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Chapter 34: Hot Pot


Hey, look at that. Thats Lawrence Lee.”


Oh my god. Lawrence Lee.”


Hes so beautiful in person.”


Whos that girl beside him?


Isnt that Zoe Collin? The black sheep of the Collins?


Whats their relationship? Are they going out?


Havent you heard the news? Lawrence is Leanna Lees brother, and Zoe is her best friend. Rumor has it that the two of them are close friends.”

They dont look like just friends. Theyre so close.”


Isnt she going out with Elliot Volknov? That bitch has the best of luck. Dating two handsome men at the same time.”






The whispering continued, but Lawrence and I ignored it. Weve already got used to it. Though in the past, there was news that got out of hand, grandpa Luke and Elliot made sure to take care of it. After that, no media dared to make a scandal out of us again.


Hey, thats mine! I cooked that!


Lawrence exclaimed and was about to pick the meat off my plate, but I quickly shoved it into my mouth.


He gaped at me in astonishment when I picked his meat in the hot pot and shoved it all into my mouth, not minding the heat.




Im hungry,” I whined between munching.


And you dont think Im not?


Lawrence frowned as he raised his hand at the waiter. More lamb, angus, and wagyu meat, please. Oh! And add more cabbage and mushrooms as well. Thanks.”


The waiter looked at him in a daze. He must have been in a shock on how two people could finish a meal for ten.


What do you think youre doing? I asked when Lawrence covered his bowl. His one hand was holding his chopsticks while his other circled his bowl in a protective stance.


I have a feeling youll snatch my bowl away from me,” he said and chewed his food in a hurry.


I rolled my eyes and shoved the remaining meat in the pot. As I waited for it to cook, I salivated at his bowl full of meat.


Im still starving.


Arent you ashamed that Im going hungry here while you chomp your food nonstop?


When he looked at me, I snatched a lump of meat from his bowl and chewed it all down.


Hey! Alright, thats it!


Lawrence picked my meat in the pot, and my eyes widened as I clamped the meat with my chopstick.


Lawrence and I glanced at each other, our brows furrowed as we were battling for that piece of food with our chopsticks –– not one backing down.


Lawrence, how could you! Im a girl!


Zoe, youre much older than me. You should be more mature.”


Be nice to your elders and give me that meat! I roared.


You should be ashamed of yourself in arguing with a kid. Act your age and give this meat to me.”








The meat flopped from our chopsticks and went straight to the floor.



Both of us looked at that meat with longing.


Uhm . . . ah . . . y-your orders . . . ?


We looked over at the waiter who was carrying plates of meat in hands, and my eyes shone.


Can we use this extra burner? Lawrence gestured at the unused burner by the side.


We were seated at a four-person table, and there were two burners.


Thats right. Just one took a lot of time for the meat to cook,” I added.


Actually, I think we should cook our own meat. Youre such a glutton.”


What did you say? Fine then! Hey, you! Give me those, now!


The waiter took a step back as I eyed those plates of food on his hands.


What are you talking about? I ordered those. Order your own.”


Lawrence countered and actually stood and grabbed the plates from the waiters hand. The waiter scratched his head, unsure of what to do.


I cant believe you. Youre so stingy and ungentlemanly.”


Zoe, its called gender equality. Isnt that what you girls are fighting for?


Grrr . . .”


I glared at him before I bared my fangs at the waiter. Bring me the same thing he ordered!


The waiter nodded and scurried away.


I glanced at Lawrence, who sat beside me so he could use the other burner. When our eyes met, he smirked and purposely dangled the meats in front of me.


My eyes narrowed, and I pinched his arm.


Aw! Hey, thats physical abuse! How many times is it now? Ill definitely sue you.”


I scoffed. Go ahead.”


Hello, Zoe. Looks like you guys are having fun.”


Lawrence and I raised our head, and my forehead creased.


Sophia, together with Nicholas, was standing in front of us. She, as always, was garnished with designer clothes while Nicholas held his own in his latest Armani shirt and Marc O Polo jacket.


This two had always been together ever since that day I saw them on the upper floor of the gallery at that time at Sophias auction, four years ago.


But the two always denied their secret relationship and said they were just close friends.


Friends with benefits, I bet.


Mind if we join you guys? Nicholass eyes shone in expectation as he looked at me.


Sorry. Lawrence and I are already using the two burners.”


Oh, dont worry. We wont be eating hot pot anyway,” Sophia replied and sat in front of Lawrence.


My face turned severe when Nicholas sat in front of me.


It was like we were on a double date –– me with Nicholas and Lawrence with Sophia.


I dont like this.


Especially on how Sophias eyes sparkled at the sight of Lawrence, like an old maid starved for younger boys.


I knew that look on Sophias face.


It was a look that she found her next prey.

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