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Chapter 37


Hello, Evangeline.”


Evangelines brows twitched when she heard that pretentious, demure voice. Maintaining her façade, her lips curved in her usual practice noble lady smile while Eric retracted his hand from her head.


Hello, Angel,” Evangeline replied.


Before Evangeline could guess what the girl was doing in the cafeteria, Angel dinted her cheek against hers as a greeting before beaming at her.


Evangeline, its such a long time. Why havent you visited us? My auntie and uncle misses you so.”



Im quite busy avoiding plastic people. I cant stand the cancerous chemicals,” Evangeline retorted, lips in a mocking smirk.


But Angel, as usual, wasnt affected. She maintained her photo perfect smile. Anyway, its my birthday next week, and uncle Robert prepared a birthday celebration for me. Isnt your father the greatest? I sure envy you.”


Angel giggled as she spoke. Her voice was like a lullaby, but for Evangeline, it was like the cries of vengeful ghosts.


Evangeline knew the game she was playing. Angel always appeared to be the angel that she was. Good, kind, humble –– the perfect lady.


No wonder she excelled in acting. Shes such a good actress.


Yes, Mr. Krisnov has the reputation of being . . . charitable.” Evangeline shrugged. After all, its not a first that hes spending so much money towards his whores.”


Angels smile faltered for a fraction of second as her face turned red. She grabbed something in her purse and changed the topic. Anyway, heres an invitation. I hope you can attend.”


She beamed. Then her eyes drifted on Eric. She gave him a warm smile that could cause men to have a mental breakdown. Ill be seeing you there, Eric.”


After biding Evangeline and Eric farewell, Angel swayed out of the cafeteria together with her other highly profiled gossiping friends.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Looking at the invitation in her hand, Evangeline wanted to throw the disgusting thing in the trash, but upon hearing Erics name from Angels mouth, all thoughts dispersed in an instant.


She glanced suspiciously at him. What does she mean by that?


Shrugging his shoulders, Eric replied, The restaurant Im working with will cater her birthday party. Im one of the waiters wholl attend to the guests.”


He pushed the trolley and other cleaning materials in the kitchen and came back seconds later.


Lets go. Well be late for class.”

Evangeline nodded with a calm face, though her mind was in hyperdrive. She was thinking that it was not a coincidence that Angel specifically asked a restaurant where Eric was working, out of the enormous selection of other Michelin awarded restaurants. Though the restaurant where he works was famous for its delicious, luxurious cuisines, there were also others.


She must have done her research.


Every year, Angel would invite her to her birthday. And every time, she didnt attend. But now that Angel had something against her . . . The annoying woman must have known that she took a liking at Eric. Else, why chose a specific restaurant where he works?


Evangeline released a soft snort, and her eyes locked at Eric. Arent you going to ask whats my relationship with her?


Eric shook his head. Its fine if you dont want to tell me.”


Evangeline smiled and explained anyway, Cherry Lin, Mr. Krisnovs new wife is Angels aunt, making her my cousin I suppose. She is currently living together with them while she studies here.”


Mm . . .”


Eric nodded as a response and shot a peek at Evangeline. When he saw that she didnt appear to care about it, he too didnt bother too much about her family affairs.


Just that . . . he thought it was sad that a father turned into a stranger to his daughter, and vice versa.

Angel excused herself from her companions to retouch in the females powder room. When she was inside, she stared at her reflection on the mirror. She reached out and caressed the outline of her face.


Evangeline, soon . . . All that belongs to you will be mine . . .


The story as to why Angel was so fixated with Evangeline happened way back when they were still in their primary school. The time when Mr. Krisnov met Cherry Lin.


At first, Angel greatly admired Evangeline. She had the perfect face, perfect upbringing, perfect life –– having the riches one could only envy.


In their high school years, Evangeline was always the talk of the town. Ever the popular one. Always had the things she wanted at the snap of her fingers.


Evangeline had everything she didnt have. A family while she grew up with none. Expensive clothes and luxurious items while she settled for her Aunts hand me downs. Money she could waste while her Aunt climbed on married mens bed to survive and fed her.


But she didnt care about any of that. Instead, it only urged her to get closer to Evangeline. And when that scene happened . . . she was never the same again.


Her admiration turned to envy, to jealousy, then hatred.


When Evangelines mother died, and her status elevated when Robert Krisnov married her Aunt Cherry Lin, she was so happy. Finally, all which made Evangeline who she was would be hers too.


She got what she wanted.


Robert Krisnov was treating her like a daughter more than his real one. She was living in a house that was more like a palace in one of Burberrys private prime estate. She had more money in her account which could last her a lifetime. She had a bright future ahead as the rising sweetheart in one of the countrys giant entertainment industry, Sparkle entertainment. All the things she thought she couldnt have before were now served to her in diamond coated platters.

Still . . . it wasnt enough.


Its not enough until I completely trampled that woman!


Her hatred and desire to see Evangeline groveled in the dirt for scraps that she threw was becoming her obsession. An accomplishment she so greatly desired and would do anything to achieve.


And for that to happen . . .


The last remaining lifeline of hers must fall in my hands.


Evangelines forty percent share in FROZEN, she must obtain it at all cost!

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