I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 10


Evangeline watched the basketball game with half eyes closed, trying to fight the heaviness of her eyelids, so she wouldnt end slumped on her seat, dead from boredom.


She wanted to storm out from the place, but it had only been five minutes when the game started. She couldnt actually write a reaction paper without knowing what happen at the end.


*sigh . . .


Itll be much easier if I have someone do my school stuffs for me now that Daniel is out of the picture.

Like an answered prayer, a lean boy about six-foot-tall with messy dark hair and thick-rimmed eyeglasses sat beside her.


The students flicked their attention to Evangelines direction, gaping at Eric who nonchalantly put down his tattered backpack on the chair beside Evangeline and casually sat on the empty chair beside his bag.


Evangeline didnt hide her amusement when the old smelly backpack stumbled her view, slumping on the seat next to hers. She raised her pretty purple eyes at Eric, who was oblivious to his surroundings as he continued to scribble on his notes.


Evangeline had lingering interest on Eric ever since his silver eyes enamored her. His eyes werent noticeable at first glance due to his messy thick hair that almost covered his sight and his thick-rimmed eyeglass that hid his silver irises. One had to stare closely into his eyes to noticed those deep hypnotizing silver ores, which glowed like the moon and sparkled like diamonds.


But who would want to spare a glance at a geek? A poor part-timer nobody?




Evangeline ran her eyes on Erics body. Simple black trousers and old leather shoes. White polo shirt underneath a black crosshatch V-neck sweatshirt.


Her lips quirked at the side.


For a nerd, he has good taste.


Her purple eyes turned a shade darker almost violet when she moved to his face, trying to pry at his silver orbs only to see his busted lip and the bruises on his right cheek. Her perfectly shape brows twitched at the sight.


Feeling someone was watching him, Eric slid his gaze from his notes to the woman beside him while Evangeline was not one bit ashamed nor embarrass that she was caught staring. Instead, she smiled even more.


“. . .”


“. . .”

Yes? Eric asked after a moment that they were just staring at each other.


Evangeline gave a lazy half smile. “You, my good gentleman, have a mesmerizing pair of eyes.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Taken a back, Eric didnt expect that Evangeline would complement his eyes out of the blue.


Err . . . Thank you?


Eric, right? What are you writing, Eric?


Once more, Eric was caught off guard when the Evangeline Heart was striking a conversation with him.


Reaction paper.”


Evangelines smile grew wider. She straightened her back and crossed her fingers on top of her lap while looking at him straight in the eyes.


Tell you what, Eric. As an acknowledgment of your achievement at school, Ill give you the honor of writing my reaction paper for me.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Eric blinked. Slow. He stared at her for a time with an unreadable face while Evangelines smile didnt falter under his silence. Her face was held high, shoulders back, exerting her dominance.


After a moment, Eric broke the silence and asked, How much?


Evangeline suppressed a grin. The nerdy, geeky man pricked her interest.


Though he was poor and was always oppressed, but the way he carried himself with straight iron back confidence and his unwavering soothing voice, never hesitating nor stuttering especially talking to a woman like her –– was amusing.


A hundred per page.”


Her chin jutted out smugly, purposely letting him know how rich and rewarding it was to serve her. But instead, Eric just blinked and gave out a nod, not a hint of excitement nor joy on his blank face.




He then resumed watching the game, no longer interested at the conversation while Evangelines long lashes flickered many times in incredulity.

She felt uncomfortable, and oddly . . . displeased that, for the first time, a guy brushed her off just like that.


A nerd.


A nobody.


Controlling herself, she reached inside her designer bag and handed a card to him.


My email and contact number. I hope you can send the paper by tonight. Lets say . . . around seven? Her way of punishment for brushing her off.


The papers time limit was when the interschool games was over, which was a week from now. But she wanted to make it harder for him. Wanting him to waver and admit to her that he couldnt meet her deadline. After all, the reaction paper was no less than four thousand words. And by the time that the game was finished, the sun was probably set.


However, Eric just glanced at her and grabbed the card. Then he nodded and resumed watching the game.


Evangelines browse briefly wrinkled on her forehead.


This nobody sure has guts to brush me off –– twice!


Calm yourself, Evangeline! You need this guy to do all your school work for you from now on. Nothing is wrong in giving rewards and leniency to deserving servants.


Slowly regaining her composure, she clasped her hands before grabbing her bag and shot to her feet.


Splendid!was all she said and swayed out the stadium.


As soon as Evangelines shadow disappeared, Eric fought a smile. But then his face swiftly went back to its usual unreadable stoic expression.

Heavens Tower, at precisely seven in the evening.


Evangeline smirked when she checked her e-mail and saw Eric had already sent her reaction paper. She downloaded the content and gave the man a clap for a job well done.


It was a twenty-page composition, and Eric exceeded her expectations.


She softly laughed, stroking Springs chubby little chin. Looks like I have found a convenient pawn.”


She emailed Eric back.


[A job well done, Eric. Well of course, coming from our departments number one scholar, I expect no less. I have your money ready. Where will I deposit it?]



. . .


. . .


Evangeline raised an eyebrow when Eric hadnt reply after five minutes. After another period of time, she realized that Eric wasnt going to reply to her, she closed her laptop. No worries, he has my number. Hell call me.


She repressed a giggle, entertaining the thought that Eric wanted something else as payment or wanted to meet up so she could personally hand the money to him. A common excuse to see her. Same strategy as the men who wanted to date her.


Her wild thoughts continued to fantasize the longer Eric didnt reply.


Eric is probably playing hard to get.


Evangeline didnt know that she was oddly becoming obsessed at knowing what Erics response was that she stayed up until night.


After a long period of indulging in her imagination, sleep consumed her, a small smile tickling her lips.

In a construction site of a new shopping mall and residential building, Eric was working hard, doing heavy lifting and assembly.


After he was done typing Evangelines reaction paper, he sent it to her e-mail and paid the internet shop for he didnt have the time to go home for his laptop because of his night job that was about to start. And since he didnt have a phone, he didnt bother to inform her.


He then stormed to his night shift.


Eric took the advantage of the whole one week break to do contractual jobs so he could earn more money.


So I can return to my country.

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