I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 8


Evangeline parked her car in the parking lot reserved for her. She was currently at Heavens Tower, a luxurious condo nestled in the heart of the city reserved only for the rich and the famous.


Buying a unit in this place cost an entire island! But the best things in life, the comforts, the luxury, the security, the convenience, this place has it all!


And Heavens Tower was not like any other condos with their tiny rooms. All rooms in Heavens Tower occupied an entire floor. More than one thousand square meters per floor amounting to forty-seven levels in total including the penthouse, which was reserved for the owner of the said condo.

Evangeline swiped her card, and the forty-four level lit up. When the elevator dinged, she was transported inside the elevator lobby of her unit.


She swiped her card, and the door opened, exposing her foyer and living room where line of boys in aprons greeted her with feather dusters and mops and other cleaning materials in hands.


Welcome home, M Lady! The guys roared at the same time while Evangeline nodded in response.


She roamed her eyes and flashed a relieved smile upon seeing her adorable pets, who were rushing on their feet to greet her. She kneeled and hugged each one of them, not minding their pushing and shoving, especially Winter with her big puffy frame. It was a good thing she was well behaved, just contented in licking her face.


At the side, the boys sighed in bless as they watch their revered Goddess smile and laugh –– so different from her icy expression.


They would gladly be her servant if it meant they could see her smile like that every day.


If the students of Unmei Academy were here, their jaws would drop on the floor. They would be surprised out of their wits for the boys in aprons and cleaning materials in hands were those boys from the said Academy, who confessed to Evangeline and transferred schools because the cold woman humiliated them for all the students to see.


One thing was right, the men did transferred schools, they transferred not because Evangeline humiliated them, but because other students started to bully them after their confession.


They had no other choice but to transfer to Fate Academy where there was a fan club that the sole purpose was to serve their Queen, led by the notorious biker gang, Nightmare.


At first, the boys just really wanted to date their Goddess. But after Evangeline embarrassed them, something inside them stirred. Something like a new sense of awe, amazement, admiration –– worship!


A euphoric-like wonder at being in the presence of something vast enough to change their perception and understanding of the world. Like a light shining upon their darkest heart. Like they found something, not to protect, but to serve for eternity.

Wheres Asher? Evangeline asked.


She stood and reverted to her usual icy self, a charming smile playing on her lips. Spring scurried to her shoulder, rubbing his puffy cheeks against her neck. Summer circled her legs in excitement while Fall was on her arms and Winter sat obediently behind her, wagging her tail.


You called? answered a deep, baritone voice.


A man of six foot two inches tall, a well-built body and an alluring bad boy look, appeared from the open kitchen.

Asher Cole, a twenty-two years old second-year college student who was taking business management in Fate Academy, second only to Unmei Academy regarding school standing.


Asher should be, in fact, a graduating student by now. But because he often skipped classes, he was held back and remained a second-year student. Little was known about him except that he was the leader of the notorious biker gang in Blue River City, Nightmare. 


But Evangeline knew all about him. Of course she knew, hes her cousin on the mother side after all.

Evangeline tap on the knowledge about the Coles two years ago when she turned eighteen and gotten her mothers last will.


It turned out, her mother gave her not only the shares of twenty percent and the mansion on the hill, but also rare pieces of jewelry, gold bars, artifacts and billions of money that rivalled royalties, stored secretly in different banks abroad.


With the amount of inheritance from her mother alone, she could live a life of comfort and luxury for the rest of her life even spanning to generations of her descendants –– if she will have any.


Ever since she was a child, she thought that they were just a middle-class family. Until she discovered her innate talent, helping her fathers company grew into an empire with an unrivaled international brand.


Only at her eighteenth birthday did she knew that her mother came from a long line of old family, which secretly governed the whole country of BlackPine in the east.


Marcos Cole, her grandfather, disowned her mother, Emerald Cole, because she chose to be with an unknown man in the country of Burberry. She then changed her name from Emerald Cole to Emerald Heart.


But her grandmother, Beatrix Cole, loves her only daughter so much that she secretly sent her pieces of jewelry, gold bars and hefty amount of money every month behind her husbands back.


If only Robert Krisnov knew of his late wifes identity, he never would dare to be so arrogant. Cheating and disrespecting Emerald at every turn after he climbed to power and riches.


But alas, in the past, Emerald Cole disguised herself as someone else when she first met Robert Krisnov. Not disclosing any information about her identity even after she died.


Two years ago, Evangeline traveled to BlackPine in the east to meet her mothers side of the family. Not because she wanted to, but because her mother wanted for her to meet her grandparents and say sorry in her mothers behalf.


It was when she met Asher, her cousin, second born son of Axel Cole. Axel Cole, first born and only son of Marcos Cole. Her mothers only big brother.


Thats why mother is so strong. Even she was broken and discarded, she remained beautiful and proud –– a warrior at heart.

The Cole came from a long line of powerful mafia organization that controlled almost all the businesses dealings and governments in BlackPine. They were the unknown Kings who secretly ruled the country and only a select few knew about. They like to operate behind the scene, planting their men to manage everything for them.


Though Evangeline held resentment over the fact that the Cole did nothing when her mother was sick and dying, she also knew it wasnt entirely their fault.


Asher explained that they didnt know the situation. Her mother didnt write about her condition to Beatrix Cole. Beatrix only found out about it too late when she no longer received any letters from her only daughter.


You hungry? Ive cooked you a meal. Asher flashed his killer smile, only reserved for Evangeline.


He was quite doting towards this cousin of his, even though he only knew her for two years. Being born in the household where they didnt have any female in the main branch except for his mother and grandmother, he treated Evangeline like a little sister. Pampering her to the sky.


In fact, it was not only him who felt that way. His older and little brother and father, and in secret, his grandfather, all pampered her in their own way.


In short, because Evangeline was the only female left in the primary line with the blood of Cole running in her veins –– she was treated even more precious than life itself. Even Marcos Cole was warming to his only granddaughter, brought by old age perhaps. Though he still harbored resentment and dissatisfaction towards Robert Krisnov.


Marcos Cole, the head monarch of the family, was a very prideful, unforgiving man. It said his wife perished years ago, a year after Evangelines mother died. Beatrix couldnt handle the devastation at knowing her only daughter died.

But even so, because Marcos already disowned Emerald, he didnt budge after knowing his daughter was dead. And even after his wife died, he remained unfeeling and indifferent still.


I hope you served delicacies that can satisfy my palate. Evangeline strode into the open kitchen, hips swaying.


The boys took a peek, until Asher raised an eyebrow at them and they hurriedly scattered everywhere, pretending to be busy.


Shaking his head, Asher lazily grinned. This was what he like about Evangeline. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, and wouldnt tolerate anything less than she deserve.

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