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Chapter 26


Evangeline looked behind her shoulder, and as usual, the empty seat of Eric greeted her view. She peered at the door whenever it swung open, but she was always disappointed.


Resting her chin on her palm, she looked outside the window. Maybe his late.


She woke and went to school early because Eric always goes to school early. He was rarely late.


As she looked over the window for Erics shadow, she ignored the tingling sensation behind her. Cold stares that reseeded the bones. She didnt have to look to know where it came from. It was those two girls who locked her in the storage room yesterday.


They were probably wondering how she got herself out and why she didnt report them yet.


Well, fortunately for you girls, I fight out in the open. Striking the very fabric that held all your arrogance –– your wealth.

Evangeline didnt pay them any more attention. Her whole focus was searching for Eric. Not even a spare to her phone when it vibrated.


Diagonally behind Evangeline, Daniel was pretending to scan his notes while beside him, Sisley was happily talking to Max. But amidst to anyone knowing, Daniel was texting on his phone.


[Evangeline, can we talk later after school?]


He hesitated whether to press the send button. The truth was, he wanted to call her yesterday night to ask her about Eric, but decided to forget about it since it was no longer his business.


But the image of her and Eric and that smile kept haunting him.


And besides, he still owed her an apology.


I only wanted to apologize to her to end things cleanly between us. Thats all. He concluded.


He pressed the send button, and his eyes slid to the beautiful woman. But no matter how long he stared, Evangeline didnt as much as glance at her phone.


His brows knit together. He was about to message her again, but the teacher came in and started the class.


Sighing, he hid his phone under his desk and listened to the teacher with closed ears while his eyes drifted to Evangeline for a moment before he looked away. Then his eyes rested on her again before looking away again. This went on for the entire class.


Unbeknownst to Daniel, Sisley knew that he was checking Evangeline. With the slightest twitched or changed of his line of sight, Sisley knew that he was staring at Evangeline. She knew what he was feeling from the slight furrow of his brows to the narrowing of his eyes to the quirked of his lips. She watched him for over eight years after all.


Chewing her lips, she lowered her head. Her eyes burning with jealousy. She was not entirely oblivious. She knew one hundred percent that Daniel likes her. But it didnt mean he no longer had any feelings for Evangeline. At least, she knew at some point there was a like between the two.


Gripping her skirt, she calmed herself.


I must try my best to make Daniel look only at me.

In the entertainment building.


The modeling class to where Jen Combrelle belonged to was temporary integrated into the entertainment class. At least, until their teacher came out from the hospital after an operation.


Since the modeling students were not many, about ten, integrating them into the entertainment acting class was no big deal. After all, most of their units were the same.


Jen picked a seat behind a gorgeous lady who could pass out as a model with her looks and physique. But then again, whether it was the performing arts or modeling students, all were extraordinary regarding looks and figures.


Hi, is anyone sitting here? Jen beamed, flashing her pearly white teeth, looking all friendly.


The gorgeous ladys dark eyes squinted when she smiled, and Jen, a fellow female, dazzled by the womans beauty.


Jen envied her long straight silky black hair. Her oval shaped flawless face paired with a straight cute nose, and pouty pinkish lips. Highlighting her overall appeal were her porcelain skin and the thickness of her lashes complementing her dark doe-eyes.


No. Go ahead,” the gorgeous lady answered in a friendly tone.


Jen sat beside her and introduced herself. Im Jen Combrelle.” She extended her hand to her.


The beautiful woman was surprised for a bit before her smile widened.


Angel Lin.” Angel shook Jens hand, lightly squeezing it.


It was Jens turn to be startled.


Who wouldnt know the number one beauty in the entertainment department? It was even rumored that Angel Lin could rival Evangeline Heart as the number one most beautiful in the entire Academy.


While Evangeline was like a piece of ice sculpted blue rose in the desolate snow, sharp and fierce. Angel Lin was the water lily, drifting peacefully in the pond, soft and gentle.

She is more beautiful in person than I thought. Jen mused to herself. She recalled the rumors concerning Angel Lin, and her eyes glint in thought.


I know it is out of the blue,” Jen said, but I heard that Evangeline is your cousin? She pretended that she was asking out of curiosity.


Evangeline was her only link to Asher. So of course, she would grab any information regarding the woman.


She already tried so many times to meet Asher Cole, yet unsuccessful every time. She also investigated him only to come out empty handed.


That bitch is my only lead to Asher.


At the mention of Evangelines name, Angels happy expression faltered for a fraction of second.


Yes, but not by blood. Her father married my aunt,” Angel said, voice calm with her million-dollar smile plastered on her face.


Oh, right. Mr. Krisnov did remarry after his wife died. Are you and Evangeline close? Jen probed.


Even with all her friendly tone and smiling face, Jens eyes couldnt hide her disdain for Evangeline. And Angel noticed this too, and an idea popped in her head.


She could use this girl to smudge Evangelines name even more. Unlike her who could only fight the arrogant bitch in the dark, Jen could do anything she wanted being she is the prime ministers daughter and all.


Angel lowered her head a bit, her brows crumpled up, eyes avoiding Jens gaze. She bit her lower lip and refused to say anything. And Jen reacted from how she thought she would.


Frowning, Jen raised her hand dismissively. You know what, never mind. I can practically see it on your face.”


Angel interjected, No, youre wrong . . . E-Evangeline is . . . she is . . . nice to us.” She blinked the moisture in her eyes, fingers fumbling on top of her lap as she shifted her eyes left and right.


Jens forehead creased even deeper. Dont tell me that youre scared of her? Is she threatening you?


Angel hesitated. She curled her lips inwardly, and forced a smile. N-no. You got it wrong. E-Evangeline, s-shes . . . really nice.”

Jen placed her hand on Angels shoulder, gently squeezing it. Tell me the truth. I can help you. Though we just met, I feel that well become close friends. So whoever bullies you, Ill make sure to get revenge for you.”


Jen didnt say those words without any intention. If she had someone monitoring Evangeline from the inside, her chances of meeting Asher would double.


Angel smiled and nodded. Thank you . . . I too feel that were going to become close friends.”

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