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Chapter 24: Time


Four years later


How are you? Nervous?


Yeah, Ive finally opened my gallery here in New Haven after a month of graduating college.”


Relax, honey. Im sure everyone will love your art.”


Even if you tell me that you cant just expect me to relax. This is New Haven. My hometown.”


Even if its Americans, Asians, Europeans, everyone loves your work.”


Youre just saying that because were going out.”


Im not. Even before I courted you, I always have said that.” He chuckled on the other side of the phone.



Sorry, I gotta go. Grandpa Luke is calling me.”


I turned off my phone before he could even say anything and faced the intimidating old man.


Throughout the years, grandpa Luke was like a father to me. He was always there in times of my need. Even though we were not blood-related, he was more than family to me than my original ones.


What are you doing outside? Come on inside. You have to greet your guests.”


I went to him before he could start lecturing me and locked my arm around his. He always liked it if I grabbed his arm, like a daughter about to be married, holding to her fathers arm.


Wheres Leanna? Is she coming?


I nodded and gave out my best smile to the incoming guests before answering him.


After graduation, Cain Fay practically kidnapped her for their honeymoon. Theyre going to roam around the world for a year. Can you believe that? Im so envio––I mean, poor Leanna . . .”


I pursed my lips. Couldnt help but be jealous of my best friend who was probably experiencing heaven and hell at the same time right about now.


Grandpa Luke sighed in response.


Grandpa Luke, you should smile. Youre scaring my guests,” I teased.


Grandpa Luke snorted before he managed a nod.


Well, thats enough . . . I guess.


Ant . . . Zo-e! Ant . . . Zo-e!


I turned and found a mesmerizing angel desperately toddled towards me with his adorable wiggling cheeks and fatty arms and legs.


I went over and carried him in my arms and showered kisses on his chubby pinkish face.


Hey, my favorite guy. How come youre alone? Where are your parents?


He pointed his round fingers at the two approaching people.


Its good you still manage to come,” Grandpa Luke said in a mocking voice.


Sorry grandpa~ we run in late because Zhander had to push me in the bathroom for a quick––!


Zhander held Estelas mouth before he nodded towards his grandfather, and politely smiled at me.


Estela glanced at Zhander with a frown on her face when the man released her mouth.


Why did you stop me from telling the truth?


Thats not something they need to know.”


Estela was about to retort, but Zhander walked towards me and extended his hands.


Come now, Zach. Dont bother your aunt Zoe.”


Zachary extended his arms towards his father without a word.


I wanted to protest that I didnt mind at all. I didnt mind hugging that soft marshmallow, but holding a child while greeting the guests was a little . . .


. . . awkward.


Congrats, Zoe! Youve finally opened a gallery here in New Haven! Estela hugged me tight, and before I could hug her back, she let go and roamed her gaze around.


So, wheres your boyfie~?


I rolled my eyes.


She never changed.


Estela got herself pregnant with Zhanders child when we were still first year in college. So imagine our shock at that time. Well, shock because mostly it was Zhander who wanted her pregnant, and not the other way around, and because of that incident . . .


. . . well, thats their story to tell.


Estela finished her first year and stopped for a year to give birth, so she didnt graduate together with us.


He wont make it,” I replied.

Estela pouted and kissed grandpa Luke on the cheek. Hello grandpa. Miss me?


How can I when we just saw each other in your house a while ago?


Thats a while ago,” Estela exclaimed and hopped to Zhander and her child, which made her husband frowned.


No matter how much I saw it, I still couldnt picture Estela as a mother. Shes . . . well, shes . . .




Estela, how many times do I have to tell you that dont hop.” Zhander lightly tapped Estelas forehead, and I smiled at the warm gesture.


Relax, will you? Its not like Im hopping high. The baby has a tight grip.”


. . .


. . .


Baby? What baby?!


I exclaimed, shifting my eyes between the two.


Estela bit her lower lip as she peeked at Zhander while the latter sighed in surrender.


Well, its supposed to be a surprise but . . . Im having my second child. Surprise! Estela proclaimed, garnering eyes on us as she waved her hands in the air.


Grandpa Luke was stunned before he shook his head. I need another wine.”


Wow. Estela, congrats! I said in a daze as I embraced her.


Then I nudged the man beside her. Zhander, do you have any plans at all to let my best friend here graduate? I teased and pinched little Zachs cheeks.


Their child was so beautiful. He had Zhanders face with Estelas emerald eyes.


Zhander cleared his throat and just smiled.


Dont tell Leanna! I want her to be surprised when she gets back and find I have another baby in my arms.” Estela snickered and hugged her husband and child.


Theyre so happy.


A melancholic feeling aroused in me and quickly shook it away.


Wow! Looky! Looky~! Whose here~! Estela nudged me while her eyes locked in one place.


I turned and was touched at the sight of him.


I went to him and flew in his embrace, not minding the bouquet of roses in his arms.


I thought you couldnt make it.”


Well, that business deal was important . . . But not as important as the opening of your gallery. And I think Id rather be here with you in this once in a lifetime event than on a boring deal I can get any time.” He grinned.


I pecked his lips and smiled.


Thank you. You dont know how much this means to me, Elliot.”

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