Daniels brow raised while Sisley peered at Daniel, expectation in her eyes. But Daniel only retracted his gaze and resumed eating like nothing happened and series of disappointments crossed Sisleys face.


Evangeline, on the other hand, after finishing a dish that she picked once, she would place her knife and fork down. And like a cue, Eric would serve her another dish that she likes, being mindful with the amount of food that he was serving her since it was already past six in the evening.


To the onlookers, it appeared like Evangeline and Eric were the couples and not Daniel and Sisley.


After the waiter cleared the empty plates on the table, Eric poured tea on Evangelines cup to aid in her digestion while Sisley ached in envy. She stole another peek at Daniel, but the handsome man was busy in his thoughts, looking at his teacup in all seriousness.


With an aggrieved face, Sisley poured herself some tea and quietly sipped it afterward. Though it was true that Eric was like a servant to Evangeline, one couldnt help but feel jealous by the amount of care and attention he placed upon the cold woman. After all, what woman didnt like being served and attended by a guy she likes?


From start to finish, Daniels forehead was wrinkled. True that he carried all of Evangelines things and did her assignments and projects when they were still dating, but those were all gentlemanly and boyfriend performances. He never did once act like a servant to her. Slicing her meat and serving her dishes or pouring her tea.


Being a male and of royal blood, he was raised with the highest pinnacle in terms of etiquette and manners. He was breed to be a Prince, a King –– not a servant.


At the thought of his role and responsibilities, Daniels brows furrowed even deeper. A nagging uncomfortable feeling was stabbing him, hitting the barriers of his conscience.

He took a quick peek at the cute girl seated beside him. Watching her like an abandoned kitten with puffed cheeks, perky lips, and misty eyes, those nagging feelings dissolved, replaced by warmth and adoration.


He then focused his sight on the cold woman sitting diagonally from him, and his face turned serious. Clearing his throat, he called out, Evangeline.”


Evangeline raised her head and met Daniels gaze. Yes?


Daniel briefly skimmed past Evangeline to Eric before he focused his eyes on her. He squeezed Sisleys cold hand under the table as he spoke in all seriousness.


Sisley and I . . . we are very sorry for what we did to you.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eric took a side glanced at Evangeline, and found that she was smiling, but her eyes shone in complex emotions even he couldnt decipher.


Maintaining her fake smile, Evangelines eyes flickered at the quiet girl beside Daniel. Sisley had her head low. No one knew what she was thinking nor feeling. But Evangeline knew it wasnt a pleasant feeling, which made her satisfied.


After all, she was a vengeful and petty person.


Nevertheless, Daniel was indeed a gentleman and very kind to her throughout their relationship. And she couldnt entirely blame him. She knew that she had her faults too.


Holding her head high, Evangelines smile widened. Her smile was warm and friendly, but it didnt reach her eyes. No one knew if it was a triumphant smile, a fake smile, a condescending smile, or a mocking smile.


Its fine, Daniel. I accept your apology. Let the past be the past.” She beamed and raised her wine, indicating her good will.


Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. That suffocating feeling he held for many weeks dispersed in an instant. He could now face Evangeline with a genuine smile on his face.


Yes. Thank you . . .”


Raising his cup, they both drunk at the same time. After which, he eyed Eric before glancing at his girlfriend.


Can you two leave us for a moment. Theres something I want to talk with Evangeline alone.”

Eric look at Evangeline for signs of approval. When she didnt glance at him, busy twirling her goblet on her hand, he stood from his seat.


Sisley, on the other hand, gripped Daniels hand, protesting in silence.


Daniel smiled at her and whispered, “Dont worry. It wont be long.”


Sisley forced a smile before she stood to her feet. Alright.” And without looking at Evangeline, she walked to an empty table with Eric following behind her.


. . .


. . .


What is it that you wanted to talk about? Evangeline started after a while that she and Daniel were left alone.


Daniel didnt answer. Instead, he stared at the woman he found beautiful and captivating in the past, and even now, and maybe . . . until the future.


Memories of that time swamped his mind. Her soft silky hair swaying against the wind while her eyes, devoid of any emotion, stared at the scenery over their classroom window. Her soft lips parted as if she was whispering. Her long, dense lashes were fluttering like she was about to cry.  Her smooth and supple skin was pearly white almost luminescence under the morning light, making her appearance glow in a mesmerizing sight.


But it was not it. He did not like her for her appearance alone.


It was her personality.


Cold, sharp, strong and independent. But somehow, he felt that she was fragile and . . . delicate. Like from the tiniest blow of the wind, she would shatter and break.


“. . .”


Daniels eyelids dropped, hiding his emotions beneath his quivering lashes.


When . . .


When did it happen that I started to resent you?


Without even realizing it himself, he blurted out the words his heart ached so much for an answer.


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