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Chapter 21

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Once Evangeline stepped inside the dark murky storage room in the very back of the track and field, the door behind her closed with a loud bang!

It didnt take a genius to know that someone locked her from the outside.

*sigh . . .

It was the oldest trick in the book, yet she still fell for it.

It was not entirely her fault though. People cursed and spread rumors behind her back, but none dared to actually plot against her.

This was the first.


I wonder where they got the courage to do it. She thought.

Unknown to Evangeline, since she was preoccupied with Eric, she hadnt heard the latest rumors spreading that she fell from grace. That after she was abandoned by her father and used up all her wealth that her father supposedly gave her, she was now prostituting herself to older rich men for money to sustain her lavish lifestyle. And now that Daniel dumped her, she no longer had protection in school.

Not knowing that Evangeline owned forty percent of FROZENs share and inherited a fortune from her mother.

It was never made public who were the companys shareholders. And since Robert Krisnov never announced it, not even the shareholders know that his daughter owned forty percent in the company.

Robert Krisnov also didnt know about the inheritance Emerald left for Evangeline. If he knew, he would scheme and plot nonstop to get his claws on those enormous amount of money.

And that was why Evangeline contented to hid her fortune. The less someone know, the more peaceful her life.

Evangeline did try to open the door.


Just as she thought.

She glanced left and right, eyes searching for something that would help her amidst the dim lights shining from a small window above. She found the switch and pushed it to turn on the light so someone from the outside would notice and open the door.

But as she guessed again, the switch was not working. Or rather, someone removed the bulb from the ceiling.



She peered at the small awning window hang high above the wall. Even if she climbed it, she wouldnt fit. Specifically, her boobs and hips wouldnt fit.

She frowned at the thought that her figure, her pride and joy, would become a hindrance one day.

Forget it.


At worst, Ill just have to sleep the whole night here.

She laid the handkerchief she was still clutching on top of the piled tatami mats before sitting on it.

Those two girls who locked Evangeline inside the stuffy storage room just wanted to scare the woman. Locking her until morning in a dark, scary place. Even though Evangeline would complain about it to the teachers the next day, who would side with her?

A woman with no backing.

At most, the girls would deny it since there was no witness. Saying the janitor accidentally trapped Evangeline without noticing.

But contrary to those girls expectations, Evangeline remained calm and poise, sitting like she was sitting on the most comfortable couch while she stared at the gloomy sky outside the small window.

Her gaze wavered for a second as her mind flew to a distant memory.

Daniel and Sisley walked hand and hand on the cobbled pathway to Sisleys house.


Actually, Daniel always rode inside his custom made white Rolls Royce. But on this day, he purposely left it behind.


This day was special. It was the first day that he escorted Sisley home. Hence, it was only natural that he wanted to spend more time with her on their way to her house.


Though it was raining, it didnt stop him from doing just that. He even hid his umbrella so they could share under one parasol.


He was consumed with happiness that he didnt mind that half his side was soaking wet.


Both of them were wet.


Sisleys face was flushed throughout the walk. With the way her body was heating, she didnt feel the cold at all. Especially her side that sometimes grazed Daniels arm. As she was about to put distance between them again, Danielss hand casually flew on her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.


Her head burst red from shyness. Overwhelming happiness flooded her heart. She felt like she was floating.


Sorry . . . Its better like this so you wont get wet,” Daniel explained in a calm manner, face a bit red.


He felt like a boy walking with his crush for the first time. It was out of character for him to be this awkward and flustered.


Then again, this was the first that he was acting so freely. Without regards to anything else. Being with Sisley made him feel relaxed and just be himself. Like whatever he did, the girl beside him would love him nonetheless.


He smiled at the thought.


In his relationship with Evangeline, he was always on guard like he couldnt afford to make any mistake, or make any intimate moves from just the sight of her intimidating, cold eyes.


It was tiring.


Mmm . . . ,” Sisley hummed in response. She lowered her head, couldnt stare Daniel in the eyes. Her fingers fumbled her dress, contemplating whether she should hug him or not.


Daniel stopped suddenly and the cold droplets of rain woke her from her thoughts. She stepped back under the protection of the umbrella he was holding.


Whats wrong? she asked when Daniel kept staring at a certain spot, not moving.


Her eyes slid to where he was staring, but all she saw was a lone waiting shed.


Daniel . . .?


She called once more, but only silence replied her call.


Daniel remained transfixed as if lost in thought.

A year ago


It was also raining.


The sky was gloomy, and thunder frequently rumbled. It was a first that he and Evangeline would go home together. Therefore, for the first time, he skipped basketball practice since Evangeline didnt like waiting. In preparation, he also left his car at home.


It was a perfect afternoon. Without talking much or even without holding hands, he was –– happy.


Until the gushing rain fell like waterfalls.


Since they didnt bring an umbrella, they temporarily took shelter in that exact waiting shed.


He was about to remove his jacket to give to her, but was stopped when he sensed that her mood was worsening when the rain didnt have the slightest bit intention of stopping.


Unwilling to end the memory of their first time going home together, he proposed to buy an umbrella from the nearest store.


She watched him without any shred of emotion on her lovely face before she nodded.


He then ran his fastest to the nearby store to buy a parasol. Luckily, since the shed was near the school, they were lots of establishment that offered school supplies and of course, umbrellas.


He even picked a single large umbrella so they could share underneath it.


He was full of happy thoughts as he ran back to her, not minding that he was soaking wet from the rain.


Upon returning to his girlfriend in high spirit, expecting a warm smile from the beautiful lady, what greeted him instead, was the womans smug look, smirking lips, and a cab nearby.


And . . . A little puppy in her arms that he didnt give too much thought as he was too dumbfounded at the sudden appearance of a cab.


Dont tell me you wanted me to walk all the way to my flat under this heavy rain with a single umbrella, do you?


He didnt speak.


More like, he couldnt utter a single word even if he wanted to. Just the mocking tone of her voice was enough to shut him stunned. The embarrassment, the humiliation of knowing that he was the only one who wanted romantic moments with her underneath the parasol, stunned him speechless.


You should treat your girlfriend better than that, Daniel.” She then went inside the cab without another word.


Daniel didnt know what happened. He couldnt entirely blame Evangeline as this was his own thoughts. He didnt exactly ask if she wanted to walk or ride a taxi instead.


But what was the whole point of getting soaked to the bones and running to buy an umbrella if they were going to ride a cab in the end?


Wasnt it to humiliate him?! To show him who was the boss between them? Who was dominant in their relationship?


From then on, he never left his car whenever he and Evangeline would go home together, which happened so rarely since he had practice and club activities after class while she hated waiting. She disappeared at the first sound of the bell before the teacher could say dismiss.’



Blinking slowly, Daniel lowered his head. His face reflecting on Sisleys worried face.


He smiled and said, Sorry . . . I got sidetrack for a moment.”


Sisley breathed a sigh of relief, yet her eyes still held concern.


Are you alright?she asked.


Daniel caressed Sisleys cheek, eyes softening while the latter blushed.


Im fine. Dont worry too much.” He chuckled.


Mm . . .” Shaking her head, Sisley held his fingers and gently rubbed it against her cheek.


His eyes shook at the sudden gesture and before he knew it, his lips were on her forehead and lingered there for seconds.


He then took a step back. He held her hand, and gave her a dimple smile.


Lets go. I dont want you to get sick.”


Sisley nodded, too flustered to say anything.


Eventually, they made their way to her home.


It was an hour walk, and even though both their side were soaking wet together with their shoes, the couple didnt mind. They hold hands and merged themselves in the moment, feeling the warmth and happiness the other gave off.


But all things had an end. They had reached Sisleys house.


A bit hesitating, Sisley said her goodbyes, eyes moist and expression unwilling.


Daniel chortled and planted a kiss on her cheek.


Ill call you when I get home. Go inside and take a bath. I dont want you to catch a cold.”


Still wasnt willing to end the wonderful feeling just yet, Sisley flew in the comfort of Daniels arms which caught the man in surprise.


You too! You should hurry home and take a bath before you catch a cold.” Looking up, she captured his eyes. Dont get sick. Remember, bath only with warm water and sipped ginger tea and drink anti-cold medicine. And . . . and . . . and if you feel any soreness in your throat or if you feel anything at all, remember to take medicines and call me, alright?


Hearing her voice, frantic with worry coupled with her adorable face, Daniel felt the surge of warmth and contentment soaking his body.


Laughing softly, he pinched her cheek. I promise . . .”


Mmm . . .” Humming, Sisley released him and stormed inside her house. She threw a long look at him and smiled before uttering, See you tomorrow,” and shut the door.


. . .


. . .

It had been a long time that Daniel stood there outside Sisleys house with a smile on his face before he walked away, heading in the main road to call for a cab.


Along the way, he couldnt help but think of Evangeline.


Now that his thoughts were unoccupied, the curiosity of knowing why the woman stayed behind the school dominated his entire mind.


Maybe she didnt bring her car.  Or an umbrella? Shes probably waiting for the rain to subside.


He glanced at the gloomy sky, promising rain throughout the night.


Forget it. She has her phone, and its not like she cant call for a taxi.


He frowned.


Though he ended things with her, it didnt mean that he hated her. Contrary, he still had lingering feelings for her even if it was no longer romantic affections. After all, he did like her in the past. Just because he gotten himself a new girlfriend the feelings he had for her would automatically disappear in one night.


And I did wrong her and hadnt apologize yet.


His brows furrowed even deeper. He knew that sooner or later, he had to apologize to her or else, his conscience wouldnt let him be.


Without a second thought, he hailed for a cab going back to the Academy.

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