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Chapter 29: Pancakes


He paused and stared at me.


I froze and realized what I said.




I was breathing through my mouth now since anytime soon, I felt like I would run out of air due to this suffocating awkward situation we were in.


I couldnt believe I blurted it all out!


This is flirting!


This is cheating!

Zoe . . .”


Lawrences voice turned somewhat deep and rough. His face was serious as his brown eyes held mine in captive.


He was about to reach out when I recoiled and laughed.


Ahahahahaha! Im joking with you! You should have seen your face! Oh, Lawrence, you are so gullible!


I pretended to laugh some more, yet no tears of laughter came out.


Lawrence just looked at me, and after a moment of more awkwardness, he finally let out a smile.


Yeah . . . you got me . . . ,” he said a bit helpless as he ran his fingers through his silver hair.


He must have dyed his hair, and it looked so good on him.


Arent you going to let me in? Lawrence asked, all smiles.


Oh, right. Come in, come in.”


We pretended the awkwardness a while ago didnt happen as I guided him in the living room.


Can I get you anything? I went to the open kitchen and just stood there, thinking of something or anything to serve him.


Anything is fine. Dont worry about me.”


. . .


. . .


This situation was killing me. I didnt know what to say, so I pretended to keep myself busy looking in the fridge.


You are something, Zoe . . . youre getting further and further away from me . . .”


Hmmm . . . ? What was that? I heard him mumbled some words, but I couldnt make it out clearly.


Nothing,” he said. Actually, I was planning to visit you much early on, but there are things I have to do at Zephyr Academy.”


I frowned and couldnt help but looked at him.


Zephyr academy also starts its classes together with Artem University, and I know Artem Universitys official start of class was still a week from now.


Lawrence must have read my thoughts as he explained.


Its just some papers for admission, and its inappropriate if I come to visit you late in the afternoon, so here I am.” He huffed a laugh.


Oh . . .”  Was all I could say.


It was a bright day, around eight in the morning, to be exact.


Oh, right. Did you have breakfast yet? This gave me an idea of what to prepare for him.


Nope, what about you?


I gasped when out of the blue, Lawrence was already beside me, staring at my fridge.


For a moment, I forgot how to speak. I even forgot my name when his refreshing after bath smell assaulted my senses.


You alright? Lawrence glanced at me when he noticed I was staring at him like a love-struck fool.


I quickly blinked and avoided his gaze.


Y-yeah . . .”


I scurried toward the cabinet, pretending to get something.


Did you already ate? Lawrence asked again.


Not yet.”


Thats great. How about we make pancakes?


Lawrences puppy shining eyes hypnotized me into nodding my head while his smile widened.


Right. Dont just stand there. Do you have a pancake flour?


Lawrence shifted his focus on my fridge. Moments later, he brought out eggs and milk. I, too, brought out the pancake flour.


It felt like it was not only my home anymore –– but ours. Lawrence was so natural inside my home, yet oddly enough, I didnt mind it one bit.


Right, my brother, Lance, is the one who is an expert cook. But I do know a thing or two about cooking,” Lawrence mumbled as he stared at the laid out ingredients in front of him with a serious face.

I giggled as I grabbed some cooking utensils. Its just some pancakes, no need to be so serious about it.”


This is my first time cooking you food. Of course, Im going to give it my all. Dont underestimate pancakes. It easily burns.” Lawrence frowned and prepared the ingredients, eyes were boring through the fixings.


I laughed a bit as I shook my head.


Who told you that you would cook? Youre my guest. I should be the one to cook you food.”


I bumped him aside with my hips which left him astonished with a silly grin on his face.


That grin I love so much.


NO, Ill cook.”


Lawrence didnt back down as he bumped me with his hips as well. But of course, he didnt use too much force. He was taller than me now. He was also bigger against my petite frame.


No! Let me cook!


I was arguing with him when we grabbed the pancake flour at the same time and glanced at each other –– not one backing down.


Lawrence frowned, and his grip at the flour tightened.


No, I will cook. You go and sit and watch TV or something.”


That should be you,” I hissed and glared at him.


The awkward atmosphere was long gone forgotten as we battled each other on who to prepare the food until we were tagging the plastic with both hands.


Lawrence, Im older than you. Do as I say.” I flashed a fake grin while my eyebrows furrowed.


Zoe, could you not use your age to order me? Im a man, and men should serve women.” Lawrences forehead crumpled as he glared at me with a fake smile on his lips.


Where did you get that silly notion of yours? Youre my guest. I should be the one to serve you food.”


We have known each other in the past. I am far from being just your guest.”






The plastic containing the flour ripped, and I lost my balance and fell on the ground –– butt first.


The flour scattered in the air, and for a while, all I saw were tiny particles of white.


Zoe, are you alright?


Lawrence extended his hand at me.


I blinked away the flour in my eye, and when my vision cleared, I laughed out loud.




I laughed so hard that I clutched my stomach as my palm pounded the floor.


Ahahaha! Lawrence! Ahahaha! Your face! Ahahaha!


Lawrences face and hair were all covered with flour, and coupled with his red lips and long lashes –– he looked so gay!


Lawrence blinked with an innocent face as he tilted his head to the side like he didnt know what was so funny, and this caused me to laugh more!


Oh, my god! Pft! Ahahaha! Stop it! Ahahaha . . . Youre killing me! Oh! My side! Ahahaha!


Lawrence rolled his eyes as he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up.


Look whos laughing. You should see your face on the mirror,” he retorted, still not letting me go while I laughed.


I was busy wiping my tears that I didnt notice how he was looking at me with such intensity –– specifically looking at my lips.


I brushed his hands on my shoulders and went in front of the metal-coated refrigerator to assist my appearance. Accurate enough, I have flour on my hair and face.


I was like a ghost in one of those low budget movies.


I laughed again.

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