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Chapter 29


Is it done?


Yes. I got the contract. It smoothly went than I imagined.” Alvaro huffed a laugh.


Good work. Your grandfather will be pleased. Are you returning now?Axel asked.


Alvaro didnt answer, his eyes shifted over the horizon.


No… I might visit Evangeline first,” he said, after a while.


“. . .”


“. . .”

I see . . . well, its a good time as any. You did manage to free up most of your schedule from finishing the deal early.”


Mm . . .” Alvaro hummed, in a good mood until his mood deflated. Dad, Ill call you later. Maxine is on the other line.”


Oh, alright.”


“. . .”


“. . .”






*Ahem . . . Do send me pictures of Evangeline.”


“. . .”


Of course.” Not.


Alvaro ended the call and picked his other phone reserved for people outside his family.


The moment he pressed the accept call button, a melodious gentle voice of a woman resounded on the other line.


Alvaro . . . , are you still in Frizkiel?


Baffled as to why Maxine was calling him at this time, knowing this was his working hour, he still answered in a polite, gentlemanly tone.


Not anymore.”


Oh . . . Does that mean your business is already over?




“. . .”


“. . .”


Alvaro waited for Maxine to tell him what she really wanted to say. He got the feeling that she was hesitant and shy.


After a minute of silence, her gentle voice spoke softly in his ear.


Im sorry . . . I dont want to bother you . . .” Maxine sensed that Alvaro was not in the mood to talk.


Alvaro sighed softly through his mouth, and along with it, his countenance softened.

If it was any other woman, he wouldnt bother. But since it was Maxine Celestine, the granddaughter of his grandfathers best friend and the only daughter of the president of BlackPine, he had to give her some face. Not only that, everyone expected him to marry Maxine in the future.


He had no qualms with the idea since Maxine was perfect, in every sense of the word. She was groomed from birth to be a proper lady. Had womanly virtues and skills. Very pretty and gentle and gave off that innocent housewife vibe.


And . . . Maxine likes him for as long as he could remember.


He was not a believer of love. He believed marriage was all about timing. When a man was ready to settle, any woman who happened to be by his side would do. And since he already accepted the fact that Maxine was going to be his wife in the future since she was very adamant to wait for him no matter how long it would take, so of course, he would treat her more different than the rest.


He adjusted his voice, lowering it a few octaves, making it softer to urge the woman to continue. No, its fine . . . Tell me whats on your mind.”


Maxines tone turned high pitch and excited, she was obviously very happy.


I didnt want to bother you, but I got so thrilled. Remember I visited Burberry a month ago?


Even from the other side, Alvaro felt the excitement oozing from the girl.  He listened as he flipped the documents in his hands.




And I told you that I met a girl and we became friend.”


Mm . . .” He continued to respond though his mind was silently reading the papers in his hand.


It turned out, she is the niece of Robert Krisnov, the one and only owner of one of my favorite brand, FROZEN.”


! ! !


Evangelines father?


That got his full attention, and he inquired, And?


Maxine giggled, her voice excited. And, she sent me an invitation letter to attend her twentieth birthday next week!

Hmmm . . .” Alvaro skimmed his fingers on his jawline, deep in thought.


Now I know the reason why she asked me where I am.


Thus, Im . . . Im wondering if you want to come with me to her birthday party? Maxines voice turned faster and lower with a tint of bashfulness.


Alvaro imagined the pretty doll-faced woman blushed a rosy pink, and he smiled. Sure, why dont we meet in Burberry next week?


This is perfect! I can use this as an excuse to stay with Evangeline a bit longer.


Maxine didnt reply right away, and Alvaro heard soft squeals and giggles on the other line.


He breathes a laugh. Girls will be girls.


Albeit Maxine was already twenty-two years old and acted nothing but a proper lady, when it came to him, she regressed to being a typical teenager.


Thank you,” Maxine said, after regaining her poise. Ill see you next week then . . .”


Alvaro didnt give it much thought that her voice was softer and alluring than usual. He went back to reading the files in his hands.


Mmm . . . Bye . . . ,” Alvaro said in a dismissive tone.


“. . . Goodbye . . .”


Ending the call, Alvaro leaned on the leather chair and typed on his laptop.


Moments later, he saw various news and announcement in different media and entertainment site that Angel Lin –– rising star and sweetheart of Sparkle entertainment, niece to Cherry Lin Krisnov, new wife of Robert Krisnov –– was going to have a grandiose party in one of Burberrys world class hotel, celebrating her twentieth birthday. 


Alvaro scoffed. Heh! Celebrating other peoples birthday, but forgot your own daughters.


His mood worsening, he turned off his laptop. His eyes glint in menace while his gentleman face twisted darker and sinister.


What a useless man.

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