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Chapter 38: Magic Words


*sigh . . .


Lawrence breathed as he drank the tequila in one gulp.


He was sitting at a bar in New Haven, alone, drinking all his sorrows and frustrations away.


No one recognized him.


Who would?


His hair grew longer until it reached his shoulders. His face was ragged, and stubbles formed on top and below his lips. His once lively eyes deemed and bloodshot as it focused on the television, hanging atop the bar counter.


Elliot Volknov and Zoe Collins wedding is held tomorrow at . . . cathedral . . . while . . . guests . . .”


Seven months . . .


It was exactly seven months after their seventeenth birthday, and he hadnt gotten hold of Zoe –– not even once.


He tried everything, calling her, texting her, knocking on her unit, waiting all day for her outside of her flat . . . yet Zoe already left New Haven.


He hired someone to look for her, but all information pertained to her was elusive.


I bet it was Elliots doing.

He thought having a pretend girlfriend would make Elliot at ease and, in turn, make her stay, but it pushed her away instead.


He sighed and closed his eyes tight.


The tequila did wonders on him.


Ever since she disappeared, he was drinking, though he was not use to it and just vomit it all up later.


However, the alcohol somehow erased the pain –– at least momentarily.


Brother in law.”


He frowned.


He didnt like that voice.


That arrogant, domineering voice.


He ignored the man with silver hair who sat beside him, looking all otherworldly in his simple black V neck long sleeve shirt and pants.


Well, you look a lot worse than I thought.”


The man chuckled while his eyebrows formed in one line.


What do you want? he barked.


Cain raised an eyebrow as he tilted his head to the side, hand holding his chin. His legs crossed while looking down at him.


Damn this demon.


Though I dont want to . . . but my wife is constantly worrying about you. Cant even have a proper honeymoon with all this drama been going on,” Cain said. His words devoid of any emotions except for the wife part.


He frowned and glared at him, saying with his eyes to stay the fuck away.


Lets get straight to the point. Im here to help you,” Cain said with a blank face.


Help me? Help me with what? he mocked and resumed drinking even though he already wanted to vomit.


Help you with that.” Cain pointed a finger to a gorgeous girl with pink hair, smiling on the screen.


His fingers balled until his nails dug into his palms.


You just have to say the magic words,” Cain teased as he grinned.


He cursed.


I dont know why my sister even like this man!


His pure evil.


A demon!




Cain urged when he didnt answer. He just stared on the screen with a blank mind. His bloodshot eyes were full of longing and hurt.


He closed his eyes tight.  Shes . . . already happy . . . I dont want to ruin it.”




Much to his annoyance, Cain just laughed at his hearty words.


Continue to be miserable then.”


Im not that selfish. I know when to back down.”


Cain smirked. Then enjoy being miserable for the rest of your life.” He then stood and was about to leave when he grabbed his shirt.




“. . .”


“. . .”


After a short hesitation, he asked with a trembling voice.


C-can you really . . . ?  He bit his lips, unable to continue his words.


Cains eyes narrowed, and with a cold deadpan voice, he answered, “All you need to say is the magic words.”


Lawrence closed his eyes tight, and with an unwilling, hesitant voice, he said, P-please help me . . . b-brother in law . . .”


. . .


. . .




Cain went out of the bar with shaking shoulders –– holding his laughter while Lawrence watched him with an annoyed, embarrassed face.


I hate him.

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