I am the Queen Book 1

Chapter 1


After two years


Pst . . . Look, its the Ice Queen.


Shes so mesmerizing as always.


Well, that is what shell ever be. Its a good thing she has that beautiful face. With her rotten personality and brains, what will be left of her?






Hey! Look, its the Prince.


Woah! Hes so dashing as always. A perfect male lead in any drama.


As usual, theyre together. Im surprised how Daniel can stand her. Shes so nasty.


Well, it only proves beauty blinds all men.





Amidst the sea of gossiping flashy diversified crowds of students with their competitive outfits, a girl with pink shoulder-length fluffy hair, combed neatly in a cute ribbon headband, was walking under the gentle wind of the Summer sky. Her hazelnut eyes shone as her pinkish lips curve in a radiant smile, drawing dimples on her cheeks. She looked cute and adorable in her simple white shirt and blue chequered above the knee skirt paired with white sandals and shoulder leather bag.


She tucked a hair behind her ear, blown by the calm breeze, and the boys stopped, glancing at her with their adoring eyes.


A moving sight to behold in the early Summer morning, putting the onlookers in a good mood.


The only problem was; she didnt have any crest on her, which signifies the higher echelon of the Academy. But even so, she was not oppressed due to her cheerful and down to earth personality. Another reason, she studied her whole life in Unmei Academy ever since her primary days. Thus, all the students, Elites or not, regarded her with respect and adoration.


Sisley Lacroft. The only daughter in a simple middle-class family of five.


Sisley smiled and waved her hands when she saw her friends, Jen Combrelle and Max Figardo, both were Elite students. Also, one of the reasons why Sisley was not tormented. With a best friend like Jen, the prime ministers daughter, and Max, son of a tycoon in Apricot Country in the south, second only to Burberry Country in terms of wealth, no one would dare antagonize her.

As to the story as to how they became friends, Jen and Sisley knew each other since young. At first, Jen ridiculed Sisley for being poor back in their primary days. However, Sisley continued to befriend the prime ministers daughter and the only girl who played with the spoiled princess. And before they knew it, they became the best of friends.


As for Max, he like Sisley since their first year in college until this day of their second year. Even though he knew Sisley already like someone else, he secretly nourished his feelings for her. Helping her whenever necessary.


Hey! Look whos there! Jen nudged Sisley, pointing a finger to where the infamous Evangeline Krisnov was –– now, Evangeline Heart, together with Daniel Richardson, walking hand in hand.


Daniel Richardson. A nice young gentleman, born in a wealthy aristocratic family in Everland country, which is a far running contender for being the first flourishing country next to Burberry. He has royal blood with his mother being a Duchess while his father a Prince, making his grandparents the Queen and King of Everland.

But even so, even with all the wealth, fame and power, Daniel remained humble and kind to everyone.

Though Daniel forgot about her, forgotten how he saved a young girl in the past, Sisley cherished those memories deep in her heart for it was when her romantic feelings blossomed –– blossoming each year.


Smiling, she ignored the pain in her chest, ignoring the various negative emotions boiling inside her. She was in love with Daniel ever since he helped her, a total of eight years to now. She watched as Daniel and his girlfriend for one year, Evangeline Heart, her classmate ever since as long as she could remember, strolling for class. Looking like a pair of lovers straight out from a painting.


It was like something of a higher power was playing with Evangeline and her, sticking them together in the same classes since eight grade.


And now, she, Daniel, and Evangeline, together with Max, were in the same course, business management. While Jen was in the fashion design and modeling department, taking a modeling course.


At first, Sisley didnt know which course to take, so she decided to take whatever Daniel was taking. But she sure didnt expect that Daniel and Evangeline would be an item after only a month of starting their first year in college.


Sisley bitterly smiled at herself. After she greeted Max, she focused her attention on her best friend, who wouldnt stop frowning and glaring at Evangeline Heart.


Why are you always glaring at her? She didnt do anything to you, she said, speaking her thoughts.


Raising an eyebrow, Jen glanced at her before rolling her dark blue eyes in the sky.


And why are you defending her? Jen countered. Come on. You know better than anyone how cruel and nasty that bitchs personality is!


Sisley bit her lower lip, couldnt argue with what her friend said.

That was right. She knew better than anyone how cruel Evangeline could be –– being classmates with her and all.


Evangeline was like a high Queen who wouldnt bother a single fleeting look at anyone nor a small curve of the lips. Not even to adults and teachers.


Ever since elementary, Evangeline was always arrogant and proud and cruel. If someone seated beside her, they had to steel themselves for once their things fell in her personal space, she stomped it with her million-dollar shoe.  If someone talked to her, she sent them crying back to their mommy. When someone accidentally bumped into her, she embarrassed them for the entire school to see. If someone confessed to her, she made them her slave.


She doesnt say sorry –– ever!


She wont genuinely smile at anyone –– ever!


She was unstoppable and took anything and everything she wanted with a smile on her face. She wore her strength and weakness equally well. She had always been half goddess, half hell.


Hmp! Shes a perfect example of beauty with no brains. I cant believe Daniel fell for her!Jen continued to berate.


Sisley didnt say anything at the continuing rude remarks of her best friend.


Evangeline was smart during their elementary days, a constant honor student. However, ever since her mother died, she just let go of everything and did whatever she wanted.


Sometimes, she wondered why Evangeline still goes to school.


Must be for Daniel. Her chest tightened at the thought.

Well, you got to admit, the girl is a turn on,” Max whistled, eyeing Evangelines round, voluptuous butt.


Evangeline was wearing a sexy red bodycon dress insinuating all her curves. And Sisley thought that throughout the years, the beautiful Evangeline turned into an alluring Divinity. She couldnt entirely blame Daniel why he fell for Evangelines charms. Whether the girls liked it or not, most of the boys in the Academy has a crush on Evangeline Heart even with her unpleasant personality.


Hmp! You men and your lustful nature! Jen barked, batting an eyelid at Max while the latter reciprocated with a playful wink.


Come on, stop arguing.” Sisley interfered. Were going to be late for our first class.


She grabbed both Jen and Maxs arm and pulled them towards the majestic building designated for marketing college students while Jen went to her own departments building.

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