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Chapter 24


Evangeline slammed the door before Eric could say anything else.


She didnt know what was happening to her. The moment she realized that they were alone inside her unit, her heart thumped more than its intended specs. She talked more than necessary and she couldnt settle in one place. She wanted to run around!


She calmed her erratic heart and stared at her adorable pets who were looking over at her, asking for food.


Dont worry. Theres no deeper meaning to this. Im just returning the favor,” she mumbled as she went in her room to take a bath and order food.

After almost an hour, Eric went out from the guest room with his clothes attached to his body. He didnt like wearing someone elses clothes. Thus, he first washed his wet garments and dried them as he took a bath.


By the time he went out, Evangeline was already seated at the dining table where various foods laid out in vibrant colors. Aromas circulated in all corners that made one salivate. It was like they were celebrating from the sheer amount of food present on the table. And judging from the exquisite cuisine, Eric would bet his life that they were not cheap.


You sure took your time.”


Erics attention flickered to Evangelines soft sarcastic voice. His eyes traveled from the food to the alluring woman, who was now wearing a simple shirt and shorts.


In fact, the short was too short. He could practically see her smooth, creamy thighs and her round perky bottom. Her dump wavy hair was alluringly cascading on her back. Her face was flushed, lips full and tantalizingly red. Her skin, supple, tender and smooth, evident that she freshly came out from bath.


*gulp . . .


His body flared, and his cock stirred into action. He couldnt help it. Its a guys natural reaction!


He lightly coughed before he spoke, I need to go. I have work at eight.”


He didnt make it up. He had a job at eight, and it was already seven.


Glancing at the clock hanging on the wall, Evangeline shot him a taunting smile with a raised brow. Do you want my good intention to go to waste? Im sure you can be late once in a while.”


She flung her phone on the table. If you want, I can call your employer for you and inform him that youre going to be late.”


“. . .”


Studying her, Eric realized she wouldnt let him go. He conceded defeat and sat on the chair to get this done and over with. So he could go.


He wasnt worried if he was late or not, rather –– its dangerous for us to be alone!

He was confident with his self-control, but tempted by a woman like Evangeline Heart, his restraint would gladly jump out of a window for her.


Breathing heavily, he ate his food in silence.


Eric, you should try this. This is an authentic wagyu meat. It melts in your mouth. And this, this is a black bone chicken, its hard to breed and have lots of nutrition! And this . . .”


Evangeline went on and on as she served one food after another on Erics plate. More like, she shoved all the food onto the poor mans dish.


Clasping her hands in delight, she said, Wait, Ill get us a bottle of wine.” And she zoomed in the bar counter.


Evangelines dainty waist swayed as her round bottom cheeks temptingly peeked out from her short shorts, wiggling with each sway.


*gulp . . .


Eric released a low grunt when his cock was squashed inside his pants. He wouldnt be surprise if he found a zipper mark thereafter.


Whimper . . . Whimper . . .


Luckily, Winter came to his rescue as the adorable dog rested her round puffy head on top of his lap, looking all cute and adorable. Thanks to that, he regained his calm.


Hey . . . whats the matter? he cooed, voice gentle as he stroked Winters head.


Hmm . . . Thats strange . . . Winter only does that thing to me if she wanted to be pet.” Frowning, Evangeline shot a pointed glare at Winter, jealousy apparent in her face.


Eric didnt answer and continued to pet the big fluffy Alaskan malamute before he turned to Evangelines direction when he smelled something –– enticing.


His pupils rounded when Evangeline appeared on his side out of nowhere, pouring wine into his glass. Her body slightly bent and some of her hair fell from her shoulders while her shirt stretched to accommodate her ample breasts.


Closing his eyes, he savored the smell of her hair . . . then he straightened on his seat and slid his eyes on Winter once more, distracting himself.


Evangeline inwardly smirked at the sight of the uncomfortable man.

It meant she could entice a reaction from him.


Which is a good sign.


The two continued to eat in silence until their stomach was full. As Eric guessed, they couldnt finish the whole food.


You should take these with you. Im just going to throw it all out anyway. You can reheat it if youre hungry,” Evangeline said, breaking the silence between them.


Eric didnt argue. He could save money and time on the idea. And the food was after all, delicious!


Thank you.”


He helped Evangeline wrapped the food and eventually, she led him outside.


“. . .”


“. . .”


The atmosphere turned a bit awkward after that. Eric didnt know what to say while Evangeline continuously stared at him as if studying his face.


Ill go ahead,” he said. He then went to the elevator lobby, leaving the beauty behind who was still standing in the doorway.




He stopped and looked at her. But she just stayed there without moving nor saying anything.


He nodded a bit. See you tomorrow.” Then he left.


. . .


. . .


A period of time passed and Evangeline was still glued on her spot. She was smiling to herself like an idiot.


She was not exactly ignorant of her feelings. Though she didnt trust anyone completely, it didnt mean that she would deny what her heart wanted.


I want him.


Yes, she like Eric . . . but she wouldnt admit that anytime soon.


She would get close to him, but she wouldnt get too close. She would build a bridge to him, but she would not burn her escape route.


She didnt entirely trust him after all.


For now, I will enjoy this feeling.

Meanwhile, Eric reached the basement and thought of something.


My raincoat!


He hesitated for a moment, but then he decided to leave it be.


I only wish it stop raining outside.

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