I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 2


Sisley blinked, trying to make sure she was in the right room.


But there it was.


A mesmerizing Goddess, sitting prim and proper, looking at the scenery outside the window with disinterest in her lovely translucent purple eyes. Beside her seated a dashingly handsome man, smiling and laughing with his friends.


Sisley bit her lips and inwardly squealed in happiness and groan in frustration at the same time. Happy because she was classmates with Daniel once more. And groan in frustration for she was going to endure the heart torturing pain by this couple for another school year.

When she found out that Daniel and Evangeline had gotten together, her world crumbled before her eyes, and she fell sick for a month.


She admitted that she hated Evangeline and was bitter towards her. She believed the gossips that it was Evangeline who confessed to Daniel first. And being a kind-hearted gentleman that Daniel is, he agreed.


She believed it because with all the rumors, Evangeline never denied it.


Sisley sighed, taking the seat beside Max, who was sitting behind Daniel. She did not want to sit behind Evangeline. No one dared sat near Evangeline Heart except maybe her boyfriend, and it was the best seat to ogle at Daniel during class.


Evangeline didnt like anyone sitting anywhere near her. She would always choose the seat beside the window, never listening to the teacher. Her eyes were ever-shifting towards the scenery outside, looking all bored at the mortal world.


Sisley sighed through her mouth as she peered at Daniel, who was talking and laughing with Max together with some boys who she didnt know.


Must be the boys from other class who wanted to catch up to him after the long school break. She thought.

Daniel was a charismatic guy with no flaw. Hes smart. His kind. Hes handsome and rich. The captain of the basketball team and a member of the student body. No wonder all were drawn to him like butter to a toast.


Max was also part of the basketball team, the reason why he and Daniel became friends. Daniel was his rival in secret while the other boys surrounding them were their teammates and long-time friends.


Everyone greeted Daniel, and he smiled and said his greetings in return, much to the girls giggling while they threw dagger gazes at Evangeline who remained oblivious to it all.


Evangeline remained seated with a hand holding her chin, elbow resting on the table, looking uninterested at the view outside. Even with all the girls welcoming her boyfriend, she didnt budge from her reverie. She knew at the end of the day –– Daniel belongs to me.

Aw! Sisley frowned when something hit her head.


Sorry, said a soothing voice that Sisley couldnt help but look up to discover who it was who bumped her head.


Its okay. She flashed a dimpled smile when she saw who it was before she resumed looking at Daniel –– not minding the messy dark-haired boy with black thick-rimmed eyeglasses.


Eric Phelps


A certified nerd at school. Always bullied by the students because of his poor status. He was a working student who would do odd jobs like washing dishes in the school cafeteria so he could eat for free during lunch. A janitor at the end of class so he could have extra cash besides the schools allowance for top students which was provided for him. Though his tuition was free, a privilege given to straight-A honor students, he still worked part-time during evening and weekends for extra income to pay his bills.


Not much of his background was known. The only thing mattered in this society was, he was a poor part-timer boy.


An irrelevant character.


Eric sat behind Evangeline much to the students surprised. A few couldnt help but stare. Even Daniel couldnt resist a glance.


No one sat near Evangeline Heart besides her boyfriend –– ever.


Eric remained oblivious to it all as he ransacked his tattered old backpack for his notebook and pencil case, ready to take down notes and listen to the teacher like a good boy that he is.


Choruses of his classmates sneers echoed as they mockingly laughed at him, pointing at his old clothes, shoes, and bag.


Still, even though Eric wore old garments, it was clean and neatly pressed, not a wrinkle was present.

Hey, did you know what happened during school break? One of the girls gossiped.




Rumors has it, Evangeline and Daniel fought. Ever since then, their relationship has been rocky.




Hmp! Finally, Daniel opened his eyes and saw who that bitch truly is, just a girl with a slutty face.


Sisley was secretly elated upon hearing the murmured gossips. Whether she admitted to it or not, she was praying for this news. For the day that Daniel and Evangeline would break up. Though she didnt say it out in the open, she wanted Daniel to break up with Evangeline for the reason that Evangeline didnt deserve a kind man like Daniel.


A smile blossomed across Sisleys face complete with droopy eyes as she adoringly watched Daniel from the side while fantasizing about him and her.


On the other hand, Evangeline was bored to death. She didnt care about the rumors nor gossips one bit. What she only cared about was herself . . . since when all said and done, she smirked –– Human beings are selfish creatures.

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