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Chapter 39


Evangeline puffed a giggle. “Before you boys talk money with me, I suggest you buy modesty and virtues first since you all lack in those parts. Better yet, undergo surgeries to have your dicks transplant in your brains for its the one thinking the most.”


What did you say?!


Flabbergasted, the men were wordless. They forgotten that Evangeline had a sharp tongue that even the most shameful guys cowered before her.

Not paying the boys any mind, Evangelines gaze locked on Jen while the latter jolt in creeping fear.


Firstly, how will you explain me, knowing about your feelings towards Asher when even your BFF Sisley didnt know until now? Were not even close. In fact, this is the first time we interacted,” Evangeline said.


The boys quieted, something like a light bulb appeared above their heads. Their attention flickered on the sobbing woman in Sisleys embrace.


Yeah, how did Evangeline know your feelings when even your best friend didnt know about it? Everyone thought.


Jen paled before anger surged within her brought by embarrassment and agitation.


How do I know?! You tell me! Jen spat. Someone called me to come here and when I did, you started to threaten me! She then sobbed against Sisleys shoulder once more.


Evangeline stifled a snort. Its all too fishy dont you think? We dont have any interaction. But after the inter-school sports fest, you came to me demanding the whereabouts of Asher Cole.”


The boys glanced at each other. They knew what happened on that day. It was the day that the school was shocked that Asher Cole knew Evangeline Heart. Then out of the blue, Jen and Evangeline were in dispute because of the man.


Its too much of a coincidence, they thought.


If Evangeline did threatened Jen, why only now after the whole school saw that Evangeline and Asher knew each other? Why not in the past or before the inter-school fest?


Shooting a weird look at Jen, the boys faces turned wary. Without evidence of what really transpired, their stance turned neutral.


Jen was proclaiming that Evangeline threatened her. While Evangeline was proclaiming that it was Jen who approached her, demanding the whereabouts of Asher Cole because Jen knew after the inter-school fest that she had connections with Asher.


Feeling the situation was turning against her, Jen said, I dont know why you kept on lying. I can find that person who called for me to meet you here and testify.”


Evangeline scoffed. No need. How will I know if that person is secretly working for you or not? If thats what you call evidence, I too will grab someone and testify that you stormed here to chase after a man who doesnt even know you existed.”


Y-you . . . you . . .” Jens face changed from pale to red to pale again and again. She ran out of ideas and contended to cry on Sisleys shoulders, screaming, I swear Im not lying!

Glancing at each other on what to do, the boys remained tight lip. Some wanted to go home, didnt want to be implicated in the drama anymore while some didnt know who to believe. Without evidence, they remained at a standstill.


Evangeline had a point, but with her reputation, Jens words could also be the truth.


Jen was distressed and she was crying so hard when no one believed her. This stress Sisley out and she comforted Jen with all her might. Shhh . . . I believe you.”


Sisley rubbed Jens back before throwing a sharp glare at Evangeline. You could have somehow found out about it from others. Though Jen is my best friend, it doesnt mean that I am the only person she is friends with. She might have told it to someone else.”


Once again, the tables have turned and everyone curved to what Sisley said, and they scrutinized Evangeline once more.


But Sisley didnt like conflict, so she added, However, since grabbing someone to testify as evidence is faulty, and there are no others who saw what happened, we cannot prove anything.” Breathing deeply, she met Evangelines intimidating gaze. We can forget about this whole thing ever happen if you apologize to Jen.”


Evangeline cocked her head to the side, looking at Sisley like she had grown horns. Why should I apologize to her?


Frowning, Sisley answered, Because you made her cry.”


Evangeline laughed like it was the funniest thing she ever heard. Miss Lacroft, are you saying that everyone should apologize because someone started crying out of the blue? Even from you, isnt it a bit . . . ridiculous?


Sisleys cheeks burned red in embarrassment as she defended herself. Thats not what I meant. I only wanted you to apologize because you made her cry.”


Evangelines lips quirked at the side. Wheres your evidence that it is I who made her cry? She started crying by herself. Its not my fault that shes such a crybaby.”


She then threw a lazy half smile at Sisley. And since were in this topic of apologizing for hurting someone elses feelings, I think youre the one who is more experience in this kind of topic since you covet someone elses boyfriend behind someone elses back and that beautiful woman hasnt received one bit of an apology from you.”

Sisley and Daniels face were drained of colors while the others glanced at one another before looking at Daniel and Sisley in disbelief.


There was no way that Captain cheated, right? It was because he could no longer stand Evangeline that was why they broke up!


But . . . Why did Captain and Sisley started dating after only a month? Wasnt it a little too . . . fast?


Because both Daniel and Sisley have clean reputations in school, and everyone knew that Sisley was a kindhearted woman and Daniel was an example of a perfect gentleman, no one suspected why they had gotten together only a month after Daniel and Evangeline broke up.


But now that Evangeline mentioned it . . .


The boys attention flicked to Sisley, looking at her funny.


At a loss for words, Sisley didnt know what to say as her mind draw a blank. I-I . . . I . . .”


Seeing her troubled expression, Max couldnt stand it and marched her way to Evangeline with the intention of grabbing her hand.


Enough! You should just apologize!Max said, reaching an arm to grab Evangelines hand.


Wide palm extended to Evangeline and before it landed on her skin, a hand grabbed Maxs wrist and shoved it away. Max staggered backwards from the strength and he gaped in disbelief at the man who overpowered him.


Please, back off.”


Evangelines eyes shone and her sight was filled with nothing but him. “Eric . . .”


Erics wide and sturdy back, towering in front of her, brimmed her with a sense of comfort and . . . protection.


Eric briefly glanced at her, and smiled. Sorry, Im late. Im kind of curious how youre going to salvage yourself from this situation.”


Evangeline didnt know whether to laugh or cry at his honesty. She scoffed and smirked. So thats why youve taken your precious time to come to your masters aide.” She crossed her arms and tilted her hips. So tell me, how should I punish you for your insubordination?


Eric faced the group of men, replying, Ill treat you to dinner?

Evangelines smile widened, a plush rosy red blossomed on her cheeks.


At the sight of this, Daniel frowned. A complicated feeling rose in his heart. She never smiles like that to me, and never blushes whenever were together.


While everyone was surprised at the sudden intrusion of Eric, Max sized him up and down.


Well, look whos here to the rescue, the boy toy.” Max snorted.


Erics expressionless face didnt budge as he calmly urged everyone to leave. I dont see any logic to this confrontation, so I suggest both parties leave.”


Eric heard the entire conversation between Evangeline and Jen. He was at a corner after all, hidden by the bushes and towering trees, doing his usual cleaning business. But who would believe him if he retold the entire scene? Since he was already one of Evangelines people, his voice would appear subjective. So why bother to explain?


Evangeline knew this too that was why she didnt say anything and decided to leave it to Eric to handle.


Max and Jen frowned, wanting to retort, but at this moment, Daniel finally stepped in.


Eric is right. Any more bickering than this will only lead to meaningless dispute. I also suggest that everyone leave and forget the whole thing ever happen.”


Since Daniel was already the one who suggested it, the case was considered close.


Turning to his friends and teammates, Daniels smile was a bit forced. Everyone, I have something to discuss with Evangeline, you go on ahead.”


His eyes then slid to Max. Please escort Jen back to her home.”


Max hesitated, subtly taking a peek at Sisley. But Sisleys wholehearted focus was on Daniel, not even a spare for him, and his heart yearn in pain. Alright, Jen lets go.”


Jen looked at Sisley, and when the latter nodded, she took Maxs hand. But not before shooting Evangeline a one last glare before walking towards the Academys gate with Max beside her.


As everyone left one after another, Evangeline, Eric, Daniel, and Sisley were left alone.

Biting her lips, Sisley lowered her head. She was annoyed and angry and confused as to why Daniel wanted to speak with Evangeline. This question dominated her entire mind. The thing with Jen was even pushed in the back of her head, no longer a care for it. As far as she was concerned, Daniel and Evangeline –– were over.


Lets go, Eric,” Evangeline said. You still owe me that dinner.” She was about to leave when Daniel called her.




Flinching, Sisley closed her eyes. She hated it. Hated it if Daniel called another girls name especially his ex. But what could she do? She could only play the understanding girlfriend in front of him, else she wanted him to hate her for being jealous and unreasonable for no reason. She didnt want that the first time they argued was because of Evangeline.


Evangeline flashed her usual smile reserved for people she didnt like.


Yes, Daniel?

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