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Chapter 27

Tap . . . Tap . . .


Evangeline tapped her stylish nails against her desk while looking over the window, ignoring everyones frowns and glares. Even ignoring the teachers warning for her to stop tapping her nails. But the teacher finally gave up when she warned for the tenth time, and still, Evangeline ignored her.

Though Evangeline appeared bored and indifferent, her brain, however, was in a mad scrambles of reasons as to why Eric was absent today.

Could he have gotten sick?

She clicked her tongue at the thought. If only she had his phone number. But the guy didnt even have a phone!

Speaking of phone, she peered at hers and saw Daniels name. She automatically deleted the message without opening it. Not one bit interested at the man who betrayed her trust.

Sighing through her nose, her fingers tapped impatiently. Couldnt wait for the morning class to end.


Her eyelid twitched when her phone vibrated again with Daniels name appearing on the screen. She deleted it yet again and turned off her phone.

She didnt want to admit that she was still pissed from what he did to her. She did, after all, gave him some level of trust. And she was still a human who felt hurt no matter how good she masked it with indifference.

Diagonally behind Evangeline, Daniel was annoyed at watching the former who didnt even read his messages.


Forget it. If she doesnt want my apology, then I wont give it to her.

Slumping his back against her leather chair, he mumbled to himself that he wouldnt give a damn about her business anymore. As far as he was concerned, the moment she didnt as much as read his messages, they were finally –– over.


At the first sound of the bell, Evangeline stood and flung her designer bag over her shoulder before approaching the teacher.


Hearing Evangelines voice calling for the teacher, everyone was stunned. Some were pinned to a stop from exiting the room. Even the teacher was at a loss.

The teacher finally reacted after a moment. She arranged her glasses on the bridge of her nose, and asked, What is it?

She couldnt help but feel guarded, thinking of what might Evangeline Heart wanted with her. This was a first that the girl actually called her.

Eric is absent today,” Evangeline started, I want to give him a copy of todays lesson, personally. Mind if you give me his address?

. . .

. . .

The onlookers were hit by lightheadedness as they couldnt believe what they heard.

E-Evangeline . . . The Evangeline Heart was asking for Eric Phelps? The school nerd. The most irrelevant character?

Even the teacher was in a daze until Evangeline raised her brow and flashed her famous fake smile.

Well . . . ?

The teacher absentmindedly pulled her record book and flipped it to Erics information, didnt register the reason why Evangeline was asking about it now when there was still a class in the afternoon.

Evangeline didnt waste any second, and brought out her phone. She didnt even ask for the teachers permission as she snapped her camera and took a picture of Erics private information.

She then beamed, which didnt reach her eyes before she sashayed out of the room.

The moment that Evangeline was gone, the room burst into an uproar, and poor Eric, he was drowned in the center of it.

BlackPine Country


Inside the Coles secluded mansion.


Why are you still so stubborn and prideful?! Isnt it enough that Aunt Emerald died? Now you wanted Evangeline to suffer as well?


Upon arrival, Asher barked his thoughts when he faced his old man and grandfather. He didnt understand why Marcos Cole refused to acknowledge Evangeline as his granddaughter. If the old man did, Evangeline would automatically inherit a portion of the entire Coles wealth and she could live like an Empress for the rest of her life without worrying about anything even if she was resurrected hundreds of times.


Another thing, Asher was furious because the old man refused to punish Robert Krisnov for what he had done to both his Aunt Emerald and his cousin, Evangeline.


At the side, Alexis covered his forehead with his palm as he shook his head. Here we go again.


Asher,” Axel Cole reprimanded with a low, yet stern voice.


But Asher didnt fear any of that.


Why arent we doing anything to that bastard?! Why are we leaving him alone after what he did to Evangeline?! To aunt Emerald!




The loud commanding voice reverberated in the four corners of the private study chambers of Marcos Cole.


Ashers lips pressed together. Even though he didnt like it, he still, after all, respected and feared the regal old man, who was sitting ramrod straight on the leather chair, which look more like a throne. The unshakable head monarch of the family, Marcos Cole.


With your intelligence, you still dont get it? It looks like I am overestimating you,” Marcos spat.


Marcoss deep azure eyes that lost it shine struck fear in Ashers heart and he briefly forgot to breathe.


Asher.” Axel eyed his son with disapproval. Do you think with the death of my only sister and mother, father was not devastated? Your grandfather is the most devastated from all of us––


Shut your mouth! Marcos snapped.

Asher and Axels body jolt in surprise while Alexis was so nervous that he started to bit his nails in fear for his father and brothers life.


If we attack Robert Krisnov out of revenge, what do you think will happen to Evangeline?Marcos asked.


Asher didnt cower as he answered, Ill take care of her for the rest of her life. Evangeline doesnt need a man like that. I can give her everything she wanted.”




All the men present jerked.


Idiot grandson of mine! Marcos spat, spit flying as he spoke. Even hes like that, you still cant erase the fact that he is Evangelines father. Even if hes an asshole to her, every daughter doesnt want their parents to suffer. And what makes you think that Evangeline will allow you to destroy a company that she and her mother was a part of? Whats more, if we acknowledge Evangeline as one of us, her freedom will be strip from her! And more importantly, her life will be in constant danger! How many people do you think are out there eyeing our clan?! Cant you think of the consequences before you speak?!


Marcos face twisted with anger as he looked at Asher. But then he sighed in surrender when Ashers face reddened with embarrassment and contorted in shame.


Marcos breathes, “Axel, give him the folder.”


Axel frowned and interjected, Father, hes but a boy. Hes so emotional at the moment––


Just give it to him.”


Axel hesitated for a moment before he handed a folder to Asher.


Whats this? Asher eyed the two older men suspiciously.


Read it, and youll know,” Axel said.


Asher flipped the folder while Alexis remained motionless. He fought his curiosity to take a peek at the folder on his brothers hands.


Scanning the pages, Ashers face turned darker and darker the more he read.


Does Evangeline know? Asher asked when he finished reading the file.

Axel answered, “No. We dont have enough evidence at the moment. Its best if she doesnt know. Else, who knows what shell do once she find out.”


Breathing audibly, Asher briefly closed his eyes, calming himself.


What are you going to do after gathering enough evidence,” he asked, glaring at the two men. His eyes spoke that once he had enough proof, he would not settle less for a fate worse than death.


The two older men knew exactly what was going on inside Ashers head based from the boys expression.


Make no mistake,” Marcos said, tone laced with the promise of death. Once we gathered enough evidence, even Evangeline cant save her fathers corpse.”


Asher smirked. Old man, I think its you who doesnt understand Evangeline. Once she knows, she might as well be the one to deliver her fathers corpse to you.”

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