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Chapter 18


In a unit in Heavens Tower just below Evangelines room, Asher was sitting quietly inside his study. His face solemn as he stared at his hands, deep in thought.


Eric Phelps, born from a commoners family in Everland. His parents died in a car accident when he was seven. And since then, he was living in an orphanage. In his first year in high school, he started doing part-time jobs and left the orphanage. A constant honor student in high school. And after that, he went to Burberry because of Unmei Academys letter of recommendation. A poor part-time boy, geh! So boring! a handsome young man narrated. His shoulder length hair, dye in red, shimmered under the warm light.


He then flung the folder on the table, looking all uninterested. Raising his legs, he rested them on the table as he leaned on the swivel chair, feeling entirely at home.

Bro, why are you investigating this man? Hes just ordinary. In fact, theres nothing special to him at all!the red hair added.


Asher didnt mind the boy. His gaze locked on his knuckles.


Its precisely because hes so ordinary that makes him suspicious,” Asher mumbled, remembering what happened that morning a few days ago.


After Evangeline left Snow café with Eric following after, they ambushed the guy in a dark alley and beat him up.


But . . .


Asher rubbed his knuckles in a daze state. He could still feel the impact of his punches and kicks straight on Erics face, but at the same time –– he couldnt.


Like he was punching hollowed skin.


If that makes any sense.


How about that orphanage? Asher asked after a moment.


It got burned years ago.”


How about these part-time jobs of his?


Weve investigated it all, and they have his name on their list of employees. Hes clean.”


Asher sighed and he swept the boy with his eyes, who was sitting across him with a nonchalant face.


And . . . why are you here, Alexis?


Alexis gave a toothy smile. Bro, dont tell me you hadnt miss your younger brother?! I specifically flew over here from home just so I can personally deliver your requested information for you.”


Stop delaying. Why are you here? Asher impatiently asked, starring seriously at his younger brother.


Alexiss grin remained unmoved. Im here at the request of the old man to bring you back home.”


Forget it,” Asher rebutted. He was about to stand from his seat but Alexis stopped him with his next words.


Its not forever. Father and grandfather just wanted your help on something, so they want you back.”

Asher closed his eyes in silence, breathing deeply.


Alexis continued, Its best if you go back. Youre fortunate its me in here right now. If its big brother . . .” Alexis didnt continue his words when a chill crawled along his spine at the thought of his big brother.


Goosebumps coated Ashers skin. His body jolt from shiver. He sighed through his mouth, shaking away his dread before he faced Alexis.


Then what are you waiting for? Lets go.”


Asher stood and walked towards the door, but he stopped when Alexis didnt move from his seat.


What are you waiting for? The sooner I get this done, the sooner Ill be back here. Stop wasting my time!


Alexis coughed, swiveling his chair before he faced Asher. He shifted his head, pretending to look around. Well . . . You know its only you they wanted . . . They havent told me to return actually. Thus, Im going to watch your unit for you until you get back.”


Alexis played with his hair, whistling as he avoided Ashers dissecting gaze.


Pinching the space between his brows, Asher growled, “You asshole! You just wanted to be with Evangeline!


It wasnt a secret in the family that all the three of them were vying for their only little female cousins affection.


Alexis frowned and braved Ashers eyes.


SO?! What of it?! Its only fair that it should be my turn! You already have so much time staying by my cousins side!


Shes my cousin too! And finish your high school first before you demand to be transferred here.” Asher marched to Alexis and pinched his ear that made the latter yelped in pain.


Now get your ass moving before I beat you up!

Youre going to return to BlackPine?


Asher smiled upon hearing his little cousins lovely voice. He could almost see her raising her eyebrow at him with a condescending smile adoring her adorable face, which made his mood brightened.


Yes, but its only temporary. Dad and grandfather wanted my help with something––


Is it cousin?! Eva, how are ya?! Did ya miss me?!


Asher slammed Alexiss face away with his palm, blocking him from his phone while Alexis struggled beneath Ashers hand and did everything he could to grab his phone.


Is it Lex? Say hi to him for me,” Evangeline said.


No need. He doesnt deserve any greetings from you.”


Why you––umph!


Asher smirked at seeing his younger brothers funny face between the gap of his fingers.


Alright, I wish you safe travels then,” Evangeline said.


Ashers lips hooked in a small smile, but his face quickly turned serious. Evangeline . . .”


Hmm . . . ?


Stay away from Eric Phelps . . . I dont like that guy.”


Evangeline chuckled before she hung up.


Asher didnt mind Alexis anymore and stood to his feet causing the latter to stumble and crushed all the way against the sofa, head first.


You meanie! Rubbing his red flattened nose, Alexis glared at Ashers back.


Asher ignored him as he dialed a number.


D, Ill be out of the country . . . Yes . . . I dont know when Ill be back . . . Take care of Eva for me. Make sure that anyone who comes near her is reduce to a pulp until theyre so scared they wont even dare laying their dirty eyes on her . . . Im serious. Report to me even the slightest detail . . . Take care of everything until I get back . . . Oh, and . . . watch Eric Phelps for me. Report to me if you notice anything suspicious about the guy.

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