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Chapter 33: Close

And….. what are you doing here inside my unit? Sleeping on the sofa like you own the place?”

I raised an eyebrow at Lawrence who was being comfortable laying, back first, on the sofa while one arm covered his eyes.

“Let me sleep here. I don’t want to disturb my brother who is busy making out with Emery.”

I didn’t react and continued to stare down at him.

“Tell me honestly, is your brother and Emery going out?”

Finally, Lawrence shoved his hand away from his eyes as he got up to sit on the sofa. He bent his body and held his chin on one hand while frowning.

“How should I know? When it comes to his love life, he refuses to tell me anything. That guy is so secretive, whereas, he knows everything about me. Isn’t that unfair? And we are supposed to be twins who have an unbreakable bond.”

He procrastinated while I shook my head and sat beside him, mirroring his position.

After a moment of his ranting, he became quiet.

“I’m so bored,” I mumbled after a while.

“Me too.”

“It’s raining hard outside, and it’s so cold with winter season being near.”




“Hey.” I nudged at him which he just glanced at me in response.


“Do you know what I’m thinking right now?” I grinned.

Lawrence chuckled.

“Hotpot, my treat.”

My smile grew wider.

“That’s why we’re BFF. Come on, let’s go!”

“God, it’s so cold! Can you drive a little faster?”

I complained as I rubbed myself together while looking out at the window’s car. My stomach’s been grumbling non-stop since Lawrence mentioned hot pot.

Even though the car’s heater was turned on, the cold still pierced inside my thick grey sweatshirt and black leggings and boots.

“If you haven’t notice sweetheart, there are a lot of cars in front of us. Do you want me to ram on them?” Lawrence retorted in a mocking voice, his gaze focused on the road.

I rolled my eyes.

We were not like this at first.

We were polite as we put up our good girl, good boy image. However, as time goes on, we kind of let ourselves loose until I could practically do and say anything in front of him.

Frankly, I was much more comfortable now with Lawrence than with Elliot.

Lawrence already knew and saw ‘everything’ there was to see and know about me, so what was the use of still holding my image up?

Same goes for him, the more he had gotten to know me, the more he became comfortable with me.


I grabbed my phone from the pocket of my sweatshirt, my eyebrows slightly twitched. I took a peek at Lawrence before I answered the call.


“Hey, you know the drill.” Elliot jokingly said on the other side of the phone.

I laughed and began to narrate my day to him.

It was like an everyday routine.

If Elliot was not by my side, he would always call me every day without fail, in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. I was annoyed at first, but after a while, I had gotten the hang of it.

“I’m so envious. You’re going to eat hot pot?”

I could almost see his frowning face and couldn’t help a giggle to escape my lips.

When it came to Lawrence, I didn’t hide anything to Elliot except for our past. Mostly because, I didn’t want to feel guilty and lie to him.

“Should I take out some and send it to you? Where are you anyway?”

“Currently in Philadelphia. Sorry, a little busy at the moment, but if I have the time, I’ll come and visit you.”

I felt the guilt in his voice, and my heart softened.

“Don’t worry about it. Lawrence is keeping me company.”

“Hmm…… I’m getting jealous of how close you two are. I hope you won’t replace me with him.” He jokingly chuckled.

I bit my lips and took a sidelong glance at Lawrence, but the latter’s expression didn’t change one bit, his eyes still focused on the road.

I joked back. “Who knows… if you continue to be absent from my side… I just might.”

The atmosphere became dead silent. I wanted to get out of the car and let myself be hit by a ragging truck so I could also have amnesia just like what happened to Estela.

Why can’t I think before I open my damn mouth?

“Zoe…. sorry, what was that? The signal is kind of bad at the moment.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“I said. You don’t have to be jealous. Lawrence and I are just friends.”

It was more like I was reassuring myself than him.

After a while of talking a bit more, we said our goodbyes just in time that Lawrence parked his car outside of a well-known Japanese restaurant in New Haven.

Lawrence continued to remain stoic as he got out of the car and opened the passenger’s door for me.


I flushed the awkwardness out of my system and hurriedly went ahead of him, walking into the restaurant.

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