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Chapter 22



It was also like this.

Gloomy atmosphere. Dark sky. Thunderous clouds.

It was like this day that Evangeline discovered her so-called friends were talking behind her back.

It was an accident that she found out. She was minding her own business inside the toilet cubicle when her classmates walk in. At first, she didnt know who they were talking about until she heard her name.

Evangeline is a dope, huh? Just one word and shell obediently obey. She even gave me her favorite hairpin.”


Yeah. Its exactly as you said. If we befriend her, well get all sorts of gifts for free.”


I cant believe she thinks of us as friends though. Cant she sense it that we dont want to play with her?


I pity her. She thinks all the students like her. But in truth, theyre just sucking up to her so they can get free stuffs. Even the teacher talks about her behind her back.”


I mean, even Jennifer that she thinks is her best friend sold her out. Thank you very much, Jennifer. Without you telling us how gullible and pushover she is, we would not have found out.”




Jennifer smirked, dubbing powder on her nose. What are friends for? In fact, Evangeline should be honored that I befriended her. Cant you see how happy she is when I talk to her or I pretend to play with her? With just one word from me, shell obey and give me all sorts of gifts everyday. I think shes secretly in love with me.”




Evangeline bit her lips, nails digging against her palms. She didnt know that her tears were already dripping from her eyes, drown with the blood from her chopped lips.


Who would have thought?

Her best friend for four years since primary school, who was like a sister to her, would harbor nasty thoughts about her.


Evangeline was like a porcelain doll, pretty even young. She attracted a lot of attention, but at the same time, attracted a lot of hate and envy from her peers.


She was so moved when Jennifer approached her when others stayed away. She was so moved when the girl started talking to her when others pretended she didnt exist. She was so moved when Jennifer played with her when others isolated her.


And because of that event, because of the sudden revelation, she was unable to trust fully.


Her innocent young heart that treated everyone so kindly was played in turn.


Her innocent young heart who gave it all of her feelings was betrayed.


What was more, if that event didnt cause enough damage already, another secret was revealed before her eyes and what little trust she had was utterly shattered by the wind at that one stormy night.


It was also raining hard that night.


The mansion was dark and eerily quiet with the rain and thunder cleaving the silence.


She was sleeping with her mother when she felt thirsty. Grunting, she stood and sauntered down the stairs towards the kitchen with half eyes opened. And as she was about to take the first step down from the flight of stairs, she heard a ruckus from the library.


As her curiosity got the better of her, her young eyes took a peek and what she saw was forever engraved in her heart.

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Evangelines eyes opened. She didnt know when she fell asleep.

She always despised the rain. Hated the gloomy and dark atmosphere.

It kept reminding her of the unpleasant past.

I hate it . . .

Her eyes gradually adjusted in the dark, and the first thing she saw were soaked shoes.

But why is it . . .

Her eyes traveled up, resting at those silvery orbs.

When I see your eyes . . . the past became . . . irrelevant.

Her body visibly trebled. Her purple irises narrowed on the mans face, so close to hers.


How is it that you can turn something unpleasant . . .

Eve . . . Are you alright?

. . . into a memorable one . . .

Evangelines lips curved in a smile. It was not her usual practice perfect smile nor smirk, which gave people the chills. It was a smile like a dying flower was quenched by the rain and bloomed by the radiance of the sun.

It was not exaggerated. It was a slight tugged of the lips. It was simply her smile –– her genuine smile.

It maybe because of those eyes, always true and unbending. Or maybe because of the concern in his voice that she found her guard being destroyed bit by bit.

Hello, Eric. Fancy meeting you here. Where you locked in here too? She puffed a laugh.


Her gaze then flickered to the open door before she swept him up and down. Eric was soaking wet, to say the least. He was drenched from head to toe. He was panting, steam of air fogging his face. His gauze and band-aids were peeling from his skin.


Eric breathed a sigh of relief. He brushed his hand through his damp hair before he removed his foggy, wet glasses and wipe it dry.


How did you know Im here? Evangeline reverted to her usual overbearing self as she questioned him.


When his glasses were wiped clean, Eric put it on and answered simply, It was pure coincidence. I was doing my job of emptying the trash when I saw your belongings dumped inside the bin. So I thought that something must have happened. Thus, I searched for you.”


Something like warmth flashed in Evangelines eyes before it turned cold in a fraction of second.


Though Eric didnt say it, just based from his panting breaths, and soaked clothes, it was enough indication that he searched for her in the entire campus.


Why . . . ? Why help me?


The question left her mouth before she could hold it in.


Facing her, Erics face wore its usual calm. Their eyes briefly held each other before he turned and walked to the door.


Evangeline shut her eyes a bit. She then stood to her feet and head for the exit when she stopped moving when Eric spoke.


You dont deserve it . . . ,” he said.


“. . .”


It was low.


It was soft.


It was barely audible.


But it shook her soul and her cold eyes that reflected the dark grey skies cracked and moistened. The first time since her mother died.

Just those simple words alone, the heartaches, the pain bottling in her for years burst in waves that she could no longer contain, ravaging her emotions like violent storms.


She didnt deserve to be deceived by her peers. She only wanted a friend.


She didnt deserve a man like that. She only wanted a father.


She didnt deserve Daniels betrayal. She was only true to him.


She didnt deserve the rumors and ridicules. She only did what she wanted. She only wanted to live her life. Her own life.


Was it so wrong to ask for this? Was it so wrong to act like this?


She felt vulnerable and weak, a feeling she thought was lost to her. Her body curved a little like a drenched sack of cement. She lowered her head, hands embracing herself as silent tears fell from her cheeks. She bit her lip to contain her sobs, but the soft shaking of her shoulders destroyed her cold facade.


It was like the memory of the past came crashing in waves after waves. She couldnt contain it as it came, drowning her. The pain she held for so long, couldnt let go . . . But with just his words, those simple words . . . all the pain was clearing in her heart.


Eric didnt say anything as he watched the sky, pouring soundless water. His back felt suddenly heavy, but he didnt back away nor utter a word. He stood there, straight and still, though soaked and cold.


Evangeline felt his back was the sturdiest like the mountain and warmest like the sun. His warmth seeped into her forehead, pulsating in all parts of her body, and her eyes closed.


Comforting silence befall between them.


Eric was watching the sky while Evangeline was resting her forehead on his back.


The painful memories were washed away, replaced by a new. And whenever it rained, she would forever think of this scene. A bittersweet memory under the rain that she and Eric shared.

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