I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 15




Evangelines soft but authoritative voice stopped Eric on his tracks. He glanced at her who was standing beside an eye-catching sensual white Ferrari Laferari with a boy his age at the side, who appeared to be her driver –– glaring nonstop at him.


I have a bike. Its much faster with all the traffic outside,” Eric explained, reading Evangelines thoughts. He moved forward without letting her react from his steadfast decision to ride his bike.


Evangeline admitted that for the first time, she was at a loss. Eric didnt exactly say to ride with him and didnt tell where they were going or what the plan was.


Too prideful to ask, she stomped her six inches heel and chaste after him.


Go back first. Ill call when I need your service.”



Not looking back, Evangeline continued to follow Eric. She didnt like it that she was walking behind another. She always walked ahead. A leader, not a follower. But oddly, right at this moment, she didnt mind one bit. Rather, her attention was stolen by the strait of his back, the broadness of his shoulders and the slenderness of his legs.


When they reached his bike, it was only when Evangeline was grounded to reality by the shock of what she saw. She held everything she got not to gasp, trying to remain in control.


She knew if Eric rode his bike and she on her car, they might lose each other. Like he said, it was easier to ride a bike against traffic. And if ever they got separated, she didnt know how to contact him since he didnt have a phone.


Thus, it was better she rode with him –– she concluded.


She was okay on riding a bike since she rode many times before on Ashers bike. What she didnt expect, Erics bike was completely different from what she expected.


Its a peddling bike . . . With a basket on the front and a passenger seat at the back.


She peered at her outfit.


Her body-hugging black chequered shirt with white bow tie and high waist black mini skirt and six inches heels ankle booty wasnt exactly peddling bike material.


Eric mimicked Evangelines gaze. He swept her with his eyes and a glint of desire appeared on his face, but it quickly faded as soon as it came. Instead, He grabbed an extra headgear and handed it to her.




Evangeline wanted to kill Eric.


She never felt insulted in all her life!


You expect me to sit on that filthy . . . thing? she snapped. Calm broken. She was repulsed in anything old and dirty and smell vintage.


Though Erics bike was clean, it was antique and shabby. She couldnt even imagine herself grazing a single strand of her hair on it.


I wont force you then.” Without a word, Eric put on his helmet and rode his bike.



He stopped and stared at her.


Closing her eyes shut, Evangeline deeply took in periodic sharp breaths. And without a word, she grabbed the spare helmet. All her nerves tingled when she stared at the stainless steel passenger seat, destroying it in her mind.


Look, Im running a little late. Are you going to hop in or not? Eric said, voice impatience though the corner of his lips were quirking, fighting his laughter. It was really entertaining watching every contortion of her face.


Evangeline ignored him and continued to breathe in and out.


You can do this Evangeline. Its just a harmless seat. Youre a Queen. Queens dont back out from challenges. They face it head on!


After psyching up her mind and calming her nerves, she put on the helmet and grabbed a disinfectant spray from her bag. She sprayed it on the passenger seat before wiping it clean with a tissue while Eric watched all of this in hilarity.


Without a word, she positioned herself to ride the bike. But before she could hop on, Eric stopped her.




She snapped, voice high pitch as she had about enough of this impudence for one day.


Eric shrugged her discontent as he removed his jacket and gave it to her.


Cover your legs with this.”


Evangeline blinked.


For the first time, she had nothing to say.


She was used to boys offering their expensive leather jacket or cashmere coat to her to step upon so her shoes wouldnt get dirtied. But strangely, warmth flooded her body when Eric offered his scruffy jacket to her which smelled bargain.


She was touch that she forgot herself and blurted out a soft, Thank you . . .”


Lost in her thoughts, she sat on the passenger seat, didnt know which position she should take.


Sit sideways.”

Evangeline followed Erics instructions without any resistance. And not before long, they took off. Surprised by the sudden movement, Evangeline wrapped her arms around Erics waist.


Hold on tight.”


Evangeline was so focused on steadying herself while controlling her nervousness and didnt notice Erics trembling shoulders.


It was her first time riding a peddling bike, so she didnt know how to steady herself. Like one wrong move, she would fall. She was sitting so frigid with her fingers white, balled into fists, wrapped tightly around Erics shirt.


Eric let out another batch of laughters. Then his lips hooked in a sly grin, and purposely took a sharp turn.




“. . .”


“. . .”


It was not only Eric who was surprise upon hearing that girly scream, even Evangeline didnt expect there was something that could make her shriek like that. It was not her.


It was not her voice!


Eric could no longer supressed his laughter. His enjoyment made Evangelines blood rushed to her face.


It was a first that someone made her this fluster that she didnt know what to do nor say. Instead of being angry and lashed out at him for scaring her to death, she indulged herself in listening to his hearty laughter.


It was like a lullaby to her ears, and she like listening to it. It made her feel contended and happy for whatever reasons.

Were here.”


Eric steady his bike so Evangeline could get off first. But after a while, Evangelines hands were still wrapped around his shirt, not letting go.


Glancing at her, he asked, “Whats wrong?


“. . . My legs . . . , Evangeline answered, voice just above a whisper.


What about it? Erics eyes flicked to her legs, but his jacket prevented him from seeing anything.


Evangeline filled her lungs with air.


“. . . Its trembling.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eric pressed his lips together, fighting his laughter. He didnt want to embarrass Evangeline more than she already was. But the little tremor of his shoulders amplified the rosy tint on Evangelines cheeks.


Take your time,” Eric said, breaking the silence. He then shifted his attention forward, stabilizing his bike to support Evangeline while the latter tightly held his shirt.



The gentleness in Erics voice caressed Evangelines heart. She bit her lips, stopping it from quivering.


Under the glowing moon on that busy sidewalk beside the parking reserved for bikes, Eric stood still, holding his bike firmly while Evangeline sat on the passenger seat, holding his shirt.


The cold night air blew gently and the leaves rustled a serenade.


Evangeline never trusted anyone but herself. Not even Asher. Not even her mothers family side.


And yet, here she was, trusting this nerdy guy to hold the bike for her, not letting her fall during her weakest moment.


At this second, she was lulled in peace. Time had stopped.


She wanted this time to freeze forever.

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