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Chapter 31


The bathroom!


It definitely has cold and hot waters!


Im a genius!


Evangeline went back in the bedroom and was about to ran in the bathroom when she caught sight of Eric, who was sweating and panting profusely, his eyes shut tight.


He seems to be suffering.

She went inside the bathroom. But instead for the cold and hot water, she came out with a small tub full of warm water. She laid the tub on the bedside table and raided Erics closet once more.


There were only a number of clothes inside his closet, and most were turning muddy in color from the repeated wash and wear.


She grabbed a simple shirt and sat beside Eric on the bed. Didnt waste another second, she pulled off his shirt. And since Eric was half conscious and weak, he didnt know what was happening and went along with the movements.


Removing Erics shirt wasnt hard as Evangeline thought it would be, but she sure didnt expect that the hardest was after she removed his cloth.


She saw Asher before, shirtless, parading inside her unit. And saw Daniels naked upper body one time when they went for a date on the beach. Both mens naked bodies didnt bother her much –– but not this man.


She didnt know why her heart hummed in excitement nor why her breathing raced in a strenuous huff.


Compared to Ashers strong and bulky pecks or Daniels well-toned muscles, Eric have lean, well-defined biceps, hard sculpted chest, and subtle yet sexy abs. And a tempting V-line of his hip bone going to his . . .


*gulp . . .


Couldnt help herself, she traced a fingers on his toned chest, gradually going down. She traced every contour and line of his well-defined abs. Tracing the path of his hips until she felt him shiver when her fingers were about to graze the off-limit part of his groin.


S-stop . . .”


Evangeline blinked, her eyes slid to meet Erics silver irises that she loves so much.


She flashed a naughty smile. His eyes were half closed and hot steam of air blurred his face. And with his weak and flushed cheeks –– he was absolutely adorable!


You have a delicious body, Eric.” She wiggled her brows.


Evangeline grinned when Erics face registered a bewildered expression. He frowned and his cheeks puffed red and then rosy. And finally, he closed his eyes and slumped on the bed –– unconscious.


The stimulation and heating of his body was too much for him to handle at the moment!

Chuckling, Evangeline resumed taking care of Eric, but not before she brought out her phone and snapped her camera for remembrance later.


She then gently wiped his face with a warm towel. As she did so, she admired his handsome face that was hidden beneath his messy hair. She didnt know that she was already holding her breath as she continued to wipe his skin. But then her fingers trembled when the warm towel caressed a faint scar.


Now that her focus was on Erics body and not on his muscles, she noticed that his skin was covered with scars. Some healed while some fresh. There were also bruises and scrapes.


Frowning, anger boiled inside her. She knew that some of the wounds came from his job at the construction, but she was sure that most came from human hands.


She took her lips between her teeth. She took a sharp intake of breath and released it through her nose before she finished wiping his upper body. After which, she patiently put a new shirt on him.


After all was done, bead of sweat shin her face. She went inside the bathroom again, and this time, when she came out, she carried three towels. One soaked in cold water while the other two were dipped in hot water.


She placed the cold towel on Erics forehead and wrapped the hot towels around each of his foot.


After she was finished, she huffed a sigh of accomplishment from her handiwork and proceed to grab the medicine that was laying on the bedside table.


She eyed the pills and the glass of water, her lips curving in a mischievous smirk.


Consider this as an honor, Eric. Once you wake up, Ill make sure youll pay me dearly.


She popped the medicine into her mouth and drank the water before she held Erics nape and raised him a little. Her free hand pinched his chin and pried open his mouth before she covered his lips with hers.


Sticking her tongue inside his mouth, she carefully fed him the medicine. Being careful not to make him choke.


Eric was half conscious, but he felt that something soft and warm and . . . sweet was pressing his lips. He unconsciously flicked his tongue to taste more of it.


Evangelines eyes flung open. She stared at Erics closed eyes. He appeared to be asleep. Her eyelids then gradually closed, not minding his tongue playing with hers.


The corner of her mouth even curved up in a small smile against his lips.

By the time Eric opened his eyes, it was already dusk. The color outside shone in a faint light blue and grey, shooting from the window.


He rubbed his eyes and was about to reach for his glasses when he saw a woman sleeping beside him. She was sitting on the floor while her head was resting on her crossing arms propped on his bed. She was soundly asleep based from the tranquility of her face and the peaceful smile playing on her lips.


Startled, he froze as bits of memories rushed in his brain.


He slowly sat on the bed, eyes closed, eyebrows knitting together when he remembered everything that transpired. He didnt know what to feel about the whole situation. He had complex, traffic jams of emotions. But one thing that he was so desperate to suppress was the surging warmth in his heart.


So this is what it feels like being taken cared by someone.


Looking at the sleeping beauty, his eyes melted and a warm smile appeared on his face. With a hesitant hand, he reached out and gently swept a hair from her forehead. But he pulled his hand back, lightning fast. Like he was electrocuted.


He shook his head. She is a distraction I cant afford to have right now.


A distraction I started myself. He smiled bitterly at himself.


He was supposed to end any small relation they had before it could start to something else the moment he rejected her offer to be her servant at that time in Snow café.


But . . . The second he laid eyes on her things dump in the trash bin, his body already bolted everywhere, frantically searching for her before he could think things through.


Sighing, he ran his hands over his face.


Youre awake.”


Erics attention shifted to Evangeline, who was looking at him with her usual haughty face.


How do you feel? Evangeline asked and leaned closer ot him. She reached out to touch his forehead, but Eric gently shoved her hand, and tilted his head away from her reach.

Im fine,” he timidly replied, didnt meet her gaze.


Evangeline wasnt offended by the blatant rejection. Her eyes never left Eric as she spoke. Good. You must be hungry. Im going to fix something for you.”


She stood and was about to walk out of the room when Eric held her wrist, yet he quickly let go.


Yes? she asked, watching him with a raised eyebrow.


Eric released a sigh as silent as he could before he met her steady gaze with a serious face.


Why are you doing this?he asked, tone calm and flat.


“. . .”


“. . .”


For a while, everything was silent. Even the pitter patter of the rain outside stopped.


Evangeline didnt cower, instead, she blossomed in a beautiful smile.


Whatever do you mean, Eric? Im just returning the favor you showed me yesterday.”


Remaining expressionless, Erics eyes held Evangelines in captive.


You dont have to do this. You and I . . .” His voice shook as he retracted his eyes, gaze slowly glided at the window beside his bed.


You and I are strangers . . . classmates at most . . . Youve already repaid me yesterday by allowing me into your home and invited me to dinner . . . We are . . . even.”

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