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Chapter 39: Wedding

I looked at myself in front of the mirror.

The girl who was looking back at me felt distant. I couldn’t even recognize her.

Long pink hair in a tight bun with few droplets of strands falling beside her beautiful framed face with a tiara and a veil holding everything together. The face was all covered with makeup, nonetheless, it didn’t hide the swelling of her eyes. She was wearing an enchanted white wedding dress that complemented all her curves which made her even more mesmerizing.

I sighed…

I still couldn’t believe that I was getting married.

I had mix feelings about this, but this was not the time to ponder about it, or I’d cry again or even worse……

Leave and run away.

I immediately shook the idea off my head.



“Come in!”


I turned around to see my best friend, Leanna, in her stunning Eva Heart signature bridesmaid dress.

“Hey! You made it!” I immediately ran towards her, not minding my dress and six inches’ heels.

We hugged each other tightly.

I really miss her.

It had almost been a year since Cain, her husband, just kidnapped her for their honeymoon.

That’s right!

I let her go and immediately inspected her – staring at her belly.






Not even a slight bump.

“You won’t find anything in there but undigested food~!”

Chimed a cheerful voice and came in Estela in her angelic million-dollar designer white bridesmaid dress, carrying her baby girl in her arms, her and Zhander’s second child.

What! Even with all those honeymoons, you still didn’t get pregnant?!” I teased.

Leanna just frowned. “Cain and I decided that we don’t want kids at the moment.”

“The purpose of honeymoon is so you can get pregnant.” I rolled my eyes and went to kiss Estela’s cheeks and her beautiful baby girl.

“Our honeymoon is purely for pleasure,” Leanna rebutted nonchalantly.

I didn’t argue anymore and focused my attention on that beautiful, innocent, adorable sleeping child.

I couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of having my own family.

“Where’s Zhander?” I asked the charming woman.

“He’s already at the church with Zachary. Leanna and I just wanted to see you. Making sure that you didn’t run away. Tehehehe~” Estela teased and looked at me knowingly.

I frowned.

“Why would I want to run away?”

“Oh~… I don’t know~… maybe because you don’t want to get married~?”


Leanna warned, and Estela immediately zipped her mouth with a playful smile on her lips.

I sighed.

I thought I hid my feelings well.

But these guys could clearly see the hesitation in my eyes.

Don’t worry. I have a veil to cover my eyes later.

“Elliot is a nice guy. His caring. His understanding. His funny. His kind… and….”

I blinked several times to wiped away the tears forming in my eyes before they could even fall.

“…. And I’m going to marry him,” I said with finality.



Leanna gently held my hand and smiled at me. “Zoe, it’s alright. As long as you’re happy.”

Am I?

“Yes… I’m happy.”

I didn’t know what happened next, the next thing I knew, I found myself being led by grandpa Luke by the arm, walking down the aisle towards that young, handsome man, all smiles, looking adoringly at me.

I didn’t even know how my trembling legs made it next to Elliot after grandpa Luke hugged and kissed my cheek with moistening eyes.

I didn’t notice everyone to be exact. All my feelings, as well as my brain were all jumbled up at the moment.

I couldn’t even organize my own thoughts.

But even so, all those feelings battling inside of me, one rose above the rest – screaming…..

I don’t want to get married!

I bit my lips and tried to focus on that white dress man in front of us who was talking about something. However, all I could hear were the rattling sound of my feelings.

“Zo…… e… oe…. zo….”



I immediately turned towards Elliot’s frantic voice.

Elliot signaled me with his eyes, and that was when I noticed that everyone was quiet, and then my eyes turned towards the priest in confusion.

“Sorry…. what was that?”

“Do you, Zoe Collin, take Elliot Volknov as your husband for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” The priest kindly repeated.

I stared blankly at him.


Elliot whispered once more when I didn’t react and just continued to stare at the priest, my thoughts elsewhere.

Wondering to that handsome young boy with deep brown eyes.

Whispers resounded when I didn’t answer, and then the priest repeated again.

“Do you, Zoe Collin, take Elliot Volknov as your husband for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

I glanced at Elliot and saw his calm, kind face, smiling at me, yet beneath his eyes were deep bottomless worry and fear.



“I-I-I……. d-d—”


Instantly, my head turned towards that voice.

That voice that I longed for these past few months.

Everything stopped, even all the emotions battling inside me stopped.

My thoughts.

The people.

The world.

Everything just stopped at the sight of him, and everything fell in place – and I felt peace.

Lawrence looked as dashing as always. His silver hair, cut clean. He had this refreshing youthful look, like he just came out of bath, even though his swollen eyes said otherwise.


He whispered, unsure of what to do after he just barged inside.

I didn’t even know how he entered the tightly guarded church.

The twins weren’t invited to my wedding – I don’t even have to explain why.

But soon enough, I didn’t have a spare moment to wonder why as all of my thoughts instantly jumbled up again inside my head.

The suppressed feelings exploded. All of me just wanted to run to him; only my feet were shaking non-stop that I was afraid if I moved, I would stumble and fall.

“Zoe…… I made a mistake in letting you go in the past… twice. Leaving you at that hotel and also not stopping you from leaving me at that time on my thirteenth birthday… I don’t want to make that same mistake again… I don’t want to watch you be taken away from me forever!”

Lawrence pleaded with his eyes and voice.

“Zoe…. I don’t have anything to offer you but my love… I’m not old enough. I can’t protect you thoroughly. I don’t have a company of my own. I’m not even a multi-billionaire… But what I can promise you… even though I’m not old enough, I’ll take care of you until the end of your days… I can’t protect you, but I will die first than ever let any harm befall you… I don’t have enough money to buy everything that you wanted, but I am willing to give up everything that I have to give you a happy and comfortable life….”

Lawrence walked towards me and extended his hand which made my tears fell even faster.

“Please… choose me…. be with me forever….” He pleaded.

I was now hyperventilating as I seemed to be suffocating with these overwhelming traffic jams of emotions inside me.

I slowly glanced at Elliot with reddening teary eyes and flushed face, but I didn’t say anything… just continued to watch him as he stared intently at me with an unreadable face.





The room filled with deafening silence as everyone’s whole focus were on us.

I continued to be stunned there like a paralyzed, hyperventilating idiot, shifting my eyes left and right – unsure of what to do.

The man I love vs. the man who had been by my side throughout these past years, the man I didn’t want to betray the most.


Automatically, my eyes widened as it darted towards Elliot with mouth hanging open.

“I’m setting you free…”

Elliot seriously whispered, then he flashed out a sad smile which only made my heart tightened.

“E-Elliot…. I-I-I…”

“Go with him, Zoe…. before I change my mind.” Then he shifted his head when tears fell from his sorrowful eyes.

Before I knew it, my body flew towards him in an embrace.

“This would be so much easier if you were a bad guy,” I sobbed.

“Heh, if I am, will you even date me?” He chuckled amidst the tears in his eyes.

I softly laughed and kissed his cheek, his lips – one final time.

“I love you, Elliot. I truly love you….”

“Mmm… I know… But you love him more.” He whispered while maintaining that melancholic smile on his face.

I closed my eyes and hugged him again – tightly.

Letting him know how grateful I am to him.

Before he could even hug me back… I let him go and ran towards Lawrence – towards the future that I so dreamed of every day.

I literally jumped when I was just inches away from him, falling into his warm embrace.

We hugged each other tightly, making up for the lost time.

Then he pulled away and cupped my cheeks while his eyes glistened with so much love and happiness.

“Thank you….”

He kissed my forehead and held my hand to pull me outside of the church where a white chopper was waiting for us.

“Come with me. Let’s travel the world together.”

I giggled and grabbed his extended hand.

I saw many people went outside, including Leanna and Cain, Estela and Zhander together with their children and grandpa Luke, all looking at us above with confused faces though smiling eyes.

I didn’t have the time to wave them goodbye when Lawrence held my chin and pressed his lips against mine in a passionate kiss.

Leanna looked up at the sky and couldn’t help but smile widely.

Of course, she was happy.

Her best friend slash sister in law was now truly happy together with her brother.

One happy ending.

But still, she couldn’t help but glance at the cold man beside him.

“Cain, how did Lawrence get in the tightly guarded church? And why are they riding your chopper?”

Cain just smiled at her as he embraced her – bringing her closer to him.

“Why don’t you stop thinking about insignificant things and focus on me instead?”

Then he lowered his head and kissed her hair.

“Due to constant disruptions in our honeymoon, I demand compensation of another year.” He murmured between kissing her hair.

Her face immediately turned red.

“Can’t you think anything else besides sex?”

“It’s not sex that I’m constantly thinking… It’s you that I’m thinking all the time… naked, of course….”

She chuckled and shook her head.

It’s useless to argue with him.

She couldn’t help but glance at Estela and Zhander together with their beautiful kids.

A boy and a girl.

She looked at them with longing in her eyes.

Then she shook away the thoughts and hugged the cold man tightly.

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