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Chapter 27: Too Late


The whole night, Elliot remained by my side. With Nicholas here, he was on guard. And thanks to him, Nicholas, Emma, and Sophia never dared to bother me.


Lawrence, on the other hand, wandered around the gallery after he greeted Estelas group.


I glanced at his direction from time to time.


I couldnt help it.


It was like my eyes kept traveling to him even though I didnt want to.


Zo . . . e . . . oe . . . Zoe . . .”




I looked at Elliot.


I said, do you want to watch a movie later? Either your room or mine? Elliot chuckled as he rubbed my arm.


I blinked, and it took a while to register what he said.

After I graduated from Artem, I finally accumulated enough money to buy me a condo, and of course, Elliot purchased a unit too. Although we were not living together in a single room, his unit was just beside mine. Sometimes, he often slept in my flat. But dont get me wrong, we didnt break the last step.


Elliot had always been a gentleman and kind and caring. We would kiss and hug –– but that was it.


It was not that I was against it, it was that, whenever things went out of hand, Elliot always stop and laugh it off.


Sometimes, I even wondered if he was gay.


But of course, I proved time and time again that he was not. I felt his desire and lust from just his touches alone, not to mention the bulge from his pants whenever we were alone.


I was often amazed by his self-control.


He was much more in control than I am!


Hey, you okay? Its not like you to be so quiet,” Elliot teased as he put pressure on gripping my shoulder.


Y-yeah . . .”


I stared at him and smiled. Sorry, Im a little worn out, can we postpone it tomorrow?


I didnt lie. I was literally exhausted with the gallery and all, and unexpectedly meeting Lawrence drained half of my energy.


I need to recuperate.


Elliot shrugged my rejection off.


Alright, you rest. Ill be here in New Haven for a week anyway. We have plenty of time to be together.”


Elliot was always busy ever since he graduated college at Harvard, majoring in business. Since then, he was on a tight schedule with his business travels. Their family business in Russia was a counterpart of Grandpa Luke, although Grandpa Luke was a level ahead.


I didnt say anything and just smiled my sweetest and hugged him tight. Letting him know that I appreciated everything he did.


Not once did I regretted that I said yes to him.


Elliot was a wonderful man to be with. He was always the one who adjusted to accommodate my schedule, which I somehow felt guilty about.


Hey, whatre you doing? Dont rub your face on my suit. Your make up will smudge all over me.” He laughed when I rubbed my face against his chest. My gesture of endearment towards him whenever he made me happy.


Even though he protested, he didnt have the slightest bit of intention to push me away.

Lawrence glanced at the gorgeous girl with pink hair, laughing in the arms of a handsome young man with golden-brown hair.


He couldnt help but frown as he averted his eyes.


He sighed and placed his hands inside his pocket while he closed his eyes tight.


I was too late . . .”


He whispered and smiled weakly at himself.

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