I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 12


Uhmm . . . Ill be having what youll be having,” Sisley said, shyness in her tone. She didnt know anything from the lists of dishes written on the menu. Like she was reading some kind of an ancient language long since forgotten.


She then fidgeted on her seat, smile dropping as she ran her eyes on the price list. One simple dish was already equivalent to her one-month allowance!


Nevertheless, she remained tight lip for the reason that she didnt want to ruin the mood. Didnt want to complain on just their first date.


Shifting her eyes left and right, she fumbled her fingers on top of her lap, trying to hide her ignorance and agitation.

Daniel found the whole thing cute and funny. He then ordered all the expensive dishes on the menu. When the waiter left, the silence between them turned awkward.


It was not like this. He and her always have something to talk about.


Something was different on this day.


Sisley felt this day was special. There was something in the air around them. It was dense, she could almost touch it. Every so often, her breathing hitched as her heart beat in an erratic manner. She felt like tiny creatures were racing inside her stomach and cold sweat layered her palms.


She took a sip of her tea, gulping everything down without savouring the taste. Putting the cup down, she was about to retract her fingers, but Daniel cupped it with his hand. Her attention flicked at the handsome man. Intense ocean blue orbs met submissive hazelnut ones.


Daniels Adams apple bobbled up and down, gulping the lump in his throat. He cleared his throat and licked his dry lips.


Sisleys blushing face turned crimson from neck to head when various naughty thoughts crossed her mind.


Sisley . . . ,” Daniel said, tone nervous. “Theres something . . . I want to tell you . . .


Yes . . . ? Sisley urged when Daniel paused.


Its . . . Im . . . I . . .”


Sisleys heart thumped louder and harder by the second. Her fingers were frigid and cold.


The anticipation was killing her!


I li––

Daniel went stiff, and his brows gradually knit.


Disappointment coated Sisleys face when Daniels eyes skimmed past her, forgetting the words she so longed to hear for so many years.


Her eyes slid to where Daniels gaze, and her fingers curled against her dress.


Evangeline, together with Asher Cole, sauntered inside the restaurant, utterly oblivious to their surroundings. Like always, everyones attention was on her, especially she had a dashing handsome man by her side.


Unlike Sisley who wore a simple dress, Evangeline wore a body-hugging black maxi dress and six inches killer black stilettoes that match breathtakingly well against her white porcelain skin paired with that to die for designer bag. Her long wavy lavender hair was set loose, ornamented by an intricately carved silver headband, adorned with tiny diamonds that glittered like stars. As usual, her stunning face was lavished by perfectly contoured makeup, making her the sun of the day.


She was absolutely gorgeous!


While her splendor didnt overshadow her knight and shining armor. Asher sported a fitted black shirt highlighting his muscular physique while teasingly covering it with a bad boy leather jacket paired with arousing skinny jeans and leather boots.


Asher winked at the females who were eyeing him, and the women fanned themselves as if in heat.


Though she didnt admit to it, Sisley was extremely jealous. Not because Evangeline always got the crowds attention, she was used to that already, it was because Daniels eyes still shone at the sight of her.


Daniel knew he likes Sisley now more than Evangeline, but of course, he still admired Evangelines beauty and grace like any other men. Then something like jealousy, rage, anger boiled inside him when he laid eyes on the man beside Evangeline. Daniel didnt like that feeling. He dismissed it almost instantly.

On the other side, Asher pulled a chair for Evangeline to sit before he sat opposite her.


Asher was speaking to Evangeline when the latters eyes caught someone familiar. She sweetly smiled, waving her perfectly polished fingers.


Asher glanced to where Evangeline was staring. His eyebrow rose and the corner of his lips quirked in a lazy smirk. His dark onyx eyes met that of Daniels blue ones.


Frigid stillness befall the room and sparks ignited between the two. Unspoken challenge, manly pride, and egos battled in the air.


Evangeline rolled her eyes, not minding the egotistical men anymore. She shifted her attention on the menu, ignoring everyone.


Im sorry, my Queen. I didnt know this restaurant turned so low as to accommodate commoners.” Asher sneered, throwing a pointed look at Daniel.


Evangeline laugh a little. Dont mind. Whats a Queen without her commoners subjects to adore her?


Asher ran his fingers through his hair as he laughed, starring at Evangeline with devotion. He then raised his hand at the waiter.


Closing the menu, Evangeline shifted her gaze at the scenery outside the curtain wall, face indifferent.

Are you ready to order, sir?


Upon hearing that clear soothing voice, Evangelines pretty head snapped to where it came from. Her glassy purple eyes met with silver ones hidden beneath a thick-rimmed lenses and strands of dark hair.




Evangeline didnt know her usual soft voice turned high pitch nor that she was smiling from ear to ear with a flash of delight in her eyes. The glimmer was fast –– so fast.


But it didnt escape Ashers scrutinizing gaze.


Fancy meeting you here,” Evangeline said, amused. Do you always work in every restaurant that I ate? Her hand cradled her chin, looking over at the emotionless face of the nerdy man.


Eric gave a polite smile. He brought out his notepad and pen, gesturing he was ready to take their order.


Evangelines long lashes fluttered as she straightened herself on the couch before she spoke with poise and grace and accent, dismissing Eric brushing her off –– yet again.


If that is all, Ill repeat your orders.” Erics thick long lashes came in full view when his eyes lowered to his notepad as he spoke the foreign words in clarity with impeccable articulation.


Evangeline was indeed entertained. This was a first that someone held their own against her. Could look her in the eyes and stood in front of her without stuttering and cowering from her dominance.


If theres nothing else, please excuse me.” Eric bowed while Asher dismissed him impatiently.




Before Evangeline could stop herself, her feelings voiced out from her mouth which made Asher glanced at her in disbelief.


Yes? Eric skid to a stop and faced the intimidating woman with a formal face. He treated Evangeline like she was any other customer.


You havent replied to my e-mail.”


Evangeline didnt know why those words came out instead of youve done a great job with my reaction paper. Therefore, I shall reward you. Name your price.’


Sorry. I dont have a computer and phone with me at that time. If youre thinking of paying me for my service, you can hand the money during the start of the class next week.” Eric bowed once more and left.

A period time passed that Eric disappeared, and Evangeline continued to stare at his tracks without any sentiment on her lovely face.


Do you like him? Ashers ask straight to the point. He wasnt interested about the guy. It was obvious that he and Evangeline were schoolmates based from their interaction.


Ashers angry, discontented voice snapped Evangeline out of her thoughts. Tilting her head to the side, she gave a lazy smile.


Yes. I like him to be my servant at school,” she answered. She then played with her teacup, signaling the end of discussion.


Asher continued to observe Evangeline with possessiveness in his dark onyx eyes.


Evangeline may not notice it, but he did. That quick glint in her eyes and that smile was very different from the way she smiled at him nor from the way she smiled at her servants nor her pets nor anyone for that matter.


I have to end it before it goes out of control! Asher made mental note of this.


Lost in thought, Evangeline was thinking of ways on how to make Eric submit to her. To do her every bidding at school that she didnt notice the murderous glint in Ashers eyes.

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