I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 14


Eric let out a sigh that he lost count on how many times now.


He didnt know why Evangeline kept appearing in the restaurant where he works since the time that she knew he works there.


Ever since that day with the handkerchief, the aloof woman was coming and having her lunch. Staying until dinner while specifically requesting him, and only him, to serve her.


Even so, he never once dared think that Evangeline have feelings for him for the reason that he knew better.


The woman just wanted him to submit to her.


He could feel it in his bones.

Hello Eric, how are you fairing? Evangeline gave her practice perfect smile that didnt fail every time she showed it on males –– until Eric showed up that is.


In truth, she herself didnt know why she was so obsessed with the idea of Eric submitting to her. The more the guy brush her off, the more challenge she felt.


Usually, if a guy was playing hard to get, she wouldnt bat an eyelid and resume her everyday life. She was never in a shortage of loyal servants anyway.


But now . . . She shook the thoughts out of her head. She dismissed her actions as nothing but a game. An entertainment and amusement in her boring life.


Must be his eyes. She thought. I want his silver eyes for myself.


Must be it.


Im fine, Miss Heart.” Like always, Eric answered straight to the point and as short as possible without any emotion on his face.


Evangelines smile didnt falter.


Hmp! I promise you, at the end of the day, youll be calling me My Queen like everyone else.


The usual, Eric.”  Evangeline crossed her legs and held her chin. Are you free after your shift?


Eric was taken aback, and for a moment, he forgot to answer.


For days, Evangeline dined until the restaurant closed, but she never did once ask if he was free or not.


And the reason for that, whether Evangeline admitted it or not, she was running out of patience. Two more days and the one-week holiday would end. She must make Eric submit to her before class starts! Her stress-free school life depended on it!


I have another work after my shift here,” Eric answered honestly.


Evangeline poured herself some tea and took a sip before she asked, How much is your night?


Stunned, Eric was taken aback.


Excuse me?

Evangeline put down her cup and calmly expounded.


Ill be honest with you. No more games.” She sat straight and interlaced her fingers on the table. I want you to serve me in school. Like doing my assignments, projects and all that.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eric brows crumpled, lips twitching in amusement.


Evangeline inhaled her rose tea. She took a sip and put down her cup, remaining cold and uncaring still.


I wont take up your time. If you like, we can talk more after your shifts ended.”


She then looked at Eric straight in the eyes. “Im a wealthy employer, Eric. You can earn more in a day with me than what youll earn in a month in your night shifts.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Alright . . . ,” Eric said after a moment, if you can wait for me to finish my whole nights job, then well talk.”


Evangeline paused, the rim of her teacup suddenly felt cold against her lips. Raising her head, she stared at Eric with piercingly cold eyes.


This nobody actually dares to ask me to wait?


Miss Heart, I have to go. I wont hold your time. If you still wanted to talk to me about it, we can do it later after I finish all my night shifts.”


Without glancing back, Eric left the dumbfounded Evangeline on her seat.

Miss Heart.”




Evangeline stood when Eric, in his usual messy hair and thick eyeglasses, went up to her table. Skimming her fingers on her jawline, she sized him up and down. Simple black shirt underneath an old jacket paired with jeans and timeworn tennis shoes with his tattered backpack.


Ill take it that what youll discuss with me is quite important seeing that youre willing to wait,” Eric said without any hint of mockery, only amusement in his soothing voice.


Evangeline inwardly sneered.


She still couldnt fathom why she waited. Its just, all of her couldnt accept to give up midway. She wanted those silver irises for herself. She thought if she offered a huge amount of money, Eric would jump at her proposition, seeing he was working day in and day out to earn messily some of income from his payroll.


But contrary to her assumptions, Eric didnt seem to care about money at all!


What a contradicting guy. Why work so hard then?


Breathing a mouthful of air, she calmed herself.


She maintained her haughty expression as she said, Thats right. Its important for me and also for you.”


“. . . Right,” Eric agreed, though his tone said otherwise. My next and last shift for today is in a construction site. Itll end two in the morning.”


“. . .”


“. . .”

It took all of Evangelines self-control just to maintain her calm, indifferent facade.


The nerve of this guy to mention it just now?!


If you want. I can give you the address, and you can meet me there after my shift? Eric said, face and voice serious. There was mirth beneath his silver eyes and a hidden challenge in his tone.


How about tomorrow then?Evangeline wager.


Tomorrow, my work starts at six in the morning and end at two in the morning. This schedule will continue for the rest of the holiday. During weekends, I also have the same schedule.”


“. . .”


This man! Doesnt he rest at all? Why work so much if youre not interested in money?!


Seeing Evangelines troubled face, Eric decided not to tease her anymore. Should we continue our talk when the school starts?


Evangelines nails dug against her crossing arms, trying to held her composure. No, Ill wait. Ill come with you wherever your next work is.”


She didnt know what compelled her to say those words. Pride maybe, or stubbornness and unwillingness to back down. But whatever it was –– it was too late to take it back.


Alright. Shall we go?


Evangeline nodded, and with an overflowing confidence, she walked out of the restaurant with Eric tailing behind her, shaking his head, supressing a smile. 

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