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Chapter 37: He Knows


Days before Lawrence and Lances seventeen birthday.


Hey, Lawrence, can I have a word for a moment? Elliot asked on the other side of the phone.




Lawrence replied but couldnt help but be curious. Elliot rarely called him, and if he does, it was mostly because Zoe didnt pick up her phone.


Zoe . . .


He sighed, thinking about her.


After that night in the hotpot restaurant where they met Nicholas and Sophia, Zoes been avoiding him.


Just one little slip of the tongue.


And it ruined everything.


That proved how fragile their complicated relationship was.

Actually, its about this girl named Maxine Bell.”


Lawrence was surprised, and a smile blossomed on his face.


He and Maxine used to be so close when they were kids. Though he didnt have any news about her after that night on their thirteenth birthday, he still didnt forget he used to like her.


Even he didnt have any feelings of love for her now, he still has feelings of care and nostalgia towards her.


You see, I know her father through some of my business transactions. She and I had a couple of small talks, and thats where a topic about you popped up. She said that if you have the time, you could meet up? I didnt give your number since I dont have that right. She gave her number instead.”


Oh. Yeah, I know her.” Lawrence huffed a laugh, but he didnt make any efforts to get her number since he wasnt interested. But Elliot gave her number anyways.


She said she misses you and cant wait to see you again. Shes a lovely girl and very much single.” Elliot teased, and Lawrence just laughed it off.


Alright, Ill contact her,” he lied.


Okay. Thats all then.”


Alright. Bye, Elliot.”


Alright, bye . . . Oh, right . . . Lawrence.”




Zoe is going out with me now.”


“. . .”


And the call ended.


. . .


. . .


It was a moment that Lawrence just stared at his phone, looking stunned. His face was pale. Even though the heater was on, he only felt cold.


He knows?


For how long?


Did Zoe tell him? But why only warn me now?


Wait . . . Did he . . .  saw and heard those exchanged of I love yous at that time?


But no one was there except us.


Lawrence face-palmed himself.


Someone was spying on them and reported it to Elliot. From the very start, Elliot already knew everything. He didnt intervene because Zoe and he did have a platonic relationship, but after that slipped of the tongue . . .


But why did Elliot let us?


Of course, he was not letting us.


Elliot was apparently spying and guarding Zoe all the time while giving her the freedom to do what she wanted.


He dialed Zoes number, but no one answered.


He tried to message her but quickly dissolved the idea.


If I told her, for sure . . . she would break every relation with me.


The only thing which held their fragile relationship was because Zoe was confident that Elliot didnt know their past. That the only thing they have was purely friendship.


If Elliot did know, then . . .


Zoe will cut every relation with him for that guy.


But . . .


What if . . . Ill have a girlfriend? That way, Elliot could be at ease and maybe . . . maybe . . . he wouldnt tell Zoe, and I could still have her even as just friends?


His overwhelming feelings and emotions overtook his rationality as the only thing mattered to him right now was keeping Zoe by his side, whatever the cost.


His fist clenched.


He made a decision and dialed Maxines number.

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