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Chapter 28: Gathering Info.


*sigh . . .


*sigh . . .


*sigh . . .


Thats it.


I surrendered and put the brush down.


Inspiration was distant nowadays.


It was already a week since my gallery opened, and Elliot was back to his usual busy schedule. He was now in China to do business and would stay there for a week.


Im so bored.


Honestly, after opening my gallery in New Haven, I wanted to roam around the world while painting at the same time. My earnings already allow me to do that. But I had a change of heart and wanted to stick another month or two in New Haven, and I knew the reason why.


Lawrence . . .


*sigh . . .


This is wrong.


This is so wrong.

I knew that I should have emptied my feelings for Lawrence, but seeing him in the flesh brought it all back, and what was more complicated was that, I learned to like Elliot and didnt want to betray him.


Is it possible to like two guys at the same time?


I sighed again more massive than the last.


This thought was tormenting me from the moment I saw Lawrence again.


I had to choose one, or else, Id hurt both.


I smiled at myself.


Whats there to choose?


It was clear as day that I should be with Elliot. Hes my boyfriend, after all.


These past few days, I hadnt heard anything from Lawrence. I guess he was just in the area and congratulated me out of politeness.


Forget him.


Forget him already!


I already have Elliot.


What was there to think about?


I like Elliot, so it should be Elliot.


I made up my mind and went to my bedroom to pack up my things so I could leave first thing tomorrow. The earliest, the better so I wouldnt be tormented by these conflicting feelings. Once I was away from Lawrence, everything would be back to normal.


I smiled.


Thats right.


Everything will be back to normal once I dont see him anymore.




The buzzing sound of the intercom startled me. I then hurried towards the door, and almost fell on my knees, when outside of my unit in the hall stood Lawrence with a simple black t-shirt and pants and sports shoes with a jacket wrapped around his waist. He was roaming his innocent eyes at the interior of the hallway.


I chewed on my lips.


Partly I stayed because my unit was in Azure Sky, where Lawrence and Lance were staying.


Part of me was overjoyed because admit it or not, I was hoping in secret that he would come and visit me.




Are you cheating behind Elliots back?


The thought filled me with guilt and shame, but even so, I checked my appearance. I was wearing my usual home clothes, loose long sleeve red chequered shirt, and short jeans and slippers.


Lawrence and I are friends now. Whatever we have, we already ended it in the past.


Yeah right. Keep saying that to yourself.


I bit my lips and opened the door.




It was a good thing I was holding the door handle, or else, I would have been knocked back by that invincible force radiating from his shining smile.


H-hi . . . h-how did you know Im staying here? I asked stupidly. Of course, he knew. I bet Leanna told him.


Well, the truth is, these past few years . . . Ive been secretly gathering information about you . . . so I know everything it is to know when it comes to you.”


. . .


. . .


Everything stopped. My brain, my breathing, my heart. I look at him with a dropped jaw.


We continued to stare at each other in silence before he burst out laughing –– hard.


Im just joking with you! Ahahaha! You should have seen your face! he said between laughter as he wiped the tears in his eyes. He collected himself and added, It was my sister who said that you live below our unit.”


I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.


Zoe, I never thought that youre this gullible.”


He patted my shoulder and grinned. I couldnt help but smile at his mischievousness.


You got me good, and here I am happy knowing its not only me who is secretly gathering information about you these past few years,” I replied with a giggle.

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