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Chapter 26: Determination

“Hello Zoe, long time no see.”

Lawrence smile grew wider, and it only made my heart thumped loudly as waves of memories came rushing in.

“Lawrence… it’s… it’s good to see you again…” I said honestly.

It really was good to see him again after almost four years.

Although we parted ways in the past, it didn’t mean that I was angry nor mad at him, so of course, I was not avoiding any news related to him.

Was just that, he had his own life and I have mine now.

I would never had imagined that we would cross each other’s paths once more with him being busy with his career and school. And me, working with my galleries and all.

I often saw him with Lance on magazines, commercials and other advertisements because of them promoting their restaurants and other investments – but seeing him like this in the flesh after so many years was really……

…… pure joy.

“Zoe, do you know him?”

Only now did I got back from the trance and noticed that Nicholas was still here.

“Yes. Nicholas, this is Lawrence Lee, Leanna’s brother.”

I introduced and then took a glanced at Lawrence who was still smiling at me. I averted my gaze when I felt my cheeks burning with heat.

“Lawrence, this is Nicholas Farrell.”

The two men just nodded at each other, not even shaking hands.

Nicholas sized Lawrence up. “Oh. You’re that… celebrity kid. So you’re Leanna’s brother.”

Lawrence was just still a growing teenager, so Nicholas was much taller and well-built than he was.

Lawrence politely smiled at the man, and then he completely ignored Nicholas all together as he focused his gaze at me.

“Zoe, here. Congratulations on opening your gallery in New Haven.” He flashed me a bright smile as he handed me the bouquet of red roses.

I absentmindedly welcomed the beautiful roses in my arms with a bewildered happy face.

“Lawrence, I never would have thought that I would see you again. What are you doing here in New Haven?” I curiously asked as I couldn’t believe that he was here in front of me at this very moment.

Of course, being Leanna’s best friend, I accepted the fact that I would one day bumped into him once more, but I would never have thought that day would be now.

“Oh, my sister didn’t tell you?”

I frowned, and Lawrence chuckled.

“Lance and I are currently taking our majors here in New Haven. I’m taking up computers in Zephyr academy while Lance will be studying in Artem university. We are staying at my sister’s condo at the moment.”


Leanna didn’t tell me anything!

So what if Leanna didn’t tell you? It’s not like Lawrence is your boyfriend or something.

I bit my lips.


An arm rested on my bare shoulder, and Elliot’s smiling face came into our view.

“Hello everyone. Mr. Farrell, it’s nice to see you again.”

Elliot smiled, yet his gripped on my shoulder tightened which Nicholas just nodded in return, looking all serious.

I knew that whenever Nicholas was present, Elliot would always held me closer to his side – protectively.

Then Elliot turned towards Lawrence which caused my heart to stop as I stopped breathing as well.

“And you are?”

Elliot remained smiling, looking at Lawrence.

Lawrence maintained his polite smile, his gaze slightly wavered on Elliot’s hand on my shoulder.

I felt uncomfortable, feeling like I was bathing in ice-cold water.

I was so nervous!

It was a good thing that I controlled myself from shaking so hard.

I didn’t mention Lawrence to Elliot. Not even a tiny information about our past.

“Hi, I’m Lawrence Lee. I’m Zoe’s….” Lawrence trailed off as he looked at me before answering.




……. Friend….

Somehow, those words sent a pang in my heart.

No! NO! NO! You have Elliot now!

Lawrence and Elliot shook hands while Elliot’s other hand remained lock on my shoulder.

“Oh… Are you Leanna’s brother?” Elliot smile grew more extensive, and Lawrence chuckled.

“The one and only. Although I have a twin.”

“Right. I always saw you on TV. The both of you are popular. No wonder you look familiar.” Elliot grinned, and then he stared at me.

“Zoe, are you cold?” Elliot rubbed his hands against my bare arms which warranted a frown from Nicholas’s face, and an eyebrow twitched from Lawrence’s.

It was a good thing that Elliot was focusing on my face, so he didn’t see their reactions.

“Y-yes.” I lied.

I could no longer stop my body from shivering caused by too much anxiety.

I felt nervous and scared out of my wits. Just imagining Elliot knowing of my past with Lawrence.

I really don’t want to hurt Elliot.

Elliot was a really nice guy, and he was the one who was always by my side when I was at my worst moment, continually making me laugh and smile.

He was a part of what I am today.

I couldn’t afford to betray him.

Although I didn’t like him in the past, but because he was really an awesome guy who wasn’t really hard to love, therefore I have learned to like him these past few years, and I had been contented with my life since then.

I’m already happy with my life.

Satisfied even.

I didn’t want to create any more complications, and I didn’t want my past to ruin everything.

With a new found determination, I smiled at Elliot and circled my arm around his waist.

“Come on everyone, let’s go inside. It’s chilly here outside.”

I avoided Lawrence’s gaze and just focused on Elliot as we went inside, leaving the two men behind.

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