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Chapter 20

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Sisley rubbed her palms together, occasionally breathing against it to keep it warm. After she finished her club activities, she waited inside the classroom for Daniel to finish his club activities so they could go home together.


At the thought of Daniel, her cheeks puffed a cute blush of red, giggling at the memory of her and him a few days ago.


It was no longer a secret that she and Daniel were together after the inter-school festival. Some cried and some cursed while some cheered.


The confession was not anything sweet nor romantic like the ones in the movies and novels.

At that day where he invited her for a date and had the unfortunate chance of meeting Evangeline along the way, Sisley admitted that her mood worsened, feeling that Daniel was acting a bit strange. But thanks to her cheerfulness, Daniels mood turned for the better. They no longer resumed their date on that mall and decided to visit a park instead. Even though they didnt have much topic to talk about, being with each others presence filled them with warmth and comfort and possibly . . . love.


It was not until dark that Daniel decided to escort her home. In truth, she was already contented to be with him. She didnt dare ask for more. But as she turned to go inside her house, he asked her to be his girlfriend.


There were no roses nor cheesy lines, but those simple words caused a wild frenzy of joy to surged in her body and she burst into tears and ran to his embrace.


She didnt know how much time went by that they were like that, just hugging each other. And when reality sink in, they were staring at each other and their lips found one another.




Sisleys face glowed redder at the memory, and she placed her cold palms against her heated cheeks, cooling her head.


Raising her head to the sky, her eyes turned misty while her appearance became dreamy. Her parted lips occasionally puffed a foggy breath while whispering his name . . .


Daniel . . .

After taking a quick shower, Daniel changed his clothes, hurry in his actions.


Adequately dressed, he stormed out of the gym. Along the way, the girls giggled, hoping their flirtatious gazes would stop his stride. He ignored them, mind entirely focused on Sisley, and a smile crept on his tired face, rejuvenating him.


He zoomed to his departments building only to be stopped with the thunderous gushing rain.




Groaning in annoyance by the sudden rain, he ransacked his backpack for his umbrella. And without waiting for the parasol to open sufficiently, he stormed the rain and bolted inside his departments building.


Not many students remained inside the school premises since it was already two hours past the end of class.


Daniel impatiently climbed the stairs towards the second floor, skipping a few step. The longing and excitement to see Sisley and going home with her for the first time made his heart beat in both nervousness and bliss.


The second-year class As door slid open, and Daniel zeroed on his girlfriends twinkling eyes, staring at him in uncontained happiness.


At once, the room turned bright and warm amidst the cold autumn air and gloomy weather outside.


For a moment, Daniel was awestruck at Sisleys dazzling hazelnut eyes. Like he was staring at a rainbow amidst the storm.


He didnt even know that his legs were moving in her direction while Sisley was rooted on her spot, mesmerized at the approaching handsome man.


Only . . .


Daniel abruptly stopped and, his mood plummeted.


Evangeline was sitting on her seat, looking over at the gloomy scenery. Bored as usual.


What is she still doing here?

Without knowing it, Daniel thought of the reasons as to why.


It was rare––no! It was a first that he saw her still inside the classroom after the class ended. Most of the time, she would leave at the first sound of the bell.


Sisley was reminded that Evangeline still hadnt left. Because her focus was occupied by Daniel and there were a few classmates around, she didnt mind Evangelines presence. But now that Daniel was staring at the gorgeous woman, she was forced to acknowledge the other girls existence.


Sisley didnt like the look on Daniels face when he stared at Evangeline. It was not a lingering affection nor anything romantic. It was pure curiosity.


But even so, she didnt want Daniel associating with his ex.


Daniel . . . ,” she called which brought Daniels attention to her.


For a moment, Daniel was in a daze before his lips curved in a gentle smile. And Sisley was reassured. She stood from her seat and went to his side.


Daniel grabbed her bag and Sisley handed it to him.


Sorry, did you wait long? Daniel asked, eyes softening at the sight of his adorable girlfriend. He was happy that someone was waiting for him for two hours.


Evangeline never did.


Sisley shook her head a little and beamed. Should we go?


Daniel nodded and ushered Sisley first to the door. He didnt dare hold her hand in Evangeline presence though. After all, all said and done, Evangeline was his ex-girlfriend and still respected her.


Besides, he was still feeling guilty.


But as soon as the door closed, Daniel didnt waste a second and grabbed Sisleys hand, gently squeezing it.


He was filled with warmth when her soft fingers interlaced with his. Her hand was cold, proof that she waited for him for so long.

Without a second thought, he removed his jacket and draped it across her shoulders.


Sisleys cheeks blushed an adorable shade of red. She lowered her head both in shyness and joy while Daniel tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.


At the sight of her being all timid, Daniels body flared.


Shes so cute!


As the couple walked hand in hand in the almost deserted hallway, students occasionally glanced at their direction. Some envious. Some jealous while some praised. But for the two girls who were gossiping outside the second year class As room, they were lost in a heart-thumping conversation.


Shes still there?




This is perfect. Who would guess a day would come that shell stay behind after class?  Dont forget to act natural.”


Is it okay? I dont think we should do this.” One of the girls hesitated, shifting her eyes left and right.


Dont chicken out now! Besides, what can she do? She was abandoned by her father and now, Daniel, her greatest backer. All the money her father gave her were all gone. Without a penny in her name, she prostituted herself to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. Do you think that she is a threat to us at her current state?


“. . .”


Dont think needless things. This is a perfect opportunity to extract our revenge! Dont forget how she humiliated us in front of everybody.” Who said that bitch could act so arrogant and overbearing just because she has a pretty face? Stealing all the attention left and right. This is her punishment! This is revenge! Hmp!


The other girl was hesitant for a moment before she nodded. And both girls took large intake of air and slowly exhaled it through their mouth before they entered the room.

Evangeline continued her absentminded gaze at no particular scenery, eyes flickering.


She too didnt know why she stayed behind after class. But in the deepest corners of her mind, she knew the answer. She just didnt want to acknowledge it.


Clutching the handkerchief in hand, her free hand held her chin as she stared at the gloomy view outside. She listened to the pitter patter sound of the rain as the thunderous rumble illuminated the dark, ominous clouds.


Her eyes occasionally flickered at the door like she was expecting someone. But then they shifted back to the window as if she never glimpsed at the door in the first place.


When she was the only person left in the room, the door slid open. She quickly took a peek, only to be disappointed when two girls walked inside.


It was her classmates who she rarely communicated with despite being classmates for almost two years.


Evangeline, the P.E. teacher asked us to inform you to meet her in the storage room.” The girl with a ponytail was the first one to break the silence.


Evangeline didnt respond while she sized the two girls up and down.


Bead of sweat crystalized on the two girls face while they tried their best to act natural and nonchalant.


Why? Evangeline asked, tone bored.


The girl with short hair snorted. How do I know? Ask her yourself! We are just relaying you the message.”


And the girl with ponytail laughed in mockery. Maybe because shes going to punish you for what happened in the school sports fest?


Then the two walked out of the room. They didnt want to give anything away. The more aloof and casual they were and the less information they provided, the more believable they would seem.


Evangeline watched the two womens retreating figure with a raised brow.


It was not like she didnt know what the two girls were thinking. But of course, she was not confident that she was right either. After all, the P.E. teacher still hadnt forgiven her from forfeiting her every match, which landed their course fourth from the last.


Dragging her body, she stood to her feet. She shot a sidelong glance at the seat behind her. Her eyes locked on that tattered backpack on the chair.


Eric still hadnt return since the teachers called him to help them out with something.


What kind of helping out that it took two hours?


She frowned and walked out of the room.


When Evangeline was out of sight, the two girls came back and they sneakily ran to Evangelines desk.


Glancing at each other with a smirk on their lips, they grabbed Evangelines things and stormed out from the room.

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