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Chapter 25: Lawrence


The whole night, I was attending the guests with Elliot by my side.


Uncle Luke, seeing Elliot had come, left us alone and stayed by Estela and Zhanders side while they roamed around the gallery.


I was also roaming around, greeting and talking with the guests together with Elliot when his phone vibrated and frowned at the sight.


Sorry, I have to answer this,” he said, tone apologetic.


Dont worry about it.” I urged him to go. He excused himself before he turned and left.

I also said my excused when out of the blue, an angelic voice startled me.


Hello, Zoe.”


Before I could react, Sophia grabbed my shoulders and kissed my cheek, pretending to be a good older sister. I restrained a frown since I didnt want to make a scene in my own gallery, so I accommodated her annoying presence.


Zoe, why didnt you invite us, your family, at the opening of your gallery? Sophia sadly smiled, looking aggrieved.


I restrained to roll my eyes.


Families dont need invitations. They just come,” I replied casually.


Zoe, congratulations.”


Another annoying voice came from behind Sophia, and Emma, together with Nicholas, approached me.




Emma and Sophias hair and eyebrows have long gone back to normal, much to my dismay.


Zoe, dear. You should have told us that the opening of your gallery was today. If its not for my friends, we wouldnt have known,” Emma said and kissed my cheek.


I plastered a fake smile and didnt retort. I knew what they were doing. They were, once again, reminding the public that even after I accomplished this much, I was still the rebellious black sheep of the family with no manners nor etiquettes nor parental love whatsoever.


Talking to these kinds of people would lower my character level.


Best to ignore them.


Excuse me. You guys enjoy yourselves. I have to go and greet the other guests,” I said and swiftly moved towards a group of crowds.


Negative people like those were bad for my health.


Less association with them, the better.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I could no longer see them and made my way out of the gallery to where Elliot was.


I was outside and searching for the guy when Nicholass voice startled me from behind.


Zoe . . .”


My forehead creased, but since there were people present, I maintained my professional smile.


Hello, Nicholas.”


Even the letters of his name left a bad taste in my mouth.


Nicholas smiled and walked closer to me.


I didnt have the chance to congratulate you yet. Congratulations.”


Before I could blink, Nicholas grabbed my shoulders and kissed my lips.


A good thing I reacted fast and shifted away from the mans disgusting mouth as his kiss landed on my cheek. It took a lot of my self-control not to push him aside.


You look beautiful by the way,” he whispered, yet still didnt put any distance between us as he lingered beside my cheek. I could even feel him sniffing me.


My eyebrows were now in one line.


I knew I became even more beautiful throughout the years, and my short pink hair was now longer and was raised in a tight bun. This opening was an important one, so I took the initiative to wore a red wrap dress, which I didnt often wear, entirely dismissing the comfort of my shirt, jeans, and sneakers.


What does this guy want now?

I avoided him and stepped back to put distance between us before saying with a serious face. Thank you.”


Nicholass eyes flashed with different emotions, and I even thought it was regret I saw in those irises.


I quickly dissolved the thought.


This guy is a lying cheater!


Does he even felt regret at all?


Zoe . . . can we . . . talk . . . ?


. . .


. . .


After a moment of awkward silence, I said, staring him in the eyes, Theres nothing for us to talk about, Nicholas.”


I hardened my voice, hoping he would leave me alone.


In these past few years, after Sophias debut, Nicholas was hinting that he wanted to get back together much to my annoyance.


But only a fool would give this cheating man a second chance.


Excuse me,” I said and walked away to find Elliot.


Only with Elliot that I felt at ease.


Zoe, wait.”


Nicholas grabbed my wrist. I wanted to push him away, but there were people present.


I forced myself and faced him, and that was when a bouquet of red roses came between us.


Please let her go.”




My eyes widened. My heart slammed against my chest, sending waves of blood into my brain, and the whole world spun a hundred times more around the orbit.


That voice always bugged me in my dreams, and I thought I would never hear it again. It resounded in my brain, shocking my whole system in excitement.


Though that voice now changed into a deeper one, it was still the soothing, crisp, merry voice I soooo yearned in the past.


Nicholas released my wrist. He was shocked at the sudden intrusion. I recoiled as well, stepping back while my eyes never left the man holding the bouquet of red roses in one hand.


The childlike face was gone, and time only made him more mature and handsome. With his still deep, playful brown eyes and silly grin. He was much taller now. Taller than me even with my three inches heels. While his body wasnt developed, it didnt hide the lean muscles forming beneath his long-sleeved shirt and slacks.


My eyes moistened when our eyes met. He then gave me that grin I love so much.


Lawrence . . .”

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