I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 3


Two months passed by peacefully and before anyone knew it, it was time for Unmei Academys summer end exam. Followed by the schools popular annual sports competition where each department competed in varying athletic games for victory.


Although the Academy was big and had countless rooms and facilities, the amount of college students taken in each course was only numbered about forty, and usually separated into two class based on credit standing. It only showed how extremely difficult it was to get in. Without a national level IQ or recommendation from the Academy or backing or influence, the students name wouldnt even appear on the list of examinees for the entrance exam.


But of course, the elementary and high school division was entirely different. Each level had its buildings and games and never intermingled with the upper and lower levels. Furthermore, the screening for the elementary and high school division was not strict compared to the college level. It was why the Academy had more teenagers in high school and kids in elementary than adults in college.


Since the college students numbers were low, the rules allowed for one person to play multiple games, as long as that person didnt exhaust himself given it was just a one-day affair.

After many sleepless nights and brain exhaustion, the summer end exam finally ended.


In the spacious hallway inside the colossal college administrative building, a group of students huddled in front of the announcement board. There was an endless list plastered on the board showing the students ranking from the summer end exam, arranged per course.


The student body wanted to display the list for the sole purpose of motivating the undergraduates to study harder. After all, everyone wanted their names carved on the top ten list for all to see.


Evangeline smirked when her eyes ran through the list, musing it was all a bluff, hiding the real main goal of boosting the student counsels popularity. All the members of the student council were on that top list.


Its nothing but a farce.


The students gave way at the sight of Evangeline approaching. Though most were angry and annoyed at her, none actually dared to be antagonistic nor rude towards her out in the open. Not to mention she still had the backing of a powerful business tycoon even though she was disowned. Furthermore, most suffered from tongue paralysis just from her icy, intimidating presence alone.


Its better to stay back than humiliate yourself. Everyone thought.

As usual, the girls were eying Evangeline, looking all hypnotic in her turtleneck fitted sleeveless shirt and high waist slacks with a long linen blazer draped around her bare arms, complete with expensive accessories down to her million-dollar backpack and shoes. Her silky lavender hair was tied in a high ponytail while her face was blushed in a perfect red carpet makeup.


The boys stole glances at her, peering at her plump breasts, dainty waist, and round buttocks.


They gulped when they caught her scent –– a dangerous, enticing aroma of milk, honey, and peaches.


So tempting!


But of course, all they could do was look. They hadnt forgotten those guys who confessed to her before Daniel came along. Those boys had to transfer schools ever since she humiliated them in front of the whole students no less.


Remaining oblivious to everyones thoughts, Evangeline made one final glimpsed on the board before she turned and swayed out of the hall.


Geez. I hate her. A wannabe Queen when all she is, just a nasty pretty face, One of the girls mumbled while the others nodded in approval.


Yeah, just look at her name plastered on the lowest rank. The second-year management course has about forty students, and shes on the very last. How humiliating is that?


The girls smirked and agreed to each others comment until one of them hushed the other, pointing at a lone man, who was frowning at the side. His hands inside his pockets, his back slumped as he walked in the direction where Evangeline left.

Oh, my god. Thats Daniel. Did he hear me talking bad about his girlfriend just now?


The girls panic, feeling embarrassed and shame. It was one thing to insult Evangeline, but Daniel is a good man. No one wanted to hurt his feelings. And who would be happy if someone talked bad about their girlfriend behind their back?


Dont worry guys. Daniel and that bitch will break up soon. One of the ladies sneered, confidence in her voice as she flashed out her phone.


What made you say that?


Look at this. This is a picture of that bitch shoving a kid. I dont know when this happened, but rumors say it happened on their date. Daniel was so angry at her and stormed off, leaving her behind.


The girls smirked, and some snickered.Such an evil woman. She even hurt a kid? What a cruel, terrible witch. I hope Daniel breaks up with her soon. Such a waste of good man.





At the side, the guys stared at each other.


Women, when jealous sure are venomous.


They felt a little sorry for Evangeline. Other than the opinions of the girls, the boys thought otherwise. Yes, she was cruel and has a horrible personality, but Evangeline never crossed someone unless that someone crossed her first or that someone had the unfortunate luck in bumping into her.


The men sighed and shook their heads. When a girl couldnt compete against a woman, she would talk and gossip behind that womans back.


Amidst the invincible battling of opinions in the air, Sisley remained oblivious to it all. Her eyes focused on the back of that lonely man who walked out.


After much self-talk, deliberation, and hesitation, she finally decided to follow him.

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