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Chapter 33


The dinner went quietly and smoothly. And though Evangeline didnt have any will to do it, she still needed to say it out of politeness. She still had manners after all.


Let me wash the dishes,” she said, voice flat.


Eric paused from clearing the plates on the table. He briefly glanced at Evangeline, who was sitting with crossing arms and legs before he resumed cleaning the clatters and dump the plates in the sink.


No need. Youre my guest. Feel free to make yourself at home.” The reason, he was worried that she would break his small reserved plates.


But he still indulged her nonetheless. Why dont you make tea instead?


He placed a teapot, which already contained hot water in it, and prepared the cups as well as condiments and a box of sachet bags of tea.


With this, Im sure she wont be able to break things . . .


 . . . I hope.

Evangeline beamed. “Alright.”


Eric secretly breathed a sigh of relief when she, with grace and poise, started to prepare the tea.


Smiling, he went to wash the dishes.


Evangeline frowned when she saw the cheap bags of tea and the inside of the teapot. Hesitating, she asked, “Eric.”




Theres no strainer in the teapot, and whats this box of sachets that has tea imprinted on it? I dont see any dried herbs nor flowers for the tea.”


“. . .” Eric tightened his lips, holding his laughter.


Alright, wait a sec.” He quickly finished washing the dishes, dried his hands and sat beside the chair next to hers.


Is this some kind of those readymade tea I heard of, the commoners use to have?


Evangeline narrowed her eyes at the piece of sachet on her hand, watching it curiously like something would pop out from it.


Shaking his head a bit with a small smile on his lips, Eric demonstrated how to make commoners tea. He ripped the teas paper container and pulled out a small sachet bag.


You dont need a strainer for this. See this screen that held the herbs inside?


Evangeline nodded, eyeing the piece of sachet with curiosity.


Its the strainer, and it works like this.” Eric poured hot water on Evangelines cup and directly placed the sachet bag in it.


And see this thread here? You pull it up and down like this, so the herbs shake inside, spreading the flavors,” Eric said as he demonstrated.


Evangeline watched with great interest as the colorless water changed its pigment and an enticing aroma of herbs filled the room.

Fascinating,” Evangeline breathes.


Erics lips kicked up a smile, and handed the cup to her. You can add milk and sugar depending on your taste. Heres the milk and heres the sugar.”


Leaving Evangeline to explore on her own, he prepared his own tea. Minutes later, he was already enjoying his second cup, and when he peeked at her, he was amused that the beautiful woman was still playing with her tea, pulling it up and down. Tranced by it.


You better drink it while its hot.” He urged with a smile.


Evangeline stopped her exploration and decided to taste the commoners tea.


Its bitter.”


Eric pushed the condiments towards her. Add more milk and sugar.”


Evangeline glanced at the condiments before looking at Eric with expectant eyes. Do you have full cream milk? Or honey?


Nope. I only have commoners powder milk and brown sugar.”


Eric put milk and sugar in her cup and set it with a spoon.


Here, give it a try if its to your liking.”


Evangelines eye twitched, but she still gave the tea a sip.


When her face lightened up, Eric suppressed a smile.


Eventually, they were both lost in the relaxing aroma of the tea and the soothing silent floating around them.


Do you like tea? she asked.


Not much,” he answered with a nonchalant tone.


Hmm . . .” Evangeline hummed in a good mood as her brain formulated different schemes that only she knew.


Placing his cup down, Erics face turned serious.




Hmm . . . ?


Evangelines brows furrowed upon hearing her name. She preferred the name he called her yesterday and a while ago. A name only him was allowed to say.

I dont want you to . . .” Eric hesitated for a split second before he decided to change his words. Do you often cook in your place?


Frowning, Evangeline didnt get the meaning why Eric asked her this. And when she understood, her face brightened.


Giggling a bit, she answered, Dont worry. The kitchen at my place is only for decoration. I dont usually go there since I have someone who cook for me all the time.”


Eric was relieved at knowing that Evangeline wouldnt be in any danger of burning herself to death. But he was still unease that the word kitchen was foreign to her. Luckily, she was unhurt from the incident a while ago.


But who could say about the next?


You should avoid the kitchen from now on . . . and you should only cook if someone is supervising you.” He didnt know how to put it without hurting her feelings and without appearing like he was nosy and bossy. Thus, he decided he should tell her straight what was on his mind.


Evangeline chortled. If itll put your mind at ease, then Ill do what you say.”


If it were any other guy, she would give him the eyebrow raise, or ignore him all together. Possibly even humiliate him.


But this was Eric, a guy her heart wanted for reasons she didnt understand. However, she doesnt fully trust him. At least, not yet. So for now, this set up will have to do.


Didnt know how to reply, Eric kept his mouth shut. He was not one for conversation anyway.

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