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Chapter 35: Platonic


I stood and circled my way. Before they could ask what I was doing, I sat beside Lawrence in front of Sophia.


Lawrence, its cold there. Scoot over,” I commanded and shoved Lawrence to the left.


The two watched in astonishment while Lawrence didnt say anything as he scooted over with a hint of a smile on his lips until he was in front of Nicholas.


After Sophia and Nicholas ordered, they started small talk between the two of us.


So, Lawrence, right? I never thought Leanna has a handsome man as a brother and two at that.” Sophia sweetly smiled. The whole time, her hawk-like eyes stayed glued on him.

Lawrence politely smiled and resumed eating his food in silence.


My lips quirked up at Sophia when her smile fell, but this woman was persistent tonight while Nicholas conversed with me. But every time he opened his mouth, Lawrence would put meat on the hot pot –– blocking me from Nicholass view, not giving the man a chance to open up a conversation with me, which I secretly giggled in delight.


So . . . Lawrence, I heard you and Zoe are close friends. Im surprised that my sister here didnt attack you with how handsome you look and all.”


Zoe and I are just friends,” Lawrence replied merely.


Which caused my heart to tighten.


You wanted this.


Sophias eyes flashed with excitement as she held her chin with two hands.


Is that so . . . Im so envious of my sister here. Shes so lucky. To have Elliot as a boyfriend and you as a friend.”


I frowned, especially when she emphasized the friend part.


Well, Zoe deserves the best of both worlds.”


Lawrences face didnt change one bit as he continued to eat with a smile on his face. He was so professional in dealing with different kinds of people. While me, on the other hand, was frowning and glaring at the two nonstop.


Of course she does,” Sophia chimed, yet she didnt bother to look at me.


Only that, other girls would think youre taken.” She giggled while I rolled my eyes, and I was not afraid to show it.


Lawrence stopped eating. He glanced at me with a doting look on his face that I couldnt help but blush.


Its alright. I dont need other girls. Zoe is already a handful enough.” He then winked at me and resumed eating.


. . .


. . .


Its just not the two who were stunned, I was paralyzed as well.


My face flared.


I pretended to eat as if nothing happened.


Sophias brows twitched, but her angelic smile stayed plastered on her pretty face while Nicholas cleared his throat, ready to say something.


Zoe, there––


Oh, thats right! Zoe, do you remember that cat we saw the other day?


Lawrence interjected Nicholas yet again, which caused the latters face to flushed red from anger, which was amusing, to say the least.


Yeah, what about it? I answered, holding my laughter.


Someone already adopted him.”



Yeah, we were too late. I told you to buy him there and then.” Lawrence grinned, yet all I did was frown.


I like that cat we saw at the pet shop we stumbled upon when he and I took our usual morning stroll and decided to take the other way around.


I sighed in acceptance.


That was when Nicholas gulped his food and opened his mouth. But before he could utter a word –– Lawrence beat him to it again.


Like that, the whole dinner, Lawrence and I talked about the things that only we knew, not giving Nicholas and Sophia any chance to converse with us. Even with all the talking, we still managed to finish everything while Nicholas and Sophia watched us in astonishment and disgust as we talked even with our mouths full.


Lawrence and I didnt need manners in front of these people.


Eventually, we said our goodbyes when we finished our meal, but the two wanted to invite us out in a club.


Sorry. Zoe and I have something urgent to do.”


It was Lawrence who answered. I glanced at him with questioning eyes.


Oh, what kind of something? Sophias eyes flashed with mischievousness while she brought her fingers to her chin.


Lawrence bit his lower lip, looking cute much to my annoyance.


Its a . . . secret.”


Lawrence whispered, and I saw from the corner of my eyes how Sophia pressed her legs together.


This slut!


She was probably aroused at Lawrences alluring face and voice.




What kind of . . . secret? Sophia mirrored his voice, and I wanted to grab a bottle and smash it on her face.


Well . . . Zoe and I will prank this person. Well go to her place and put hair remover into her shampoo. Keep it a secret, alright? Lawrence shot Sophia his killer smile, and winked at her.


Sophias color went white. Her sweet smile froze on her face while Nicholas choked in shock.


I held my mouth when I was on the verge of giving in to laughter.


I told Lawrence all about myself and about my family. But the thing was, until today, Sophia and that two-faced bitch Emma didnt know who the culprit was who put hair removal in their shampoo. They simply thought they had suffered some kind of scalp disease.


But now they know.


I dont care.


Im done with them anyway.


Before I could burst out laughing, Lawrence grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the restaurant.


Ahahahahaha! I cant believe you said that! Youre so heartless! Ahahahahaha!I said between laughter the moment we stepped outside.


Lawrence shook his head while smiling. I dont want to hear that from someone who put hair removal in someone elses shampoo.”


Oh, my god! Ahahaha! I cant stop laughing! Did you see her face?! It was epic! Ahahaha! I laughed so hard I was afraid my inside would come out of my mouth.


Lawrence stared at me while shaking his head.


I cant believe you! Youre so . . . Ahaha! Youre so . . . Ahahaha . . . *sigh . . . Thats why I love you,” I proclaimed as I collected myself and wiped my tears.


I love you too . . .”


. . .


. . .


I-I mean platonic . . . P-platonic k-kind of love. Y-you know . . . as friends . . . ,” I corrected after the awkward silence.


Of course. Just . . . friends. I love you as a . . . friend,” he explained with a smile on his face while his eyes darkened.


Y-yeah . . . totally . . . platonic . . .”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Lets go. Its getting dark,” he said, and before I could react, he walked towards his car, leaving me feeling guilty and ashamed.

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