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Chapter 38


Hey, have you heard of Nina and Ann?


Yeah, I heard their company declared bankrupt overnight, and they were forced to leave school because they could no longer afford it.”


What could possibly have happened to those two?


I dont know. They just packed up and left without a word.”


Where did they go?


Beats me.”


Who could have done it? To cause Chu and Rogers company to go bankrupt overnight. That company must be very powerful.”

In the middle of gossips, the real culprit was sitting comfortably at her chair while gazing over at the window, chin on her palm.


The class ended, and like yesterday, Evangeline was once more in detention. Her punishment this time was to water the plants. And like always, it was Eric who was doing her chores while she sat on a bench under the shade of a tree, watching him doing his usual cleaning routine of sweeping the pathway and throwing the trash –– after he finished all her chores that is.


At first, Eric wanted Evangeline to wait inside the classroom, but she strongly disagreed. He didnt know why she was so adamant on keeping an eye on him. And when he saw her determination and stubbornness, refusing to back down, he let her be. It was not like, he was utterly oblivious to her motives.


And the reason why Evangeline didnt want Eric leaving her sight was simply because she knew that the moment she did, he would be bullied again.


Hmp! As if I allow one of my people be bullied by others.


So another peaceful day had ended –– for Eric at least.


As for Evangeline, another troublemaker was walking towards her in a loud tictacking heels.


Evangeline was busy searching information on her phone about the girl named Satele Risova when someone barked her name.




Rolling her eyes, Evangeline beamed. Hello, Miss Combrelle. What can I do for you today? She raised her head, looking at the arrogant girl who was crossing her arms and tilting her body to the side while glaring at her.


Where is Asher Cole?! Jen demanded.


In truth, Jen didnt want to waste her saliva on Evangeline, much less see her. To her, ever since the rumors about Evangeline Heart fallen from grace,’ she no longer eyed the woman as nothing but a prostitute.


However, these past few days, she could no longer stand not seeing Asher that it was driving her crazy. She even went to the extreme of using her fathers connections to search for the man inside Fate Academy only to find that he was out of the country.


To where, no one knew.

She even went to BlackPine to meet with him in the pretense that she was going to do business, only to be slapped with the information that Asher went to another country for business. No matter how much threat she said or her fathers identity she used, no one in the Cole Enterprise would tell her where the man went nor when he would be back.


Evangeline blinked. To say that she was not shock that Jen knew her cousin was a lie though her face remained haughty as ever. She fixed her sitting position, mimicking Jens gesture. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, and tilted her head to the side.


Now why would I tell you?she asked with a mocking tone.


Those simple words and Evangelines smirking lips were enough to make Jen fumed in anger. Jen was always the one to act as she pleased whenever her father was not around. She was used to doing what she wanted like she was entitled to everything and anything without fearing the consequences. Since who would dare to act against her? The prime ministers daughter?


And besides, Evangeline was already a woman who sold herself for money. She no longer had Robert Krisnov behind her nor Daniel Richardsons protection.


The thought urged Jen to be even more aggressive and arrogant.


Dont pretend to be all so high and mighty when youre nothing but a whore who sells herself to older men. Im warning you, stay away from Asher, or Ill personally deal with you!Jen spat.


Evangelines brow arched in a challenge, and she stood in her full height while Jen unconsciously took a step back. Evangeline was a little taller than her and more –– intimidating.


I like to see you try,” Evangeline replied. It was her usual voice, calm and soothing, but the edge of her tone couldnt deny her immense oppression. Even the air turned stiff and thin.


What Evangeline hated the most was someone pointing a finger at her, and the girl was asking for a beating.


Tell you what,” she added, Ill give you a tip from one who knows Asher for many years. What he hates the most are vulgar women who parade and chaste after him like a bitch in heat. So I suggest you changed your tactic from an old maid starve for sex into . . . lets say . . .”


Evangeline pointed a finger on her chin, pretending to think. “. . . A proper lady whos born in the house of the prime minister? 

She beamed at her brilliant idea, eyes wide with fake curiosity as she smiled at Jen. What do you think?


Jen bit her lip. Her face changed colors in shades of red as she burst out, YOU! You! You whore! Her mind couldnt formulate a retort and she was at a loss for words.


Beaming, Evangeline replied, At least men are the ones who come for me. Im not starving in that department. Compared to someone whos shouting whore this and whore that, yet is thinking of banging a guy who doesnt even like her? Wait . . .” Evangelines lips curved in a taunting grin. Doesnt even know her . . .”


B-bitch! Ill destroy you!


Jen stormed at Evangeline with the intention of grabbing her hair when a deep voice resounded from their back.


Whats going on?


The two women snapped their attention towards the voice. They saw Max together with his friends with their backpacks, about to go home from basketball practice based from their dump hairs and flushed after shower faces.


Max! Jens face it up, and she ran to his side.


When she reached Maxs side, her face turned supple and tender, and her eyes rounded, covered in moist. Max . . . *sob . . .


Not saying anything, Jen lowered her head and continued to snuffle while yanking Maxs sleeve, appearing very pitiful.


Max was rendered speechless upon seeing Jens appearance. He never saw her acting so weak before. She was always headstrong and arrogant.


Something must have happened to her. He thought and his eyes narrowed on the cold, beautiful Evangeline Heart.


The boys glanced at each other before their scrutinizing eyes locked on Evangeline. What else could it be but Evangeline Heart doing what she does best.


Humiliating people in broad daylight!


Only, they didnt think that Evangeline had the guts to bully the prime ministers daughter. If she still had her fathers backing, they wouldnt be puzzled. But now that she had fallen from her high throne . . .


Remaining calm and indifferent still, the icy smile on Evangelines lips didnt diminish one bit. She swept the actress and the idiots with her eyes, amused.

This day cant get anymore worst. She thought.


Whats wrong?


At the corner appeared Daniel with Sisley in hand, walking towards Max and Jen and the others.


Great! Evangeline breaths.


Sisley eyes zeroed on Jens sobbing face, which was unusual, it was years since she last saw her cried. She hurried to Jens side, giving her best friend a comforting embrace.


Whats wrong? Why are you crying? Sisley rubbed Jens back when the latter buried her face against her shoulder.


Jen sniffled before she forced the words in a stutter. “I-I . . . I didnt tell you this, but I . . . I like Asher Cole, a-and Evangeline somehow knew and . . . and . . . t-threatened me for money. If I agree, shell help me with Asher.  B-but if I dont . . . s-shell say bad things about me to him.”


Sobbing, Jen rubbed her face against Sisleys shoulder for comfort.


W-what? Y-you like Asher Cole? Sisley was surprised since Jen never once mentioned the man to her.


Nodding, Jen continued, I . . . I like Asher . . . b-but where will I get a million dollar? My father has the money but . . . but I cant possibly ask him . . . *sob.” Jen choked on her sobs and was unable to continue.


Hearing the story of the distress girl, everyone gaped at Evangeline in disgust and contempt. Especially Sisley since Jen was her best friend and Jen rarely cried unless she was very upset.


Everyone knew that Evangeline had connections with Asher Cole from Fate Academy at that time in the interschool sports festival. And judging from Asher and Evangelines short interaction, everyone deducted that their relationship wasnt just regular friends.


Daniel and Sisley knew Evangeline and Asher werent just friends. They saw from their very own eyes how Asher treated Evangeline at that time in the mall.


Evangeline, dont you think thats too much? Sisley said, anger radiating from her voice. Toying with someone elses feelings like that just for money?


She threw a pointed glare at Evangeline, not minding the latters intimidating icy presence.

Remaining tight lip, Daniels forehead creased in a frown. He couldnt believe that Evangeline would do that. But with all the rumors circulating that her father no longer sent her money and she was prostituting herself, and she hadnt denied the claims, he was conflicted. Not just conflicted, he was vexed, and disappointed.


While Max was blunter. Evangeline, if you need money. I can give you money for a nights fuck. How bout that?




Daniels eyes snapped at Max. He couldnt believe his friend just said that. True that Evangeline was no longer his girlfriend, but she was still his ex. At the very least, if Max didnt respect her anymore, he still should respect him –– his friend!


But before Daniel could word out his complaint, another agreed and another and another until Daniel was at a loss of what to say.


Yeah! Evangeline, why dont you try me for a night? Im a rich customer.”


How about this, why dont you try all of us? We promise youll be rich for a lifetime in a single night.”


Everybody chimed in and chuckled with lust and malice.


But instead of feeling degraded, Evangeline softly giggled which caused the boys to feel somewhat –– cold.

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