I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 11


It was already an hour past seven in the morning, and she was still starring dazedly at her laptop. Lazing around on top of her Queen size bed with only her silky lingerie on.


Dont you think he did this on purpose? Like hes playing hard to get? She glanced at her pets beside her.


Oink! Oink!


Summer circled when their eyes met.


Smiling proudly, she nodded at herself. Thats right. He must be! I mean, who in the universe can resist this allure, right?


She slid her gaze to Winter, who was not moving, slumping on top of her paws.


What do you think, Winter?


Winter peeped at her. Her tail sluggishly swung back and forth before she resumed dozing off.


“. . .”


Evangeline shot to her feet, put on her robe before she pressed the intercom. Her eyebrow rose when she saw who was outside in her living room, making himself comfortable, brewing tea. She walked out from her bedroom towards the open living and dining area.

Good morning, Eva! You look breath-taking as always.” Asher flashed his killer flirtatious smile as he prepared their breakfast.

Evangeline quietly sat on the dining table and watched this delicious male specimen of a cousin of hers as he busied himself in her kitchen.

Asher have exclusive access to her unit, and he sometimes brought her servants (fan club) to clean and fed her family (pets).

Dont you have a game to win? she asked after a quick silence.

Nah . . . Ive already won against that guy. Thats enough for me.” Asher remained fixated on what he was doing while whistling from time to time, apparently in a good mood.

Since two years ago, at the sight of his female cousin, the moment he laid eyes on the doll-like woman, he swore he would serve and pamper her for life. He even went out of his way to follow her in this country and transferred schools so he could be with her –– much to his parents, brothers and grandfathers annoyance.

Evangeline gave him a new sense of purpose from his everyday mundane life. The indescribable fulfillment that completed him whenever he served her, and in turn, blessed him with her delightful smirk.

Ashers intention wasnt to led a biker gang. It just happened since he loves motorbikes. The men were attracted to his charisma, deadly charms and dominating aura coupled by Evangelines diehard fans in Fate Academy, one thing led to another, and they formed a club that would do anything to serve their Queen.

A year ago, he didnt attend the interschool sports festival because it didnt interest him. He didnt have any interest in fame nor glory. All he ever wanted was to be with Evangeline.


When he had gotten knowledge she had a boyfriend for the first time, his wonderful world burned to ashes right before his eyes.


Ever since then, he always wanted to teach that Prince charming a lesson.


Originally, he wanted to enroll in Unmei Academy to be with his beautiful cousin, but this lovely cousin of his strongly objected for unknown reasons. Thus, he contented in picking a nearby school instead, which was Fate Academy.


On the other hand, Evangeline didnt want someone to follow her around wherever she went. Unlike her other servants and pawns, who knew their places and standing, contented on watching and serving her, Asher was different. Because he is family.


Her straightforward and dashing rook.


Ashers personality was like a hot-tempered bull. He would trample anyone who dare to antagonize her. He would break their bones for talking nasty things behind her back. He would beat and threatened everyone who wanted to get close to her.


And wheres the fun in that? She smirked.


She didnt know what drama unfolded in yesterdays match since she left early, but she knew who won and who lost thanks to her reaction paper.


Why did you even said yes to that weak sissy anyways? Asher sneered, remembering the pampered Prince.


Smiling sweetly, Evangelines replied, Well, its always convenient to have a servant boy around in school.”


She always wanted someone to tend to her at school, but all the boys who confessed to her ended up bullied out of the Academy. No one lasted.


She needed someone like a knight. Strong, powerful, kind, smart and no matter what, would stay in the Academy to serve her without restricting her freedom. Without hindering her actions. Without getting in her way.

Asher was perfect except for the last two requirements while Daniel was made for the job. He was everything a knight should be. Smart, kind, a perfect gentleman, above all, no one dare bullies him.


Him, being a true blooded Prince! While his handsome looks and sexy physique were all just added bonus.


But unfortunately, he broke after only a year.


So weak.


And that was where Eric came into the picture.


Eric was perfect as a replacement for Daniels position. Though Eric was often tormented, he remained in the Academy. Not minding and succumbing to fear of oppression. A testament to his strong character and one of a kind mental tenacity.


Though Eric lacked Daniels other qualities, titling him half a knight, he would suffice –– for now.


Huffing a laugh, Asher was happy and satisfied with this beautiful, haughty woman. He knew his cousin enjoyed toying and stabbing cold freezing icicles to hot-blooded arrogant, egoistic men.


Hmp! That pussy doesnt deserve the honor of serving you. If you want a servant, Im always willing.” Asher placed the food on the table and served Evangeline her favorite tea before he went to her side and kneeled like a dashing knight in shining armor.


Ill gladly drop everything for you and serve you for eternity,” he earnestly proclaimed, grabbing Evangelines little hand and softly kissed the back of her palm.


Evangeline smirked, sparkles twinkled beneath her eyes.

Daniel peeked at his watch for who know how many times. He took a sidelong glanced at his reflection, reflecting on the full-length glass of the retail store, checking his appearance again and again.


His eyes inspected his brand new tailored V-neck crochet sweatshirt beneath a brown leather coat paired with skinny black pants and leather boots. Everything was brand new and designed by the royal familys designers. His black hair, which changes color to dark chocolate under the light of the sun, was combed to perfection.


He swept his reflection one last time as he arranged the lapel of his coat, making sure that everything was perfect. This was the day he would confess to Sisley. Hence, everything must be perfect.


The confession two days ago was halted when his bright, jovial mood turned to gloom and doom when they lost against Fate Academy. Their team was automatically terminated from the championship without any retaliation, making him the medias favorite topic to scorn while facing his family and friends disappointments. He suffered humiliation because his team didnt win. Because HE didnt win.


So how could he still be in the mood to entertain such thoughts about love at that time?


Depression invaded his thoughts whenever he remembered that mortifying lost. Even with all his skills and speed, he still couldnt beat Asher when it came to techniques and raw strength. Even if their scores were not far apart, the important thing to the masses was the fact that he lost.


And now, he had nothing to do the whole holiday break, but gulped down his humiliation.


He somewhat recovered from the shame and embarrassment, and it was all thanks to Sisley and his friends, sending him encouraging messages these past two days.


Shaking the doom and gloom out of his system, he shifted his focus on this day.


His mood brightened when he thought of all the surprises he had in store for Sisley. He reserved a romantic lunch for them at a membership-only restaurant. And After lunch, he would take her for shopping. He wanted to buy everything that she wanted. Branded dresses, expensive pieces of jewelry, designer bags, shoes, everything her heart desires. And afterwards, they would watch a movie.


Then ending their date with a romantic backyard dinner where he would confess his feelings for her.


Yosh! Daniel fingers curled, psyching himself.

Daniel . . .”


Daniels body shook, and everything turned sunny when he laid eyes upon a charming young woman, half running to him.


Her modest pastel pink princess dress rippled along with her movement. Long white stockings warm her legs paired by pastel rainbow colored doll shoes. Her fluffy hair bounced freely with her every step. She was refreshing and irresistibly adorable that he couldnt stop smiling.


Sorry . . . ,” she breaths. “Did you wait long?


Daniel shook his head. His smile growing wider.


No. Just got here.” He lied and extended his hand to her. Shall we go?


Light rosy pink dusts caressed Sisleys cheeks. Her shaky fingers grabbed Daniels hand. Her heart skipping a beat when he squeezed her hand as they entered the shopping mall to have their lunch.

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