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Chapter 16


Theres a twenty-four-hour café there.” Eric pointed at a modern chick café, five meters away from the bike rack. Then he pointed at a mega wide construction across the street.


Ill just be there,” he said. And without wasting another second, he crossed the street and entered the construction site.


Evangeline was still in a state of disbelief and inner turmoil. Her eyes followed the back of Eric, feeling . . . lonely . . .


“. . .”


What is wrong with me? Youre not acting yourself, Evangeline!


She didnt understand why she wanted to wait for Eric no matter what. Didnt understand why she wanted him to submit to her so badly. And before she even noticed it, she already became obsessed with the idea. She dismissed it all as nothing but a game though. Nothing but a new kind of entertainment to challenge her ego.


She didnt entertain the thoughts anymore and dismissed it, thinking because it was a first she encountered a man like Eric.


With reclaim poise and grace, she entered Snow café.


Inside, she was surprised to find the café was cozy and elegant with sofas, comfortable couches, glass table, carpeted floors, and modern paintings and fresh greeneries and flowers decorated here and there. There was also a wooden stair with glass railing going up to the second floor.


She ordered a cup of tea and went to the next floor. She chose a seat on the balcony overlooking the construction site.


Her eyes scanned the place, hoping to see Eric. That was impossible though, the whole construction site was covered with nets and towering metal gates. It was impossible to see what was going on inside. And with all the darkness of the night, it was impossible to spot which was which and who was who.


She sighed and drank her tea in silence.

In a private room of a grand casino, Asher was pacing back and forth. Veins bulged from his twisted face and taut arms.


Boss, weve found Miss.”


Asher straightaway signaled everyone to follow him.


The loud gurgle sounds of motorbikes echoed throughout the street of Blue River city. Asher cursed all the way while riding his bike, imagining all the gruesome murder he would commit that night.


That guy doesnt seem to care for his life. I swear Ill break every bone in his body every time I see him!


Asher wasnt like this with any other guy, not even with Daniel. He knew that Evangeline never cared about them. Only treated them nothing more than servants.


But this guy . . .


That messy hair nerdy, geeky man somehow managed to tickle the interest of their Queen, and he was having a hard time accepting this.


He must put a stop to it before it became serious!

Eric wiped off the dripping sweat all over his face with a towel hanging on his neck as he went straight inside the barracks to change. He stopped midway when he realized he was going to talk with the haughty Queen. He decided to take a bath and switched to clean clothes before he went out, and crossed the street to where Evangeline was waiting.


Eric was not that cruel to keep the girl waiting for him for eight hours. Thus, for the first time ever, he asked to work halftime, which his superior agreed seeing how serious his face was.


Inside the café, Eric scanned the area for Evangeline. When he didnt find her, he went up the stairs and his eyes locked on a moving scenery of a beautiful woman, sleeping in tranquility. He restrained a groan when he saw her. She was sleeping on top of her crossing arms on the table. Her long lashes trembled as if she was dreaming while her soft, moist lips were apart, enticing anyone to stare and have a closer look.


True enough, not far away from Evangeline were two boys checking her out and one of them even took a picture. If not that there were also others on that floor, those two must have already taken advantage of her.


Erics face darkened, anger boiled in his chest and before he could stop himself, he was already in front of the two men.


The men were surprised, and before they could react, Eric grabbed the boys phone, deleted all the images stored and threw the innocent phone outside the window to who knows where.


. . .


. . .


The boys were shocked stunned, and Eric took advantage of their state. He moved backwards, away from the sleeping Evangeline, afraid to wake her up.


The hell do you think youre doing?!


The man who was holding the lost phone charged towards Eric, grabbing his collar, slamming him against the wall while the other man rushed to his friends side. The two were older than Eric. Though Eric was taller than them, they were much bigger and well-toned.


What little people left on the second floor hurried downstairs, afraid to be implicated in the fight.


Ill fucking kill you!


The man barked while Eric remained indifferent, like it was a monumental task just to respond to him. And before the guys fist slammed on his face, a group of guards and a senior man barged inside.

At once, the guards pulled the man away from Eric.


You two, dont make me call the police,” the senior man said, warning the two with his gaze. He was wearing a vest and tie complete with spectacles. He was like a butler than a store manager.


The man tried hard to fight off the firm grip of one of the guards, but even with his build, he couldnt shake the steel like arms of the sentry while his friend didnt resist one bit.


That asshole threw my phone! Hes the one who should go to jail! The man spat, spit flying from his mouth. He tried to pull away from the guard, only to find his efforts in vain.


Remaining expressionless, Erics eyes stayed glued on the sleeping girl, not one bit interested in the drama.


We will pay for your phone. We will even replace it with a brand new model,” the senior man said. All we are asking, you leave this establishment quietly and never to return.” His voice was calm, yet there was a hint of threat, enough to chill anyone who heard it.


At once, the guy didnt struggle, and the guard let him go.


Hmp! Once I get the money for my phone, I wont ever return to this place even if you drag me back. You have lousy service and rotten nerdy geeks as customers! the man barked, shooting a glare at Eric before he stormed downstairs together with his friend, ranting and cursing along the way.


. . .


. . .


After seconds of silence, Eric commanded with a voice laced in ice, Seal the second floor.”


If Evangeline was awake, she wouldnt recognize this voice. So different from the warm, soothing one.


The old man bowed together with the guards and left.


. . .


. . .


Eric quietly made his way to Evangelines table and breathed a sigh of relief when she remained in peaceful slumber. He sat beside her and stared at her for a time before he gently tucked some of her hair behind her ears.


For a haughty, pompous Queen, you sure are defenseless . . .”

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